Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Ye Olde "Conflicte of Intereste" -The Case of Hillary Clinton

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"How dare Thou question the Royal Exchequer."

A couple of years back, I wrote a spoof about Bill Clinton's inventive use of the English language. The topic was the New Revised Bill Clinton Book of English Grammar, or something like that. Now, with Hillary Clinton sailing through her Senate confirmation hearing for Secretary of State, I thought it was time to search through my copy of Bill and Clinton's New Revised English Dictionary. Here is what I found:

"Conflicte of Intereste"- Archaic olde English word-now only found in certain remote parts of Scotland, meaning a situation in which someone in a position of trust, such as a lawyer, a politician, government official, executive or director of a corporation or physician, has competing professional or personal/financial interests, which make it difficult to fulfill his or her duties in an impartial manner. No longer used in American English.

Pity that the term no longer has in meaning in America since it would apply to Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State to a tee.

This is the lady who will take over negotiations with nations in the Middle East, such as Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates in delicate matters involving terrorism, national security and Israel. These also happen to be countries which have poured millions of dollars into Bill Clinton's various and sundry foundations, library and other money-laundering ventures. (Yes, Bill Clinton is still Hillary's husband.)

Conflicte of intereste? What do you think?

Of course, what does that matter when you have nuggets like these being thrown out to the senators by the Grande Dame herself:

"We must use what has been called 'smart power', the full range of tools at our disposal. With 'smartpower', diplomacy will be the vanguage of foreign policy."

"America cannot solve the most pressing problems on our own, and the world cannot solve them without America, The best way to advance America's interest in reducing global threats and seizing global opportunities is to design and implement global solutions. This isn't a philosophical point. This is our reality."

Only a couple of Senators on the Foreign Relations Committee, Richard Lugar (R-IN) and David Vitter (R-DC Madame, LA) expressed concern over the $$$$ pouring into the Clinton coffers from the Middle East and any impact it might have on US foreign policy. Lugar, prior to the hearing, made 4 suggestions that might improve transparency in Bill's $$$$-raising. However, Her Imperial Highness made it crystal-clear in her testimony that only one of the proposals would be agreed upon with the Obama Administration.

So, conflicte or no conflicte, look for Hillary to be approved by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee this week.

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  1. Just one question:

    Who will really be the Sec of State? Hillary or Bill?