Friday, September 7, 2012

Missive To The Faithful

By Findalis  

Book of Obama Chapter 16

In the city of Charlotte, in the great state of North Carolina, He came to accept once again the nomination of the party of Donkeys.  The assembled multitude screamed about the War on Women the Republicans were waging.  They screamed about the babies that were being born and girls forced to carry them.  They screamed about the evil  corporations.  Then He assented to the stage.

I am entitled to your acclaim, your adoration.
I am your Messiah, your Anointed One.
I am your God.  The decider of life and death.

We are the Good Guys, the wearers of the White Hats.
They are the Bad Guys, the wearers of the Black Hats.
It is a choice of Good vs. Evil.

We must all work together.  In equality, everyone pulling their own weight.
We will take the wealth from the rich, spread it around and everyone will be rich.
We will bring peace to the world, I will force peace on the Middle East.
I will cut the line that will divide Jerusalem*, It will be a good thing.

I salute our military men and women.  You love Me greater than you love others.
I killed bin Ladin and other members of al Qaeda.  It was done by Myself and none other.
The wounded men and women of the military I visited are now all healed.

It is through My grace, My pleasure that this nation thrives.
I have brought this nation out of depression and into economic prosperity.
I will continue to do so as long as I am your Messiah, your God.

When I am returned to this office I will make the dream of the Alinsky come true.
The Marx, the Hegel will guide Me.  Lenin, Trotsky will be pleased with My work.
We will all be one with the Government, which all powers come from.

The assembled multitude cheered and screamed:
That's Our Messiah!
But it fell flat.  The magic of 4 years ago had gone away.
The people shook their heads,  "Do we really want to use Unicorn Farts and Pixie Dust?"
The speech given by Biden the Fool, the man with Foot-in-Mouth disease was a greater speech than the Anointed One's.   But Biden the Fool is not the man whom the Media exclaim the Messiah.

The confetti fell but no balloons.
The Anointed One, His wife and their girls waved to the crowd.
But the people of the land were not impressed.  They did not stir to his banner.
In the end, The Anointed One will be hard pressed to win in November.

*  The Democratic Platform proclaims Jerusalem the capital of Israel.  Barack Hussein Obama
claims the same.  The Department of State still refuses to name Israel's capital and now prefers to call it Tel Aviv.

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