Saturday, January 17, 2009

A Desperate Plea from Radarsite to Israel: Stop the Slaughter!

A desperate plea from Radarsite to Israel: Please, please stop the slaughter of innocents and bring this endless cycle of violence to a close. Obliterate Hamas! Root out the last of this deadly cancer and destroy it utterly. Please, please do not allow yourselves to be deluded once again by meaningless ceasefire agreements forced upon you by this cowardly Western world and its corrupt antisemitic UN. Please do not be dissuaded from your fateful mission. Now is the time. Now is the opportunity to rid the world once and for all of these monsters. Please stay strong and committed to your great and noble cause. And if this self-serving cowardly world will not support you in this existential battle, so be it. Their time will come. Never before have we seen such moral clarity with regard to your strategic dilemma. Despite the relentless onslaught of antisemitic leftist propaganda that permeates the world's media, we can still see the truth. There is no compromise with evil. There is no two state solution. There is no coexistence. There is only victory and death to those who call for your destruction.

Be assured that our liberal leftist media does not speak for all Americans. Despite all the empty-headed rhetoric of our appeasers we are not all that easily manipulated. We can clearly see that the battle of Gaza is the epicenter of the West's War on Terror. If we cannot show the necessary resolve to see this war of yours through to its unequivocal end, then we will most assuredly not find the resolve to save our own skins when the time comes. And it most certainly will come.
This is not a Palestinian Conflict, this is but the latest chapter in the never-ending Arab/Islamic attempt to destroy Israel and eventually conquer the entire Judeo/Christian West. In short this IS our War on Terror, and whether or not we find the courage to admit it, Islam IS the enemy.

Godspeed brave comrades in your desperate struggle against this pervasive evil. God give you the strength to persevere, and God give us the moral courage to support you. As Israel goes, so goes Western Civilization. - rg


  1. Well said Roger. And I do hope the proper authorities in Israel read and heed your words.

  2. Thank you Findalis -- but somehow I tend to doubt that will happen. lol

  3. What else can be said other than ditto! Great job as always!


  4. Roger,

    They didn't hear you - just reported by Israeli TV - "Israeli Cabinet votes FOR a unilateral ceasefire in Gaza."

  5. Thanks CP and a great big Hello!
    unfortunately, as Holger has pointed out, this isn't they way things are going to happen. Once again we are left with that same old question: What will it take? When will enough be enough?

  6. Judging the cost of victory to be excessive, Israel sold her soul by awarding victory to the most malignant enemy of mankind. She deserves what she will reap.

    Let us learn a lesson therefrom and resolve to exterminate the enemy.

  7. "Judging the cost of victory to be excessive.....
    And as long as that cost/benefit mindset prevails, liberty will be hanging by a thread.
    There is no cost too great to preserve liberty. None.