Wednesday, January 7, 2009

About that Norwegian doctor in Gaza

Cross-posted by Gary Fouse

Dr Mads Gilbert

There has been a lot of press attention directed toward a certain Norwegian doctor named Mads Gilbert, who is presently in Gaza treating victims of the on-going war in a Gazan hospital. Dr Gilbert, who is part of the so-called Norwegian Aid Coalition, has been interviewed by the BBC, CNN, ABC, NBC and CBS to name a few. Of course, Dr Gilbert (who can be seen in the photo wearing a Palestinian kaffiya), is quite critical of Israel.

As part of Dr Gilbert's criticism of Israel, he states that to date, he has seen only one or two Hamas fighters who have been killed or injured. All the rest have been civilians. That is an interesting observation given the fact that Hamas doesn't have a uniform to wear. They are dressed in civilian clothes. Of course, that is part of their pattern of hiding behind civilians, making sure that their rocket launchers are situated in the midst of civilian locations like schools, residences and hospitals, and generally making sure that their own people take maximum casualties so that they (Hamas) can play the international press like a violin.

The fact is that the Israel IDF is taking more precautions to limit Gazan civilian casualties than is Hamas-a fact lost on the international media, which is singing the Hamas line.

What the media is also conveniently leaving out is the background of Dr Gilbert. The fact is that Dr Gilbert is a member of the Norwegian Rodt party (Red Party). In short, he is a communist.

Well, what's wrong with that you ask. Isn't the Cold War over? Are we still looking for a communists under every bed? Try this hat on for size: After 9-11, this good doctor cheered. he voiced support for this atrocity committed against the US. His comments were made to the Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet.

But perhaps, the network you heard interviewing Dr Gilbert in Gaza didn't tell you that, so that you could know where this man was coming from.

This is what the media is doing, folks-on an international scale. During the American election, didn't we witness the same thing (our media openly taking sides)? Every day, Hamas is going to take the photographers to film the innocent victims that they (Hamas) are helping to create so that we can see them on the front page of every newspaper. They won't show you the innocent Israelis hurt or killed by Hamas rocket fire. As Dennis Prager pointed out on his radio show today, did you ever see a front page photo of any of the slaughtered victims in the Congo? Of course not.

The next time in the coming days that you see or hear Dr Gilbert being interviewed, check and see if the network mentions anything about Gilbert's background.

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  1. I watch Fox News Gary...its about the only balanced news one may get from the TV media.