Friday, January 9, 2009

Is the Media Ignoring the UC-Irvine Event?

Cross-posted by Gary Fouse

In reference to the posting I wrote last night on the UCI anti-Israel event yesterday, I have noted that this morning's Orange County Register is not reporting on it. A check of the LA Times online edition also indicate no coverage. How is that?

Why is it that the main newspaper of Orange County (The Register) and the LA Times (which has an Orange County edition) chose not to report on this rally held yesterday at UCI? Were they even there to witness it? I have to believe they were. I did see what appeared to be a news camera set up in the area, but I didn't bother to ask who they were.

This was advertised as a big event. Muslim/Arab students and their supporters had announced that they would gather to protest the Israeli military action in Gaza. Jewish groups were spreading the word asking for supporters to turn out to show the flag for Israel. Why was there no coverage in the papers?

I think I know the answer. Could it be that the Israel supporters greatly outnumbered the Hamas supporters? Could it be that the area around the campus flagpoles was a sea of pro-Israel posters and flags? Could it be that the pro-Hamas supporters were clearly demoralized-not only by the Israeli response to terror, but also by the fact that their protest rally had been turned upside down on them? Could it be that the media did not want their readers to see the pictures of a lady with a placard that read, "Proud Mom of an IDF soldier"?

The media, both international and our own, are eager to publish images that put Israel in a bad light. The allow Hamas to play them like a violin and show them the victims of the war in Gaza, while downplaying the Israelis who are subject to rocket fire from across the Israel/Gaza border.

They are not so eager, however, to show us the images of the young Muslim woman in Ft Lauderdale last week who was shouting to the Jews that they need to "go back to the ovens". They are not so eager to show us the placards saying "Nuke Israel" at the same event. We had to get that from the internet.

No, it appears that (surprise, surprise) our mainstream media prefers to pick and choose what they will report and what they will ignore. Yesterday, a group of Hamas-supporting students put on their usual bash-Israel event, were allowed to express themselves, and walked off sadly with their tails between their legs because the event had become the exact opposite of what they had wanted. It was turned into a strong public show of defense of a tiny civilized nation trying to defend itself against a bunch of barbaric terrorists.


  1. Great reporting, as usual, Gary. I have two immediate reactions. The first -- and probably the most important -- is the feeling of happiness that the pro-Israeli folks on campus are finally fighting back, and evidently achieving some real victories.
    Secondly, I feel a sense of deep shame. Shame that our own American media is so complicit in this disgraceful episode of our nation's history. I still love America. But not the America of these traitors; these leftist collaborators put a stain on the reputation of our great nation that may take decades to remove.
    One cannot be a true American and at the same time be an antisemite. One cannot be a true American and seek common cause with those who wish to destroy us.
    You, Gary, are to be commended for your tireless committment to this great cause. We rely on your incisive and honest reporting to keep us informed on this war within the War on Terror, this battle for the very heart and soul of America.
    I personally feel that one of the smartest moves I ever made was in approaching you to be a contributor to Radarsite.
    With great respect,
    Roger W. Gardner

  2. Maybe you should have rioted. Yelled and screamed obscenities for the cameras. Run rampant through the streets looting and burning. Then the media would notice.

  3. Roger,

    Your words bring tears to my eyes. You are correct. We cannot be true Americans and be anti-Semites. We cannot be true Christians and be anti-Semites.

    While the Muslim world wishes the destruction of Israel and Jewry, it is America and the Christian world that stands up for Israel and Jewry. There are exceptions of course, but we in America must stand for good and against evil. Most Americans understand the difference.

    Tomorrow, I and several other conservative bloggers will be in LA countering the ANSWER anti-Israel protest.

    It is an honor to be part of your team, Sir.