Monday, January 14, 2008

The Queen Is Missing!

Published by Wake Up America - January 14, 2008

This Sunday in an article at Wake Up America, Susan Duclos revealed a recently reported foiled plot to assassinate the Queen of England.

This report, as frightening as it is, brings up a question I have long had in reference to the Queen of England and the imminent Islamification of her proud country.


For that matter, other than in the daily gossip columns, where the hell have ANY of the Royal family been? Am I missing something here, or have they all been embarrassingly uninvolved in this huge domestic cultural crisis?

To a Yankee from across the Pond, it seems that now more than ever the people of England need their Queen to take the lead in protecting their nation's rich cultural heritage and staving off the impending Muslim immigrant takeover of her country.

Yet, it appears to this observer, the pampered Royals have decided to totally ignore this crucial battle and stay safely shut up behind the walls of their Royal Palaces and leave the bloody fighting to others. Meanwhile, this poor brave little island, this once noble England, is being torn apart by its ruthless internal enemies, those deadly vipers which they themselves foolishly let into their nest.

England faces a danger today at least as grave as it did in the Thirties. And, even though some of the Royal's anti-fascist views during that period may have been somewhat suspect, they were at least visible to their subjects; publicly encouraging their nation's brave refusal to submit to the Nazi yoke, and to somehow endure the unendurable horrors of the London Blitz.

Yet today, for whatever reasons, the Royals -- and particularly the Queen -- are noticeably absent from the scene. And this particular Yank can only wonder why?
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  1. WHO could take the Queesns place??
    Charles..?? Think Not..
    Harry.. not really...

    Unfortunately the line of succession is rather thin and may be a strong Civuilian Leader is what the Brits need now...

  2. My Dear Mr. Gardner,

    In answer to your question, I submit that Her Royal Majesty is busily accommodating the dark side (,,91211-1290551,00.html), Prince Charles is skipping hand-in-hand with Al Gore through their mutually funded geo-desic biodome, and the remainder of the Royal family is in detox. As for our boy Gordy Brown, he’s in Brussels smoking cigars (among other things) exchanging our national sovereignty for allegiance to the EU Treaty. In a word, HELP!



  3. British Royalty is window dressing, the last vestige of tradition, fading into the sunset and the Queen knows it. She dare not risk confirming that reality by taking a strident public stand on a vital and divisive issue.

    Prince Charles is part of the problem, not part of the solution, having paid insane compliments to Islam.

    Stick a fork in Britain, she's done.

  4. The Expensive British Inept Royal Family , reminds me of the current USA Inept Congress.. Can this bev the time to clean up the barn and invest money wasted on both in a new direction for Home Security and Individual freedoms???

  5. The real tragedy here is that the Queen could very easily rally Brits in the cause of saving their culture. But the result would be a huge constitutional crisis and very likely civil war.
    Me, I'd sooner see the land of my fathers go down that track, rather than the slide into degeneracy and surrender we're seeing right now.
    So--the Queen will stay silent and Britain will die.

  6. Thanks everyone for the great comments.
    And welcome to my site to my friend from Down under, KG. Thank you for your keen perspective.

  7. Very eloquently expressed, Roger.
    Churchill's parrot hits the nail on the head as well. I'm positive that I've heard rumors that Charles is toying with the whole Muslim thing. What a complete farce. As I would say about many of the politicians of the world, can't anybody just stand up for the love of the country and do the right thing?

  8. Thank you Aurora for your visit and for your thoughtful comment.

    I recently visited your great site and left a comment of my own, in which I said that you had a "good voice". I then looked over the rest of your site. I'd like to revise that comment now -- You do not have a "good voice", you have a tremendous, well-informed, passionate and powerful voice, and a very important site, and it's truly a pleasure to meet you. I can only regret that I didn't find your wonderful site sooner. But I intend to make up for lost time and visit more often.
    Welcome to Radarsite and have yourself a great day!
    Roger G.
    PS: I'm going to add your site on my sidebar honoring women bloggers. Of course, if you have any objections to this I'll remove it right away.

  9. To all of the above commenters:

    I actually sent this article to Queen Elizabeth II. If she replies I promise to let you all know.

    In the meantime thanks for taking the time to comment.