Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Propaganda Wheels are already in motion: Those Poor Palestinian Victims

Palestinians uncover body in Gaza mosque. [The Guardian]

Gaza under siege [BBC]

Israeli Bombs Rain on Gaza [AOL News]

Israel continues airstrikes in Gaza as death toll rises [CNN]

Israeli Attacks in Gaza Strip Continue for Second Day

More News
Across Mideast, Thousands Protest Israeli Assault

[New York Times]

A note from Radarsite: Here we go. Already the heartrending photos are flooding into the eager arms of our anti-semitic Western MSM. Mangled bodies of helpless innocent Gazan citizens lay strewn amongst the ruins of the targeted buildings. Silent indictments of the barbarous cruelty of the Israeli attacks. Predictably, the Israeli incursions are being loudy condemned in the court of world opinion and throughout the Arab world, and amongst the corrupt pro-Islamic functionaries of the useless UN. After surprisingly referring to Hamas as 'thugs', and blaming their rocket attacks for breaking the ceasefire agreement, our appeasement-oriented State Department has predictably begun calling for an immediate ceasefire. Already the words 'war crimes' and 'slaughter' are being used to describe the Israeli actions. The omnipotent anti-Israel Juggernaut has been set in motion and the results are once again predictable.
Or are they?
This time one senses a different attitude amongst the ordinary people here in America and in Israel itself. The people are tired of the lies and the rationalizations. The liberal forces of appeasement and conciliation have run their course and produced nothing but more bloodshed and violence. And the people have finally reached their limit. They will not be so easily dissuaded from victory this time around. This time is different. Enough has finally become enough.

The new rallying-cry is Sderot. The new goal is victory. Not armistice, not ceasefire, but stark unequivocal victory. The voices of protest are as impotent as leaves in the wind. No more fumbles, no more humiliating half-victories. This time is different.

God grant Israel the will to persevere until the final Iranian-made rocket is destroyed and the final terrorist is dead or imprisoned. There is no other answer. There is no other outcome that is acceptable. World opinion be damned. To hell with the United Nations and to hell with the entire useless Arab/Muslim World. Fight on, brave little Israel. This time is different. This time we are with you to the end. -rg


  1. "Already the heartrending photos are flooding into the eager arms of our anti-semitic Western MSM."

    The loud-mouthed MSM is getting bolder every day in its support for the "poor" Palestinians.

  2. Not as many as they like. CNN showed more pictures and video of the Hamas fighters killed than of children. Especially after it came out that the children were not injured and it was make-up that they were wearing.

    This time some of the MSM has gotten wise to the lies.

  3. A world away, I have this fear that Israel will not be able to finish the job, but I must say, this time the U.S. is being vocal. I hope that EVERYTHING is enough.

  4. Findalis, Shalom! I think the photoshopping that went on during the Second Lebanon War has something to do with the MSM's "caution" in using photos supplied by the terrorists.

    Do you remember the outrage when that one photo of the Israeli shelling of Lebanon was shown to have had smoke and Israeli missile trails added? If I remember right, that photo had been on the Reuter's news site. Reuters was forced to remove and go through every one of the photos supplied by that one free-lancer and verify that it was in fact an actual and true photo, not photoshopped, before reposting the photos. I think they eventually gave up and just pulled all his photos. Things like that cost a pretty penny, both in perception of truthfullness (essential to a news organization) and actual cash.


  5. Excellent arguments and sentiments passionately expressed with perfect clarity. Well and expertly done, Roger.

    My own response to the Mooning was not any more tolerant. The title is "Infuriating AssWholliness". The post includes the most significant ayat & ahadith bearing on the issue.

    It also includes a disrespectfull demand for withdrawal from the UN and expulsion of its HQ.

    I went one step further. I urged readers to email a link to Shrub & Congress, including the html code necessary to insert the link into a plain text email.