Thursday, January 1, 2009

A Message to my Readers: A Great Update

The original post date for this message was 11/18/08. It has been forward-dated to stay on top until Roger is back posting full time. Contributors will continue to post here, and we ask that you continue to visit and comment. He will be reading your comments, and who knows - he may do some posting. We cannot replace Roger's dynamic work, but we can keep his blog going until he is "back on the line."

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A great UPDATE: It seems your prayers are working. I just got back from the hospital in Boston last night with some wonderful news. The prognosis has been upgraded from 2-3 weeks to 3-9 months, and maybe even longer. AND, I don't have to spend this time in the hospital, but I can stay home and do the procedures as an outpatient. This is terrific news.

When I went into the hospital yesterday morning I had been told that I had 2 weeks left, and that I would most likely be put into the hospital immediately to start chemo, which I probably would not survive. Now suddenly I've got 3-9 months or longer, and I can spend them at home with my good friends and loving family. I got my Thanksgiving and Christmas back, and maybe even another Spring and some Summer. I feel like a kid on Christmas Morning. lol

I've received 1,000+ emails, so I just can't respond to them all. But I will try to keep you updated through Maggie's Notebook. I'm not in pain and I'm so grateful for all your thoughts and prayers. Last night when I got back from Boston I read over all of the comments to my announcement, and thinking of all these wonderful people and how they are all pulling for me is the closest I have come to tears.

Keep up the good fight. Maybe I'll be joining in sometime a little later.

Take care,
Roger G.

PS: I normally wouldn't be posting on my medical experiences to Radarsite, but this time it's a little different. After all of our great conversations I couldn't just suddenly disappear without any explanation. And also, the one thing we have always held in great esteem is honesty. So there you have it.



  1. Oh Roger! This is wonderful news!

    Continued wishes for all the best, to you and to yours, of course.

    I am so happy for you....

    Don't worry about us or your message. We will keep spreading it, as best we can. Please don't worry about the blog. Spend your time wisely and enjoy it. Please...

    The Phoenix

  2. GREAT NEWS, Roger! I take the power of prayer over ANY doctor!


  3. This is really wonderful news! Thanks so much for the update. We're all keeping you in our thoughts.

  4. Great news. The power of prayer is strong, just as the power of your voice in the blogosphere is strong.

  5. Excellent! Let's make every day stand on its own for joy and love! Today has started beautifully, let's improve on it with every morning!

  6. Happy tears here at this news, Roger! Thank you for letting us know.

    Selfishly speaking, we really need you, of course... but much more than that, I'm so happy for YOU. We'll all be keeping the faith together...

    Love & light,
    brenda giguere

  7. Certainly the greatest news that ever hit the Internet!
    Having you in my thoughts each night before I go to bed, I cannot get to sleep until I speak directly to God...I've tried the intermedaries like the Angels and Saints but this was all too important than to rely on messengers.
    Then as I awake there you are again...and I repeat my prayer to God; one on One!

    And lets not forget this one:

    Here's one, Here's two
    Now I'll say a prayer for you

    When you continue with three and four
    A prayer from you would help me more

    Now I've prayed for you, and you for me
    We're now combined through eternity

    For prayers said can never come back
    The Good Lord keeps them in His sack - NEH

    Let's keep the Lord's sack full!

  8. Wonderful! You'll be pleased to know, Roger that Crusader Rabbit commenters rallied round, as we'd expect of such a great bunch of people.
    That news just made my day! And Gecko has an ear-to ear grin.

  9. Yeehaa, you've just cheered me up with that great news! Pam

  10. Thanks Be to God!

    Keep up the Good Fight my friend and Run that Good Race!

    Take it day to day, hour by hour and know you are blessed beyond Reason and understanding!

    The following is from JOB. Some or most just do not understand its profound wisdom and comfort. "The Lord Giveth and the Lord Taketh Away, Thanks be to God" To me this is a mantra of how we are to live our life. Thankful for what we have, and thankful for what we have no more. But all of it is in thanks to God. This is simplifying the depth of the passage, but I am so grateful that Roger, you embody this passage and I have no fear for you,as you enter this fight, only respect and admiration as a fellow warrior who gets it.

    Keep the faith, the fight and the race Good, merciful and in prayer!

    Chad Everson

  11. Roger,

    I knew it. When I talked to you on the phone, I knew things had to be better than what that first doctor said. And don't think 3-9 months is written in stone either. This looks like a guy who will be around another 10-15 years.

    Our prayers have been answered.

  12. The one thing better than a reprieve is a full commutation of death sentence. We're petitioning the Supreme Judge for that.

  13. Dancing around the room with glee! You're going to beat this thing.

    Rumble on!

  14. We are all pulling for you Roger and with your great upbeat spirit and God's good graces, you may just win this battle!

  15. This made me cry all over again...but this time they were tears of JOY!
    Roger you will always be in my prayers....keep fighting. We need you! And like I said before, you have a lot more living to do!

  16. Roger,
    This is so great. Please look in Borders for books on the healing power of food. I know the raw food diet is very healing and strengthens the body. If it does not help, okay, but it just may.
    I am happy at the good news and wish you and your family much happiness together.
    I will keep praying for you and checking in.

