Saturday, September 20, 2008

Tha Kosovo Report: Part Four

Radarsite is proud to present this final installment in a four part series, cross posted from our good friend and fellow patriot Allan, "Spook" at Fire Base America on the truth of Kosovo.
As the Serbian army began its retreat from Kosovo in June 1999, armed muslim gunmen of the terrorist Albanian organization, KLA, went door to door searching for non-Albanians to either kill if they are a Serb, or to expel out of the province if Jew or otherwise.

-The front door on a Christian house in Kosovo

*Reminds you of the gold Stars of David the Nazis forced Jews to wear in World War II doesn't it?

On June 26, 1999 the last of the 13 remaining Kosovo Jews were rounded up by the Muslim Albanians and deported to Skopje. Once there, these deported Kosovo Jews told the JDC's Eliezri that the Albanian military busted into their apartments and drove them out at gunpoint.

Since the expulsion of the last of Kosovo Jews, muslims of that province became hosts to the wahabis and other Islamic extremist sects that are relentlessly building masques across the province and recruiting local muslim Albanians by the droves. Saudis, Kuwaitis and others have built mosques to supply the surging pious among Kosovo Albanians.

-Bin Laden mosque in Kosovo: a crisp and expensive mosque towers the skyline of the Kosovo city.

Reliable sources on the ground in Kosovo confirm that Wahhabis are tremendously popular among young muslim Albanians, that UNMIK is afraid to patrol certain quarters where Kosovo wahhabis dominate and that even the peacekeepers themselves are afraid that their action may trigger a violent reprisal.

According to Gregory Copley, the President of the International Strategic Studies Association, three major heroin production laboratories, run by the KLA, are operating within the area of Kosovo which has been under the control of US Army units operating from Camp Bondsteel. Ironically, to support the KLA which the former US Clinton Administration had deemed an ally, some US authorities operating in the area specifically protected the laboratories from inspection by other NATO forces in the area.

Sources on the ground have thus far confirmed that the Kosovo heroin boss is the former Kosovo Albanian Prime Minister, Ramus Haradinaj, who is wanted by the war crimes tribunal in The Hague.

It has been, unofficially, suggested that the reason that the Hague Court is delaying Haradinaj prosecution is because his heroin thugs in Kosovo have threatened to kill American soldiers unless he is let free. The source suggests that a gentlemen's agreement has been struck between the drug running Albanians and the CIA: Hague lets the drug boss free, leaves the muslim Albanian distribution network in Kosovo intact in exchange for sparing American lives in Kosovo.

It may soon be confirmed that al Qaeda is drawing its share of the heroin money from these muslim Albanian activities in Kosovo in order to fund their terror operations against the West.
The recent beating of an American peacekeeper by local Albanian muslims illustrates the fragility of the American military position in that province if muslim Albanian drug interests are threatened: an unnamed American soldier was found off duty at a gas station and beaten silly by muslim Albanians because his unit took part in foiling an unidentified illegal plot.

The Associated Press was precise in suppressing details behind and of the incident itself. -A Wahhabi mosque towers over a desolate Church in Urosevac, Kosovo. According to the rules of Jihad, a mosque has to be taller then the church that has not been destroyed in order to demonstrate superiority of Islam over other religions.

Meanwhile Albania itself is undergoing its nascent jihadist catharsis. A leader of Albania's muslim community of Albania denounced the decision by a university to suspend a female student for wearing a veil to school and Associated Press has, once again, gone out of its way to claim that Albania is predominantly muslim, but secular.

The degree with which the political leaders are complacent to the jihadist activities across the world is rather remarkable and the mainstream media is echoing this naivete. BBC refuses to call the jihadists in the London bombings terrorists; Spanish blame Bush for the Madrid attack instead of muslim extremist desire to reconquer al Andalus; persecuted Christian Serbs are told that their future is in the independent Islamic Kosovo ran by muslim drug lords and heroin thugs.

The seductive affinity of conspiracy theories, once again, confirms human propensity to believe untruth be it the phantom Elders of Zion that for thousands of years cannot conquer the world or the more immediate ones like an alleged Serbian Horse Shoe conspiracy used as an excuse for a sadistic jihadism by Albanians in Kosovo.


  1. The Serbs were doing their country and the world a service but Clinton/Albright & Co. wanted to lob bombs from a distance to allow the Muslims to take over a nation with the help of a superpower.

    In the mean time Clinton bombed baby formula factories to divert attention from his impeachment and allowed Osama bin Laden to escape multiple times.

  2. During the 90's the Jewish community protected their Serbian neighbors, provided them with food, medicine, and other help. In return the Muslims threw them out. For that Israel refuses to recognize Kosovo.

    This is what happens when you get a US leader who is inept at foreign policy matters. And under B. Hussein it will be worse. He will actually attack any nation that stands in the way of Muslim domination.

  3. don bistrow and Findalis -- Thank you both for excellent those points.

  4. my God, i thought you were going to chip in with some decisive insght at the end there, not leave it with ‘we leave it to you to decide’.