Saturday, January 3, 2009

Israel-The New Czechoslovakia

Cross-posted by Gary Fouse

In the wake of Israel's bombardment of Gaza, massive protests have broken out not only in the Middle East, but across Europe as well. Of course, there were no prior protests against the rockets being launched from Gaza into civilian areas of Israel, but that was to be expected. A large part of the protesters are Arab and Muslim immigrants to the European nations. Why is it that we don't see any protests in favor of Israel taking place in Europe? The answers are fairly obvious.

First of all, as I have pointed out previously, the European nations are afraid. They are afraid of their large Muslim populations, which have shown themselves to be nothing if not volatile. Witness the UK, Netherlands, France, Denmark, etc. Secondly, the Europeans are keenly aware that their overseas citizens, missions and interests are subject to attack by terrorists.

Finally, the Europeans are afraid of having all that Middle East oil cut off.

And what do the Europeans have to fear from Israel, Jews in general or their own Jewish citizens in particular?

Nothing. No riots, no terrorist attacks, no oil cutoffs. In fact, these countries don't even have much of a Jewish population to begin with. Remember the Holocaust? That pretty much eliminated that consideration. In fact, what Jewish populations they do have are pretty much hunkered down rather than try to counterbalance the anti-Israel mobs with their own demonstrations as we can still do in the US.

A Spanish writer, whose name escapes me, recently wrote an article that appeared on the Internet. He bemoaned the fact that his country, like so many others in Europe, had over time pretty much eliminated its Jewish population, which had contributed so much in the sciences, arts and culture and replaced it with a population that was contributing nothing but unrest, hatred and violence. I have to agree. Europe has pretty much made its bed over the past couple of generations. Now they have to lie down in it. As a result, what we see are massive, sometimes violent protests on the streets of European cities all aimed against tiny Israel. Europeans always wring their hands and call for immediate cease fires as soon as Israel defends itself against the murderous forces of Hamas and Hizbollah. It has nothing to do with right or wrong or morality. It has everything to do with that trait that Europeans are famous for-practicality. To Europe, Israel is the "inconvenient country" and Jews in general are the "inconvenient people". How dare they defend themselves against those noble Palestinians (who really are victims of themselves, their leaders and surrounding Arab nations)?

In reality, the Europeans are prisoners of their own demographics, which, if the present trend continues, will make that continent majority Muslim in two generations. When that happens, Europe will be what it was in 1940; a continent of hate-and once again, a place where Jews are not safe-as if they are safe now.

It saddens me to say these things about Europe, a place with which I am intimately familiar and a place which I love. It has to be said, however. A new wave of Nazism is growing in Europe. It is called militant-Islam. The question is how will the Europeans deal with it? Up to now, they are dealing with it the same way Britain and France dealt with it in 1938 at Munich when they threw Czechoslovakia to the wolves of Nazi Germany.

Today, Israel is the new Czechoslovakia.

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  1. There was rioting in London yesterday. In the Jewish neighborhood exactly.

    The police called for calm, but did not arrest the people who instigated it, the Muslim leaders of London. To do so would be Islamophobic. So anti-Semitism is permissible, anti-Muslim is not.