Sunday, December 9, 2007

An announcement to my visitors

Beginning November 25, 2007, I will be contributing to Susan Duclos' great conservative website Wake Up America.

I also post at ChronWatch Reader's Forum:
Previously, I had been writing for Political Grind.

Thanks for stopping by,
Roger W. Gardner


  1. OK. Looks like I am the first to comment here so, to follow suit with the previous first timer, I will leave a "nasty one".

    Trounce ALL trolls when the paths cross.

    Kill ALL Jihadim before they kill ALL of us.

  2. And we are proud to have you with us!!!!!!

    I will add another golden rule to Snoopers... NEVER let stupidity go unanswered, lest it be the last thing someone sees on your site.

  3. Glad to read all your posts, Roger. It's always educational.

    Your friend
    Right Truth