Thursday, January 17, 2008

The International Suicide Hotline

Published by Wake Up America - January 17, 2008

Who do you call when you see an entire civilization becoming suicidal?
Is there a Hotline number for this particular crisis?

Every day the reports coming in are getting more and more ominous. We are losing battle after battle. From Sweden, from Denmark, Germany and Italy, the bad news keeps coming. Whole sections of old historical European cities are under siege. Stockholm, Marseilles, entire rural communities north of Rome, the industrial cities of Northern England, all are rapidly becoming culturally unrecognizable.

And in the wake of this relentless Muslim tsunami the Socialist multiculturalist European governments are falling all over themselves to accommodate these seditious immigrants who despise everything that their democratic societies stand for. The barbarians move in and civilization retreats and the crime rate soars. And it's happening over and over again.

Every day we write about the latest international horror on our websites, every day we pour our impotent rage into this vast anonymous blogosphere, where it quickly dissipates into the ether. Every day we compose our passionate essays and our thought-provoking articles; we dutifully support our well-reasoned arguments with legions of statistics.

And every day the world moves closer and closer to the edge of the yawning chasm. Closer and closer to cultural oblivion.

Our whole civilized Judeo/Christian Western World, it seems, is in the thralls of some dark hypnotic medieval catharsis of self-flagellation. We have convinced ourselves that we are monstrous sinners, that we must atone for our monstrous sins by willingly participating in our complete and utter self-destruction. We have risen to our civilizational heights, we continually remind ourselves, by building our glorious empires on the broken corpses of the world's wretched and poor. Whatever good we have done for this world was either illusory or self-aggrandizing.

We eagerly cede the moral high ground to these backward brutes without debate. We pride ourselves on our ability to grovel before them, we smile in sweet subservience and ask them if there's anything more we can do. We honor their right to dishonor our laws and to undermine our traditional values and we call it enlightenment. We teach our children to despise us, and we pay our entertainers to humiliate us in front of the whole world.

Like all self-perceived failures, we look back nostalgically to those halcyon days of long ago. Those days of that so-called Greatest Generation, when we were a people united and all the world loved us.

But maybe that was all a dream. Maybe the world never really loved us after all. Maybe we're getting our memories all mixed up with our movies. Maybe they all just feared us, and needed us. Maybe...

To at least half of our fellow citizens we conservative bloggers are seen as nothing more than alarmists and propagandists, morose disciples of gloom and doom. For at least half of our fellow citizens 9/11 just didn't do it. The Munich Olympics didn't do it either, and Beirut didn't do it, Lockerby didn't do it, Madrid didn't do it, and the London bombings didn't do it, and on and on and on and on...

One can only ask: What the hell would do it?

How many more democratic Western cultures will have to be inundated and destroyed? How many more innocent people will have to die? How many more Western women will have to be gang-raped by unrepentant Muslim thugs? How many more multiculturalist city councils will meekly surrender to Islamist intimidation? How many more big traditional New Year's Eve celebrations will have to be called off for fear of Muslim retaliation?

Where will it all end?

Will our collective anguished cries merely dissipate into the ether?
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  1. What a brilliant site! Putting up a link at Crusader Rabbit.
    And the post below ("The Queen is Missing") is spot-on imho.

  2. Thanks KG and welcome aboard.
    I love the Aussies!
    And I loved your Mr. Howard, et al!

    You guys are in the middle of your own culture wars down there, aren't you? Good luck to all of you! We're watching and we're pulling for you.

    Please feel free to comment on Radarsite whenever you want to. You're always welcome here. After all, we're on the same team.

  3. You are giving into defeatism.

    The Muslims aren't ten feet tall and supermen! They are a sorry collection of ignorant barbarians who haven't won a stand up war against he West, since when?

    Indeed, it is Islam that is looking at the Crack of Doom and not the West.

  4. Hello Ronbo. Thank you for your comment.

    I admire your strength and enthusiasm, and I wish we had more of it. And I agree with your characterization of Muslims.

