Friday, September 12, 2008

The Daily Kos: Beyond Outrage, Beneath Contempt

"All this 9/11 worship is ghoulish and downright silly. Some Brit on is even making fun of our pompous charade." From Daily

Barack Obama at Yearly Kos Event

A note from Radarsite:

This is funny?

Or perhaps this man here --
is he funny?

Maybe this lady here is what's so funny.

My God. Can someone please explain this to me? Can anyone out there help me to understand how any American website, regardless of their political leanings, could find any justification, any justification whatsoever for publishing this cartoon? Can anyone describe for me the mentality of the British cartoonist who drew it? I won't waste my reader's valuable time waiting for answers. I do not want answers or explanations. But I will say this.
This is purportedly a Democratic, liberal website. If any Democrat or liberal out there does not immediately and passionately condemn this post, and condemn this vicious traitorous website and everything it stands for, if any Democrat or liberal out there does not at once disassociate themselves from this horror, then you are indeed the enemy, and I hate you as vehemently as I do al Qaeda. Perhaps even more vehemently, because you have the arrogance to consider yourselves to be Americans.
God help you. - rg

Hat tip to Van Helsing at Stop The ACLU


  1. This is a new low for that vile site. Proves to me again that the far Left has no love for this country and no patriotism.

    Debbie Hamilton
    Right Truth

  2. How utterly... depraved and demented.

  3. This is the new Democrat party - and before anyone cries foul - that Daily Kos does not represent the Democrats, then let the leaders of the Dem. Party speak out loud.

    Bring up Daily Kos with Obama, and he reaches out his hand, stutters and says, "listen, no, no listen - and moves on to another subject (I think that was on O'Reilly).

    If the Party doesn't speak out this, then we've been right about them all along.


  4. The story itself seems to have been deleted.


  5. Thank you Maggie. Agreed.
    And -- good point anonymous. I never did see an article. All I saw was the cartoon and the legend beneath it. But that was enough for me.
    If there was actually an article, I'd appreciate it if someone would send it into Radarsite as a comment and I'll happily publish it.

  6. And they have the audacity to call themselves patriots.

    They sicken me.

  7. Please, do not think that this sickeningly offensive site or the deplorable content truly represent the Democratic party, because they do not; at least not the Democratic party to which I have been a life-long member. Every group, every party contains extremists who do not represent the views of the majority of that group, and such is the Daily Kos. They speak only for themselves and not for all Democrats. Most of us deplore this as much as those on the right. Perhaps if we could manage to get rid of the extremists in both parties, we could finally find common ground in our love of this country. Because whether you believe it or not, we love America as much as you do.

  8. Thanks all for sharing my anger and adding your own.
    To Fewthistle -- Thank you for responding. And I believe you.
    The only part of your thoughtful comment I would take exception to is your attempt to broaden this outrage out by referring to the "extremists on both sides'. I understand exactly what you're getting at, but I'm sorry, I just can't think of a conservative site that would have -- or actually did - publish that atrocious cartoon.
    As reasonable as you seem, I still have to say that this particular act of treason falls directly into the lap of the left. And the last time I checked, the Democratic Party was most certainly on the left.

  9. To Roger: First, thank you for bringing this horrible page to my attention. I don't ever read anything at the DK and so would have been unaware of this despicable act. As for my comment and the broadening of topic, I do believe that you understand what I meant in referring to extremism in both parties. I was not suggesting in this instance that any conservative site would have posted this, as I don't believe they would have...I also do not believe that most legitimate, responsible sites on the other side of the aisle would have posted it either. It is highly unpatriotic, treasonous, and cruel.

    But to lay it at the door of the Democratic party seems quite unfair...rather like suggesting that all Conservatives are responsible for right-wing hate groups, an accusation that is completely without merit and against which I have argued on more than one occasion.

    Please, don't allow your absolutely justified outrage at this act to color your view of all Democrats. There are many more of us who stand much closer to the center than the whiny, vocal few on the far fact, some 18 million of us. Unfortunately, we don't often get heard. So thank you for allowing me to comment and for your reasonable and generous response.

  10. just smart-ass 13 year olds showing everybody how cool and brave they are. lets keep grownups in charge

  11. Pascal wrote about the morality of thought. The Daily Kos is a disgusting display of the immorality of what passes for thought on the left.

    What is most alarming about this site is that it receives a ton of traffic. Hopefully most of the visitors are like me who reads it for, at best, amusement.

    Canadian Girl

  12. Billy Paint Brush -- I wish I could believe that that was the extent of this scourge -- 13 year old kids. But I'm afraid I can't.

  13. I have voted Democrat all my life. The Democratic Party has been hijacked by the toxic left (i.e. the likes of Kos and such). Count me out of that crew. I'm voting for McCain. How's that for change?

    McCain 2008, Clinton 2012.

  14. To be more explicit -- The creeps who decided to post this obscenity at Daily Kos aren't 13 year old kids, are they?

  15. To Anonymous - Damn. Reading your comment gives me such hope. Not just hope for the Republicans in November -- although this is certainly extrememly important to me -- but hope for America.
    A big welcome to Radarsite.

  16. And to think that my beloved wife and I can't emigrate to America because we're "too old"...
    Perhaps a couple of these little scumbages would care to exchange places with us, since we obviously love and appreciate their country far more than they do?

  17. Sorry Fewthistle... I WILL hold you responsible for allowing the atmosphere that allowed this graphic to have validity in the leftist community irrespective of how it offends you.

    You "mainstrea," Democrats haven't just let in a couple of bad apples that make you look bad. You have allowed a culture of cynicism, prevarication, anti-Americanism, and anarchy to become associated with the left in the numbers of hundreds of thousands. I hold the Democrat party culpable as i do "mainstream" Muslim who did nothing while the radicals redefined Islam (that's being charitable by saying redefined).

    You are responsible because you allowed Portland, OR., Denver, CO., Berkeley, CA., and numerous other places in this country to become havens for the "radical" left. You have watched it happen and you cared not one whit. Where was the outrage from the Democrats when acts of sick anarchy became commonplace against our country. You were NOWHERE to be found.

    You make me sick.

  18. To all you Democrats out there, this is what your party has become. If I were you, I'd graduate to the grown-up's table really quick like. Staying a Democrat is like switching chairs on the may make you feel better, but, you're going down, too. You can't stay away from this because they're dragging you down.

  19. NOW, can we question their patriotism?

  20. Frankly Roger, I am surprised that a few Democrats have actually posted anger about the screed from KOS.

    I had to pinch my self to make sure I wasn't dreaming.

    So to you brave souls from the Democrat side who exhibited the courage to speak up, I must say thank you and remind those of us who may be or support Republicans we aren't blameless in this divide that is tearing our country apart.

    We are all culpable to one degree or another and for a host of reasons.

    Perhaps there is a chance this great country will survive the onslaught from those that hate us both from within and outside.

    This I know, I swore an oath many years ago to protect and defend this country from enemies both foreign and domestic. That oath has never been rescinded or revoked and I will do exactly that as long as I still breathe.

    Thank you Roger. "ever vigilant"

  21. Roger, great job in putting this up. I put up a link of it over at LGF, hopefully you got some hits from that and more folks were made aware of this travesty.

    :Holger Danske

  22. Thank you all.
    And thanks Holger Awakens for that link.