Saturday, September 15, 2012

Video Maker Taken Into Custody by Feds and Lee Baca's Sheriffs

Gary Fouse

Sheriff Sharia

The alleged producer of now-notorious video that is being used by Middle Eastern rioters and our government and media as a convenient excuse for all the mayhem was taken into custody for questioning just after midnight this morning by LA Sheriff's deputies. The questioning is to be by federal probation officials since the man is on federal probation.

Let me be clear; this character, by most accounts, is no model citizen. It is reported that the terms of his probation prohibit any access to the Internet. Thus, he might be susceptible to having his probation revoked.

Robert Spencer has opined that if the man is put back in prison, no matter his record and the legal justification, he will become a "political prisoner" pure and simple. I find it hard to argue that point. Will this turn out to be more appeasement to the barbarians in the Middle East who are attacking our embassies?

It is also necessary to point out that the LA County Sheriff, whose deputies picked the man up is none other than Lee Baca, who is the biggest useful idiot in American law enforcement. Baca repeatedly makes public appearances with the likes of CAIR, and the other suspect Islamic organizations in Southern California. As previously reported, he has spoken at events with the likes of Muzammil Siddiqi promoting sharia law.

And now Baca's deputies seem to be actively enforcing sharia law in concert with Obama's Justice Department. What a coincidence.

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