    However, unfortunately, they will not fight us in a "stand up" war. I only wish they would. I wish they would put on uniforms and meet us on the battlefield so that we could totally destroy them. This would be the war that I would choose.

    Unfortunately, this isn't the war I'm talking about. The war that I'm referring to is the immigration war going on right now throughout the Western World, the onslaught of immigrant Muslims from North Africa who are swarming across Europe and Britain and bringing their barbaric culture with them, an invasion we seem woefully incapable of handling.

    I spoke to the now-famous British blogger Lionheart on a Blog Talk Radio interview this past week (which I link to on my article about him), and I don't think he shares your dismissal of the potential of this Muslim threat -- or of seriousness of the West's cowardly collusion with these unwelcome immigrants.

    He has lost his business and his home and is in hiding because of these Muslims, who have all but taken over his own country.

    Believe me Ronbo, I wish that I was wrong and that you were right. But wishing won't make it so.

    I am not a defeatist. If I didn't think we could win I wouldn't keep fighting every day. But we do face a grave threat.

    As I said, I do appreciate your strength and your enthusiasm, but I'm afraid I can't agree with your
    appreciation of the threat we face.

    Thank you for taking the time to read my article, and please come back again.

  5. Another great article Roger. You make excellent points and I understand where you are coming from. But I think (or hope) that when push really comes to shove, we will stand up and defeat this enemy.

  6. Thank you Deb.
    As you know, I am certainly very far from being a "defeatist". I fight the good fight every day.

    What I meant to do in that article was to show what "defeatism" looks like and what it sounds like. How whole segments of our precious Western World have succumbed to this apparent cultural suicide.

    Sometimes it does seem as though our writing is powerless against this great tide of events, this Clash of Civilizations. Sometimes it does seem to me as though this wonderful civilized Western World of ours is hell bent on self-destruction.

    But, as I said to someone earlier today, it's like coping with a loved one who is determined to commit suicide. It's difficult. But you never give up on them. You keep on hoping that someday, sooner rather than later, they will come out of it and see the danger before them and choose to fight back and live.
    That's what I want. For us to come out of it and to choose to fight back and live.
    And that is not defeatism.

    I agree with you Deb, about our inherent ability to win. But, just as in the beginning stages of WWII, I hate to see us losing so many battles at the start of this great war. Battles that we could easily have won if we had just had the courage to truly identify our enemies and confront them -- both within and without this great nation of ours.

  7. Excellent article Roger!!! I believe you have very accurately expressed the ”impotent rage” many conservative bloggers feel. And we are part of the problem because we have bought into the same lies on some level or another. Otherwise I do believe that such rage would have already translated into more than just the catharsis of writing. We fool ourselves into believing that our writing is action when in fact ,we are only singing to our many tiny little choirs.

  8. My Dear Mr. Gardner,

    A masterful post! We concur with your observations and admire the eloquence with which you make them. We also disagree entirely with those who assert this is in any way a defeatist or useless effort.

    Awareness of what is happening throughout the West is needed more than anything else. This is what you and the rest of us hope to be providing. The subtle, creeping erosion of the West is more our own doing than the Islamists. They are merely the worms coming to feast on already rotting flesh. It is our culture to save or to let die. We can prevail. We will prevail, but we must continue to blog, to speak, to vote. Again I share with your readers the clarion call of Sir Winston Churchill: "We must never cease to proclaim in fearless tones the great principles of freedom and the rights of man which are the joint inheritance of the English-speaking world and which through Magna Carta, the Bill of Rights, the Habeas Corpus, trial by jury, and the English common law find their most famous expression in the American Declaration of Independence.”

    Mr. Gardner, you are doing this very thing!



  9. I came here from KG's.

    I don't subscribe to the idea - popular at the moment - that the blogosphere is an echo chamber of little relevance to the real world. On the contrary I think it is a place where we can form, challenge and hone ideas in order that we be more effective (and less likely to do more harm than good) in our daily lives.

