Saturday, January 3, 2009

Pro-Hamas Demonstration in Ft Lauderdale

Cross-posted by Gary Fouse

This is a video taken by Mr Tom Trento on December 30th in Ft Lauderdale, Florida. Take note of the chants of some of the pro-Hamas demonstrators-some 200-300 as they scream across the street at some 50 pro-Israel supporters. (I have downloaded it from Red County blog.)

"Go to Hell"
"Go back to the oven"
"You need bigger ovens"

In addition, there were placards reading, "Nuke Israel"

Why has this not received the attention of the mainstream media and been reported all over the country? Why is it that we have to depend on bloggers and private citizens to put up on the Internet what the msm prefers to bury?

Where is CAIR, and why are they not chastizing those in the crowd who yelled such shocking things at our Jewish citizens?


  1. If anybody else said things that these people said, they would be vilified in the media. Only Muslims can get away with it.

    It sickens me.

  2. There is an interesting flash movie about the rise of new anti-semitism as it is Islamified and joins with the Left\'s anti-globalization movement.

    Let\' not be intimidated.

  3. If any of us were to say the same against muslims it would be a hate crime. We must combat this, have our own demostrations in support of Israel. If we don't we will be next. Personally I hope Israel finishes the business this time. The muslim agenda will never allow them to exist let alone co-exist in peace. We are allowing these people to destroy us from within.

    I will pray for Israels success. everyday.

  4. I wish some one had pulled the old greased pig prank on them! Ha! That would have been a hoot while they were praying! Americans better wake up and banned together. It is only going to get worse if we do not demand that it be stopped.

  5. Same thing happened here in Italy where a demonstration pro Hamas burned some US and Israel flag and ended their march inf front of Milan cathedral where they prayed

  6. That would have caused a riot. Now that would have made the news.