Friday, January 2, 2009

The CAIR Petition

Cross-posted by Gary Fouse

CAIR spokesman Ibrahim Hooper

Today, I visited the website of the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR). There is the usual drivel about how Muslims in America are being discriminated against. Of course, there is an article announcing that they have filed a complaint with the Dept. of Transportation over the Muslim family that was taken off a flight over statements they were overheard making on board that passengers reported to the airline.

As for the conflict in the Middle East, CAIR is announcing a petition drive aiming for a million signatures. Here is the petition statement:

"We, the undersigned people of conscience who respect international law and the sanctity of human life, urge you to speak out for peace and justice for all parties in the Middle East crisis.

“We are concerned that the current violence and ongoing humanitarian crisis is further eroding America's international image. For this reason, a strong, balanced stance from you that is aimed at fostering an enduring peace is vital.

“Unfortunately, all parties in the Middle East conflict have committed violence against civilians. We unequivocally condemn all of these actions.

“The European Union (EU), Russia, the UN Secretary-General, the Arab League, the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC), and other international bodies are all urging Israel to end it (sic) attacks.

“Middle East Envoy Tony Blair deplored the "tragic of loss of life," while French President Nicolas Sarkozy condemned Israel's "disproportionate use of force."

“EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana said the Israeli attacks were "inflicting an unacceptable toll on Palestinian civilians and will only worsen the humanitarian crisis as well as complicate the search for a peaceful solution."

“Unfortunately, our nation's one-sided response to this tragic episode will only serve to fuel anti-American sentiments in the Muslim world and beyond.

“We therefore call on you to demonstrate your commitment to changing our nation's current one-sided Mideast policy by speaking out now in favor of peace and justice for all parties to this decades-long conflict.”

Sounds good, right? Peace and justice for all in the current conflict. Who could argue with that? Yet, just as CAIR reacted in the Mumbai incident, in a carefully-crafted statement, they refuse to even acknowledge the rockets that Hamas rained down on Israel. Notice the sentences above that single out Israel for condemnation. In all, there are three references to Israel and its "objectionable" acts, but nowhere does the word "Hamas" appear. Nowhere is there any mention of rocket attacks hitting civilian targets. Nowhere does Hamas mention the fact that Hamas has deliberately set up its operation centers, rocket launchers and ammunition stockpiles in the middle of civilian sites such as schools, residences and hospitals.

It is all about "stopping Israel", not stopping Hamas. Why is this? Is it because, as always, CAIR will take the Muslim side? Is it because CAIR is allied with Hamas-as has been often charged?

And why is this conflict eroding America's image? Is it because President George Bush is putting the blame squarely where it belongs-on Hamas? Is it because we are not rushing to impose a cease-fire that will restrain Israel while Hamas resumes its rocket attacks.

To tell you the truth, if America sits back and lets Israel obliterate Hamas, I don't care if this "erodes our image" with the Arab/Muslim world, Europe or anywhere else.

Those phony "moderates" at CAIR need to wake up to a simple fact. America and the majority of the American people are sympathetic to Israel. Most of us detest and mock terrorists who target the innocent because they cannot stand and defeat Israel army to army-even though they have a huge population advantage.

These people at CAIR take great pains to depict themselves as "moderates". In actuality, they are propagandists and apologists for international terrorism.

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  1. CAIR is the US arm of Hamas. That is why they are doing this. If they really cared about the people of Gaza, they would call for the end of rockets into Israel. They can't even say the word Israel. Anyone who signs this petition is showing themselves to be a terrorist and anti-Semite.