Friday, September 26, 2008

The Debate: Barack Obama's Most Important Statement

Why bother weighing in with just one more take on Friday night's Presidential Debate? By now, every conceivable angle has been covered. Predictably, both camps have claimed victories. What could be said that hasn't already been said, and said by more astute pundits than myself?
Well, there is one little thing. One little sentence that sticks out in my mind and just will not go away. One small phrase which Obama uttered that to me has more significance than everything else he stated during this contest. And here it is: "America is the greatest country in the world, but--" But. That's the word that matters, folks. That's the word that more than any other reveals the goals of this candidate. America, he goes on to explain, is not the same country it was when his Kenyan father spoke of America with those high expectations. Children around the world no longer look at America the same way. This, then, would be the sacred crusade of an Obama presidency: to restore that faded luster to our American star. To get people around the world to like us once again. To make it possible for his wife to be truly proud to be an American for the first time in her lifetime. Barack Obama sees it as his mission to make it up to the world for all of America's past transgressions. To make America more universalist.

My God. Where has this man learned his American history? From the Reverend Wrights of this world? Is this what we want? What we need right now? Is this the new America? A regretful America, ashamed of itself and of its history? A humbled America, apologizing to the world for its existence and for its success? Do we really want a more internationalist America, an America more beholden to the world's agenda than to our own? Do we really want to relinquish more of our sacred national identity?

Just ask the poor betrayed Brits how they like their new found internationalism. Their merging of cultures and their loss of their own. Ask the Brits how they feel about the EU and Brussels.

What a President Obama would do about the present financial crisis on Wall Street is important, very important. What a President Obama would do about the emerging Russian Bear, or the crazy Atom Bomb-coveting Iranian Mullahs is very important. His views on the best way to manage the GWOT are extremely important. But, to this particular writer, his stated vision of America and what he wants America to be could very well be the most important issue of them all.

Regardless of your party affiliation, if you feel, as I do, that the United States of America owes no one any apologies, and has every right to promote its own interests and to protect those interests, without interference from any foreign powers or organizations of foreign powers, then we just cannot let this man win the presidency. We cannot give away this great nation of ours this easily. - rg


  1. Notice how he mentioned his Kenyan father but not his American mother. Again he is trying to be like the father who deserted his family.

    If this nation had become so bad why do millions of people each year try to come to live here? Why do millions of illegal immigrants cross over our border with Mexico each year? What is bringing all those people to our shores?

    For some it is a chance at finally realizing the dream of freedom and for others it is a chance at a better life.

    If this isn't the greatest nation on the planet, than there is no great nation on this planet.

  2. I can't find that in the transcript.

    OBAMA: Well, let me just make a closing point. You know, my father came from Kenya. That's where I get my name.

    And in the '60s, he wrote letter after letter to come to college here in the United States because the notion was that there was no other country on Earth where you could make it if you tried. The ideals and the values of the United States inspired the entire world.

    I don't think any of us can say that our standing in the world now, the way children around the world look at the United States, is the same.

    And part of what we need to do, what the next president has to do -- and this is part of our judgment, this is part of how we're going to keep America safe -- is to -- to send a message to the world that we are going to invest in issues like education, we are going to invest in issues that -- that relate to how ordinary people are able to live out their dreams.

    And that is something that I'm going to be committed to as president of the United States

    Do you have another version?

  3. Yes, I do. I have the version where he says that America is the greatest country in the world, BUT. It is that single revealing "but" that constitutes the basis of my argument.
    That little word negates the whole meaning of the previous sentence and sends his message of negativity out very clearly. That's the version I listened to.
    You obviously see Obama as a good thing for America, I think you're nuts. And it 5 am and I'm getting tired. Maybe some other time.

  4. I heard it, and I'm old and near deaf...

    By the way, rg, I love this site. Thanks.

  5. Here is the quote from the transcript:

    OBAMA: And this is the greatest country on Earth. But because of some of the mistakes that have been made -- and I give Senator McCain great credit on the torture issue, for having identified that as something that undermines our long-term security -- because of those things, we, I think, are going to have a lot of work to do in the next administration to restore that sense that America is that shining beacon on a hill.

    I consider that to be SPOT ON in the commentary. Sorry, Sen. Obama, we ARE the greatest country in this world we live in, bar NONE. What needs to be worked on is eliminating the socialism your lot has created that is burdening this nation and taking it to the level of "just another third world nation" that is becoming a "has been" to the rest of the world.

    Either we are the leader, or we are the follower. Your path takes us to being a follower in ideology and in economics. I personally care for the former.

  6. Kind of amazing, how someone can take the word *but,* and read so much into it.
    And the reading is through whose eyes?
    Your post, has as much to do with Sen Obama, as your thoughts about anything.
    They're your thoughts, based on your biases, and preconceptions.
    All I heard, was Sen Obama stating a fact, that America used to hold more respect around the world. And if he's Pres, that would change.

    And by the way, to allay your preconceptions about me... I'm a Vet, and have voted GOP all my life. I started questioning Sen McCain, when he refused to support the New GI Bill. He talks a lot about supporting Vets, but he hasn't walked that talk.
    The choice of Gov Palin, has pushed me in the other direction. She has no knowledge of anything pertinent to being VP/Pres... no command of Domestic or Foreign Policy issues.
    She scares me.
    That Sen McCain chose her... scares me.
    He's been erratic in his handling of the financial mess we're in.
    So, last night's debate, I was looking for Sen McCain to bring me back in the fold. It didn't happen.
    What did happen is that Sen Obama showed he understands the issues.
    So, as of now, I'm seriously leaning Obama... but (there's that word *but*), I'm still hoping Sen McCain pulls me back. Not voting GOP is a new thing for me... I've never thought myself an elitist.

