Thursday, January 31, 2008

Blips on the Screen: 31 Jan 08

City of Berkeley bans Marines

Read Snooper's article here:

Read the full MAF press release here:

Latest update at Wake Up America:


  1. hi there~!.Imagining indicting our precious troops..does it get sicker than that?

  2. Thank you WHT. No, it doesn't get any sicker than that. It's outrageous and disgusting and must be dealt with. From what I've heard so far, McCain is the only one to have weighed in out it.

    Incidentally, being as you're the first to respond, I should explain that this "Blip on the Screen" is going to be a new feature here now at Radarite. I intend to run a new one every other day or so, something that catches my attention from the news that day, then link to an article that someone else has written about it.

    The title "Blip", however, is certainly not meant to diminish the importance of any of these stories (like this first one).

    Thanks again WHT for being the first to respond.

  3. What comes around goes around and one can only smile when we see that 27 million gallons of sewage spilled into their bay waters.

    Sorry to the other Californians, but perhaps YOU should take a ride and go show the Marines that you support them against the Berkeley morons.

  4. LOLOL! You're not the only one who thought about the righteousness of Mother Nature!

  5. I read about this elsewhere Roger, that blogger was of the opinion that all armed forces, police, national guard, etc should be pulled out of Berkley and let them learn from the consequences of their frivolous stupidity.

    No nation or people should be able to spurn it's protectors in such a fashion and even hope to get away with it.