Monday, February 3, 2014

St Marks Episcopal Church in Seattle: Marching Against Israel

Gary Fouse

Hat tip The Mike Report

In December 2012, we reported on the annual Muslim Public Affairs Council conference, which was held at All Saints Episcopal Church in Pasadena. It was there that head pastor, Ed Bacon, wailed on about the history of Christianity being littered with acts of evil listing the Crusades, Holocaust, and-get this- "evangelical Zionism".

Of course, not a word was said about Muslim persecution of Christians in virtually every Islamic land on the planet. Not a word was said about the 600,000-700,000 Jews driven out of Arab lands from 1948-1950. Nor were many words wasted on the human rights records of Israel's neighbors.

Now comes this report from The Mike Report on St Mark's Cathedral in Seattle, another Episcopal church that marches against Israel on behalf of the Palestinian activists. It is noted that some of the same speakers at St Marks have spoken down here at UC Irvine (Omar Barghouti, Cindie Corrie and Miko Peled).

At a time when Christians and Jews should be standing together, it pains me to see organized churches and entire religious denominations (Presbyterian Church USA) trying to destroy the Jewish state. Though mere criticism of Israel is not necessarily anti-Semitic, when you ignore the transgressions of Israel's neighbors while harping on Israel's faults, there is only one conclusion to draw.

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