  17. Hallelujah! Awesome news, Roger!

    The prayers are still flying your way, my man. There are too many of us, Roger...pulling for you, praying for you. That disease of yours must be feeling like al Qaeda in Ramadi when the 1/3 and the 2/4 Marines rolled into town.

    Thanks so much for the great news. Get stronger Roger, we're there with you for the duration.

  18. I told you not to listen to that first doctor. I'm so happy for you Roger, and for us. Yes I'm being selfish because we don't want to lose you.

    Enjoy every day you have, because now they truly are a gift.

    Debbie Hamilton
    Right Truth

  19. AMEN! Keep fighting the fight. Dont ever give up. YOU CAN DO IT!!
    Enjoy your holidays :)

  20. How ironic it is that, as you have kept us all informed of the dire and distressing news of late, that you yourself should come to symbolize a kind hope that helps justify that latent optimism in all of us.

    Betcha never saw that coming.

    Here's to you Roger and Radarsite ... there are still actually a few things every now and then that can bring a little joy. We just had one of those moments.

    In these times, that kind of stuff trades higher than gold.

  21. Dear Roger,
    I was elated to hear the good news. I am going to send you an email on a few of the best books to help with diet, etc. Many, many people have regained their health with very specific diets. Too, I love what I have seen EFT accomplish with so many people. EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique, is a form of Energy Psychology that is very powerful. I will recommend some Master Teachers to you with whom you can have a few phone consults, if you choose.

    Take time to heal. I could feel you were tired, but I assumed it was as a result of the emotions we were all feeling around this election. Take the time to care for yourself, and from a quiet place, choose how you wish to go forward.

    You are very special. Not only because of your passions and insights into global and political situations but, too, because of your beautiful stories and reminiscences. For anyone reading this, click onto Liberty Street on this blogsite.

    I send you much love and I will pray for your good health.

  22. Splendid! We expected nothing less. Onward then - our dear Roger still at our side!



  23. So thrilled! We are all blessed by this news and trust that you have the best ever Thanksgiving and Christmas!!! I am so glad you shared this with us as you are an example to all of us!
    When I read the update I screamed out loud which caused my family to think I had gone crazy. They join me in prayer for your continued improvement.

  24. My friend Roger. When I heard the news I was shocked but am relieved to hear of the update. I will tell you for certain Roger, God is still on the throne, and God is still in control. The doctors have their reports but as for me (and I trust with you as well) we will say, And whose report will we believe... As for me I will believe the report of the Lord. He says. by His stripes we are healed and my friend on that I will stand with you in total and complete faith, unshakable like the rock upon which it is planted and that rock is the Lord Jesus Christ who bore our sins and our infirmities(illness).
    I will be calling you in the next few days and we will speak more of this. Until then I will stand in total agreement with you, based on God's word, that you are healed, in Jesus Name.

  25. Well, that is wonderful, brings a few tears to my eyes, .....I am such a whimp.

  26. Roger,

    Great news. I wish you all the best and this liberal Democrat is praying for your fast recovery and long life.

  27. Roger,

    Great news. I wish you all the best and this liberal Democrat is praying for your fast recovery and long life.

  28. As an Atheist I never pray but as my father always told me, "it can't hoit," and so I offered a prayer for your health and hope that this wish given from my heart helps in some way.

  29. God bless, Roger. Wayward and backslidden though I may be, I'll be praying for you, too.

  30. My thoughts and prayers are with you. I pray fervently that God will intervene and heal you. He can carry you through this so that you can enjoy each day of life without fear or worry.

    My "theology" has narrowed down over the years to the point that I believe that we only have to ask God to "save us from your sins" to have a personal relationship with Him and to join Him in heaven where He will "wipe the tears from our eyes". We certainly need you here and I do hope and pray that God agrees.

    May you feel the comfort of His presence and His "peace that passeth all understanding" as you go through these trying times.

    Thank you for all that you have done for the cause of freedom in America and Lord willing, will continue to be able to do after this illness.

    May God richly bless you and your family and friends during this time of illness.

    Dear God, please spare Roger Gardner's life.

  31. The date January 2009 threw me for a minute Roger.

    You need to rest, take care of yourself, follow the doctor's instructions,...

    We are praying for you.

    Debbie Hamilton
    Right Truth

  32. Dear Roger,

    I'd never heard of you before some minutes ago. I'll have to click around to find some of your earlier work before you ran into this health problem -- and I will. But already I am knowing a good man when I see one. Count me among the others who are supporting you heart and soul. Thank you for sharing your wonderful news.

    Most sincerely,
    Gary McGowan
    Phitsanulok, Thailand

  33. That's incredible, Roger! We pray for you to continue to have more and more time. Many blessings...

  34. Well, that just made MY Thanksgiving a lot better...

    Great news Roger, I wish you nothing but the very best, you are one of the great ones, we need to keep you around for a LONG while!!

  35. Happy Thanksgiving and keep fightin the good fight my friend !! :-) will be back with us before u know it. Hugz!

  36. Keep us posted on your progress Roger, you are in our prayers.

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  38. Roger, if you go to that site, please note the doctor's own website at

    Doctor's website

  39. I am so glad !!! All the best :)

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  41. Roger ~ I want to wish you a Happy New Year ~ I hope you had a Wonderful Christmas! God Bless you and praying that you are doing well!
    God Bless~