  7. WTF? this is what you get from a debate "BUT". WOW the koolaid must have been strong at your CHickenhawk viewing party...gezzz. Maybe you're just a GOP whiner and this is a "Straw" you were grasping for? Read the Polls.... McCain/Palin is Failin' and your whining wont help.
    "ladies and gentlemen the President of the United States, Barack OBama" Now whine some more coward! HAHAHAHAHA

  8. lo dejo en blanco,

    Nice try, dude but my copy of the transcipt includes:

    OBAMA: And this is the greatest country on Earth. But because of some of the mistakes that have been made -- and I give Senator McCain great credit on the torture issue, for having identified that as something that undermines our long-term security -- because of those things, we, I think, are going to have a lot of work to do in the next administration to restore that sense that America is that shining beacon on a hill.

    The link to that transcript is:

    So again, nice try. But the fact of the matter is...B. Hussein Obama has never made a positive claim about America without a negative qualifier. I not only question this man's patriotism, I question this man's goals for this land.

    To put it simply, Obama has a chip on his shoulder for America, the size of Texas (I would have named Alaska, but Sarah wouldn't want to touch this person).

    Any foreigner truly following the speeches and comments of Obama would conclude that this is a horrible country we have here.

  9. I believe Obama did say America is great BUT - SEE TRANSCRIT BELOW

    OBAMA: And this is the greatest country on Earth. BUT because of some of the mistakes that have been made -- and I give Senator McCain great credit on the torture issue, for having identified that as something that undermines our long-term security -- because of those things, we, I think, are going to have a lot of work to do in the next administration to restore that sense that America is that shining beacon on a hill.

  10. I can't fathom how anyone, in this reality of economic turmoil and shifting international power balances, how anyone could even THINK of putting an inexperienced rookie in the white house.

  11. America is guilty of its transgressions, no doubt, as we all are, but America also is a beacon of light in the more than ever.

    Let's take a look at Barack's father. If his father's dream was to go to school in America, where you could make it if you tried, then why didn't his father stay in America and give the effort to make it rather than return to Kenya and get himself another wife, and so on.

    It seems to me Obama's example slaps him in the face, because even though Obama believes America once was this place where people could live out their dreams, his OWN father chose not to even though the opportunity was greatest back then....apparently.

    Obama is no different today than he was when he first started out campaigning. Now he is just a man who thinks he can get away with his lies because his lies and his past are being blatantly ignored in the media.

  12. Check out "Barack Obama and the Strategy of Manufactured Crisis" by James Simpson on American Thinker - 8/28. It ties together Obama, all his radical connections, and this deliberately created economic disaster to weaken our country. How do we push through the MSM to get people to understand what's going on?

  13. I'm waiting for the day when Obama says, I'm them one i've been waiting for. Tell me he hasn't said that already.

  14. The contempt this man, Baraq (yes - I'm electing to use the Arabic) has for this country's people parallels the contempt shown by the Mainstream Media.
    But, we've been here all along. Until we face up to that we're echoes in a small room.
    Roger, you do so much to change that, not only in your won perceptions and well focussed presentations, but the invitation you've extended to so many of as well. Yoou get my nomination for the Gen. George S. Patton Award.
    Over the past week we've watched Baraq's (again, yes - I'm electing to use the Arabic) Cheshire Cat grin widen the less ACORN was mentioned. It's his government sponsored base Why accept Federal money when you've already got it?).
    Baraq's election to the most prestigious position in the world would indeed be putting more than lipstick on a pig. It would be putting a crown on corruption.
    Remember his goal to have a government organizaton, better-funded and better- equipped than the military.
    Well, just bet, or even look at, what you could get with $800 billion diverted into his hands. Oh yes, the $800 billion would only be start up.
    Gather the information, evaluate it (thin out the innuendoes, the rhetoric and calumnies {there's enough there to disqualify him from a liar's poker game}), analyse it; then see what's possible, plausible and probable and speak up.

  15. "OBAMA: And this is the greatest country on Earth. But because of some of the mistakes that have been made --" blah, blah, blah

    First off, the word 'BUT' does not start a sentence. His sentence would be this -

    "And this is the greatest country on earth 'but' because of some of the mistakes that have been made....."

    Obama has a problem with America big time - you think you could listen to Reverend Wright for over twenty years and think any differently. Come on. Reverend Wright was Obama's mentor - he idealized them. Who hates America more than Reverend Wright? Anybody?

  16. I find it amazing that Obama has tried to impress us with his father-who deserted the family as opposed to his "typical white grandmother" who he threw under the bus-the person who raised him.

    As for the BUT comment, it is typical of how the Democrats accentuate the negatives of America and the flaws while the Republicans accentuate what is great about America.

    I suspect that both Obamas have very ambiguous feelings about their country.

    gary fouse

  17. When a person uses the word "but" they often contradict what they just said before it.

    So if say to you "you're a wonderful person, but...", you know I'm about to tell you something to completely destroy the original statement.

    This is something I've been aware of in regards to just every day conversations and when Obama said that... he completely showed how much he really doesn't think this country is great.

    I'm not running for office and I know there is a way to avoid that word... he obviously does not or just can't stand America "that" much.

    I sure am glad I DVR'd this thing because there seems to be a lot of question about what he really said. Instant replay tells the whole story... we need a YouTube on this one!!

  18. On the discussed matters, Barack Obama's speech was as substantiated as a full of air balloon.