Monday, February 10, 2014

Nonie Darwish Speaks Out on our Troubling Immigration Policy

Gary Fouse



Nonie Darwish, an Egyptian-American apostate from Islam, has written the below article for Frontpage Magazine, in which she criticizes President Obama's policies toward the Middle East and, in particular, our immigration policy. She points out that Egyptian Christians are having problems getting their applications approved at the same time that a new policy has been issued that loosens restrictions for those found to have "provided limited material support" to terrorists.


What I miss here is the reference in the title of bringing immigrants into red  (Republican) states, but it could very well be the case. Refugee groups like Somalis have been settled in places like Minneapolis, Denver, and other cities. If Obama wants to change the demographics in red states, what easier way to do it?  

"What is also strange is the US State Department is not welcoming fleeing Christians in the Middle East as they should. Most of the visa applications submitted by the desperate and oppressed Egyptian Christians are denied. It was reported that only about 800 to 900 applications were approved by the US for Christian Egyptian immigrants out of 20,000 applications."

Outrageous. Can we expect the same hurdles for Jews trying to immigrate from Europe? It simply defies common sense. The administration  is trying to open the floodgates for Muslims from terror-spawning nations even in the wake of 9-11 and the Boston Marathon attack while neglecting the persecuted Christians. What's more, we are also increasing the numbers of people who will become agitators for groups like CAIR, more radical Middle East Studies professors, more imams to preach Wahhabi Islam in our mosques and more agitators against our ally Israel on college campuses.

Downright stupefying.

Make no mistake. This policy will result in the deaths of more innocent Americans down the road when one (or more) of these favored immigrants will carry out an act of Jihad on our streets. It borders on criminal negligence.

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