Monday, January 19, 2009

Old Friends

Radarsite just recieved this fascinating letter from the past. The Internet is still a wonderful tool, isn't it?

Hi Roger,

Yesterday, I discovered the Master Roster of the 707th AC&W, where I was an E2 Heavy Ground Radar tech in 61-62, my first duty assignment after Keesler AFB training. I signed up and promptly called two old buddies. One called back and we had a pleasant two hour talk. I didn't realize until then that tomorrow's business trip to Seattle will place me an hour from his home.

I decided to go for broke and find any website associated with the 640th, my next duty assignment in
62-63. My wife Gail was there with me. Not quite Kosher but she was pregnant and we needed to be together. Our 47 year old son was born at Harmon.

Then I discovered your website. I couldn't believe what I saw. At first I didn't connect's existence or ownership to you. After the RCAF's rejection(?) of the 640th's site, I also couldn't believe anyone knew or cared for the facility or those of us who served in such a desolate place. I was also reminded, in pictures, how my barracks was destroyed by a snow storm three years before I arrived. The silly fools rebuilt it with wood and it was destroyed again while I was stationed there. Since our First Sergeant knew Gail and I were living in a tiny trailer in downtown Stephenville, he blessed our living arrangement. I was allowed to live off base but eat at the 640th chow hall.

I was a not-quite-politically-active Kennedy Democrat in 62, newly married to a rabid Goldwater crusader. Since then I have gone from a Democrat to a Republican to a staunch follower of the Constitution. I don't recall ever having to revoke my to oath to "Protect and Defend", nor is it in my plans.

After the USAF I returned to college and have been a medical electronics designer or design director for the last 35 years.

Reading through your recent blogs, I discovered you were having a serious health issue. Given all the prayers on your behalf, I hope your situation is improving.

Thanks for your dedication and service,



  1. How strange it is for old friends to come out of the blue and remember you. And to keep you in their prayers.

    I wonder how many old liberals are now conservatives? Especially old military men.

  2. Thanks Findalis. Quite a few, I hope. lol

  3. Roger did you remove a post with a Bosch painting and a letter from some idiot named Raoul????

    I was going to cross post the pic tomorrow to show my defiance vis a vis the inaugaration of the Con Man in Chief, B. Hussein Obama...

    Either way will give a hat tip to the site, as opposed to the post, take care.

    Thank you for your valor, patriotism and the great work you do at Radarsite.

  4. Roger,

    For the past three years, I have been going to reunions for the 404 MP co with whom I was stationed in Germany in the late 60s.

    There's nothing quite like guys in their 60s going over all our old photos showing us in the 1960s as young, virile MPs-and comparing those pictures with ourselves now.

  5. Carlos -- No, I didn't remove it, it's still there. Thanks.

  6. Great little reunion there Roger.
    Nothing like ole comrades from gone by days!
    Although I've known you only a short while, I sometimes get that feeling we've known each other a long time.
    We're from the same era in our Air Force days and I feel that puts us in the same company of friends...heck we were both sent to the cold country, you in Canada and me in Alaska ('63-'65).
    Although I never considered myself a Liberal in them days I did vote for Ted Kennedy (Shhh, don't you dare tell!) Those were the days I was just a dumb GI who didn't know anything...but on the same token, I voted for Goldwater... so what does that tell ya!
    Hey, great letter from your friend...wish you many more!

    By the way, my brother went through Keesler and was in AC&W up in the Yukon, outside the village of Fort Nelson.