Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Rockets from the North and South.

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As if Israel doesn't get enough rockets fired into her from Hamas, it seems that Hizbollah, embolden by truce talks, is flexing its muscles.

A Katyusha barrage was fired Thursday at the Nahariya area in the Western Galilee. Police reported that two people were lightly wounded and evacuated to the local hospital. Several residents were treated for shock.

Police sappers received reports of at least two rocket hits, one in town and another in the surrounding area.

The rocket in Nahariya damaged several solar water heaters and caused windowpanes to shatter in four buildings in the area.

Residents rushed to take cover in shelters and fortified areas, as children throughout the town were making their way to school.

The Magen David Adom emergency services raised their alert level to the maximum following the attack.

The Home Front Command instructed the residents of Nahariya and the neighboring community of Shlomi to remain indoors and in fortified areas or shelters, while the inhabitants of the Western Galilee communities have been instructed to remain close to fortified areas.
The rockets hit an old-age home. But targeting civilians is ok for Muslims only. Jews may never do this according to the MSM and other Dhimmified outlets of anti-Semitism.

Rocket's landing site in Nahariya (Photo: Ahiya Raved)

Hizbullah's television station al-Manar reported of the Katyusha attack at northern Israel, but did not attribute the fire to the organization.

The IDF shelled the areas in southern Lebanon from which the Katyushas were fired.

Military sources estimated that the attack was carried out by a Palestinian organization and not by Hizbullah, in light of the type of rockets used.

The Northern Command convened for an urgent meeting to evaluate the situation, and will discuss the possibility that the region could flare up if the armed groups in Lebanon decide to launch attacks to show their solidarity with the Palestinians in Gaza.

Hizbullah forces have been put on the highest alert level this week, the London-based Arabic-language newspaper Al-Hayat reported on Tuesday.

Earlier in the week Ynet reported that Lebanon was anxiously following the developments in Gaza. According to Al-Hayat, Hizbullah raised its alert level after Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak called up thousands of reserve soldiers and said some of them would be deployed along the northern border.
Reports of truce talks have made Hizbollah rethink their position. They need to show solidarity to Hamas, but are scared that if Israel does destroy Hamas, it will turn its attention towards Lebanon and Hizbollah.

Already talk is that rockets will soon hit Tel Aviv and that the West Bank will be firing rockets into Jerusalem. That will be unacceptable to Israelis on all sides of the political spectrum.

Now is not the time for truce talks, the time of talking is over. Now is the time of fighting. Fighting for one's homes, one's families, one's nation. Now is the time for Israel to once and for all time wipe Hamas out! And God grant Israel the strength to do what it needs to do.

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