    The left have been running the institutions in the west since the mid 70s. They have done a lousy job, because their ideas are stupid. Now that these corrupt institutions and ideas are being shown up as totally incapable of responding to a challenge from 7th troglodytes the left are flailing around in a fit of denial.

    If anything good comes of the challenge from the jihadis it be the resurgence of the conservative alliance, and the loss of the left's grip on our institutions. Our society can then reconnect with the 800 year heritage of liberty that is the west's.

  10. Every one of your comments are thoughtful and fascinating and I thank you all for coming here.
    Churchill"s Parrot -- Thank you once again for your invaluable support. I love reading your comments.

    To Brett McS -- thank you also for taking the time to read my article.
    I think sometimes perhaps I'm not as clear in my writing as I wish to be. There is a big difference between describing defeatism and discouragement and being discouraged or defeatist. I was attempting to illustrate the argument that the left uses in order to justify their cowardly capitulation to Islam.

    If you look over some of my other articles I think you'll better understand where I'm coming from.

    Finally, just to be absolutely clear -- I do NOT believe that what we do is an exercise in futility or I wouldn't keep doing it. I think that what we are doing is exciting and relevant and becoming more so every day.

    It's a little ironic actually -- I've been called all sorts of things because of my writing: racist, warmonger, bigot, white supremacist, KKK advocate, etc. -- but never until now a "defeatist".

    The important thing here though is the great amount of strength and optimism that's coming here from down under and elsewhere. This is why we admire our brave Aussie (or New Zealander) allies.

    Please keep visiting Radarsite. You are valued.

  11. I see me in your sidebar, thank you so much.

    Also thank you for the kind words and prayers for my husband, Tommy, after his heart attack. He is doing great and we still play to go home Monday, my friend.

  12. Like Brett MC_S, even though we might be seen as alarmists, I believe that it's the function of those at the extreme edges of the crowd to drag the whole sluggish herd back to the center. IF you get a chance, you ought to get hold of 'The Wisdom of Crowds'. It was then that I realized what we watchdog barkers at the gates of society are a really all about.

  13. ...I should say, it was after reading that book I realized what we watchdog barkers at the gates of society are really all about.

  14. p.s. I love the female bloggers sidebar, Roger. :)

  15. Thank you Roger for placing me in your female blogger’s sidebar. I’m still looking for a photo that won’t break you blog. Barb

  16. RoGeRbAbE! Hey! Look at you! how cool - Radar Site is fully crunk and essential intelligent weaponry in the new millenium.

    Thank you for sharing this - you are the poet for Great Satan's intelligentsia.

    Thank you also for the plug and for the prominent space you've given for GsGf.

    You are the reason I started blogging!

    RogErFaN #1990

  17. Roger, your place looks great - you've done a great job.

  18. Sorry Raoul, but you can't play in my backyard. You'll just have to go somewhere else.

  19. Great piece, as usual, thanks for the sidebar mention.

  20. I see you're are into screening the comments and only post the positive ones...figures. Typical conservative...

  21. Welcome back SF. And, no, I'm not going to delete you. And, yes, I hope I am a typical conservative.

    I can only wonder why, SF, if you really don't like this site you keep returning? If it is to set us all straight I'm afraid it's a lost cause.

    So far as commenting here at Radarsite is concerned, I will not delete someone for disagreeing with me, but this is quite plainly a conservative website, and if anyone comes on here merely to call me names then I certainly will delete them.

    It's my house and those are the rules.
    FYI: There have only been about three negative comments so far: one was crazy and two were yours.

  22. Great post and very well written. In Europe we are been led to into the abyss by our cretinous socialist rulers who seem to hate our culture. I hope that Americans do their duty to Western Civilisation this year and vote Republican. A socialist in the White House will be bad for us all. Long live the Anglosphere.

  23. God blessed well done, Roger!!! Burn your doubts and let the wind disperse their ashes.

    We can carry your wise words into the real world, by copying them and pasting them into emails.