Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Chanukah War: Radarsite's Response

As night fell, and we lit our Chanukah candles, we were filled with new hope as our government finally undertook its basic responsibility towards its citizens, and launched the long-delayed IDF strike against Hamas terrorists in Gaza. We were overjoyed that our planes had caught the Hamas murderers completely off guard and managed a magnificent coordinated attack on major Hamas military and police outposts that took minutes, and did major damage. This included a strike on the swearing-in ceremony at the end of a Hamas military training program, sending all the "graduates" to an early martyrdom before they could use their training to kill more Israeli children. It left us proud and joyful.

Our news program showed us the home of a couple in Southern Israel that had been completely destroyed by an unprovoked rocket attack this afternoon. The woman of the house, Aviva, was interviewed. She was asked if she agreed with the IDF strikes on Gaza that would provoke rocket attacks. With complete calm she said if this was the price the citizens of Israel had to pay for bringing peace and security back to Southern Israel, it was a price she was willing to pay. Later she and her husband, who miraculously escaped injury, lit Chanukah candles in their rubble filled living room. When they said the blessing: "He who did miracles in days of old and in our own time"it gave us all a sense of renewed faith.The map showing which parts of Israel are now endangered, and which residents will have to spend the next few weeks in security rooms, is a startling fulfillment of the predictions of all those who begged that the disengagement not take place.

No longer is it just the citizens of Sderot. With the homes of the brave residents of Gush Katif destroyed, and the Philadelphi corridor no longer patrolled by the IDF, unlimited sophisticated equipment has been pouring into Hamas hands for years. Now the rockets are falling in Netivot and Ashkelon, and threatening Kiryat Gat.

Just for some masochistic fun, I turned from the Israeli news to BBC. Of course, they were interviewing some Hamas spokesman talking about "Israeli atrocities, massacres, slaughter, etc. etc." But even Fox News had some blond bimbo repeating similar things from her "Palestinian source."It's not Israel's bad PR. It's the desire of the media to listen to the terrorists and sympathize with them. They are the ones who decide who to interview.

Just shut off your televisions. Don't read the newspapers. Hopefully, Israel is going to finish them off this time. Even the leftists, like Amos Oz, who usually lives in the land of Oz when it comes to fighting against terror, seems to understand this, and has come out in favor of self-defense. Wow. Amazing. A Leftist who believes Israel shouldn't commit suicide. That didn't stop three hundred Leftists from marching in Tel Aviv to protest. I suggest we send them all to Sderot to live for the next few weeks. I also worry about our other fifth column, Israeli Arabs. There were Molotov cocktails thrown at police patrols in East Jerusalem, and Arabs marching in Nazareth and other places. We should send them all to Gaza to be with their "brethren."

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Radarsite's response: The only appropriate American response to this surprising development is encouragement and support for Israel. No more wishy-washy moral equivalency statements from our appeasement-oriented State Department. Just clear bold statements in support of our beleaguered erstwhile ally, brave little Israel. Anything less than this is either an example of shameful Western moral cowardice or overt anti-semitism -- or a combination of both. Hamas is the enemy. Hamas is the embodiment of radical Islam. Hamas must be destroyed. If our own government will not support Israel, if the entire United Nations will not support her, and if our whole leftist mainstream media will not support her, then we the people must support her. It is after all our war too.

Israel must survive. No matter what it takes. We cannot sit back and allow the bloody Islamists to win. Not this time. The only democratic nation in the entire Middle East must not be allowed to be swallowed up by our common enemy -- let me repeat: our common enemy.

Already the frantic pacifists and conflicted leftists are busy spinning their webs of deceit and obfuscations. What if Syria is drawn into the conflict? What if Hezbollah is unleashed on Israel's northern border? What will happen with Iran?

Will the West's reaction to this bold Israeli attempt to finally defeat Hamas and silence the rockets once and for all be a precursor to all of our future reactions? Will it be the same old cowardly equivocations, the same old pathetic call for peace in the region? Or will this time be different? Will we stand up for ourselves and finally stand up for Israel?

The world is watching. Fanatical Islam is watching. Let us not doubt that they will be tailoring their future aggressions based on the West's next moves. Will we finally call a spade a spade and identify Islam as the enemy of humankind? Will we finally act to support our worthy ally in their time of need? Or will we slink off the world's stage with our tail between our legs and give the blood-soaked Muslims yet another victory against the Free World -- our Free World?

God bless Israel. And God give the West the moral courage to rally to her defense. - rg

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  1. Israel has no choice but to win this one. Its very existence is at stake.

    Hamas has already brought out the wounded children, but when looking at the pictures of the dead, you see not children but men in Hamas uniforms.

    The MSM, being the anti-Semites they are, will never praise Israel for anything. I've come to expect that. Just as I've come to expect the State Department will always condemn Israel and praise the terrorists.

    If there were no Israel there still would be violence against the West from Islam. For it is the very nature of Islam to conquer the world.

    Thank you for your support Roger. It means a lot to many people, especially those in Israel.

  2. AMEN to all you said, Roger! And yes, findalis, of COURSE they will bring out the children. We have seen over and over, how terrorists hide behind their women and children. Same old crap every single time, every single place.

    I pray the US does stand with Israel with NO ambiguity.

  3. The sin of presentism pervades the left, it is how they are able to marginalize the heroes of our founding so that they can teach our children about the sexual proclivities of some union boss while never mentioning George Washington. They like to judge historical figures by today's norms instead of the norms inherent in the world they lived in. But the judgment only goes one way - moral recrimination for prejudice against homosexuals or Africans, for environmental abuse or religious belief.

    But when it comes to Israel, none of the modern virtues of tolerance grant them any respect. Instead these same leftists will embrace the depraved out some twisted sense of fairness. What moral code is worth defending when it cannot rise above subjective notions of 'fairness?' How can any liberal society expect to protect itself from barbarity when its will to survive ebbs and flows upon an ocean of fickle allegiances and political correctness?

    We are watching individual liberty fall from favor worldwide. The descent is not due to any ponderous reflection on the responsibilities of liberty, but upon the petty politics of faction. Israel must fight for it's freedom constantly - in that sense, they live in the axiom Thomas Jefferson expressed when he wondered aloud whether people can possibly understand freedom if they are not willing to fight for it. The least that Americans can do now is support Israel for all she represents in a sea of medieval hatreds - the will to fight.

  4. I echo all the thoughts here. It's all be said well. God bless Israel and those who truly support her.