Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Is Norways Anders Breivik an ideological neo-nazi and not anti-jihad as claimed?

(Picture - The 69 victims of the Utoya island slaughter)

There is an obscure post claiming that Breivik has admitted that in truth he is a neo-nazi who in reality despises Jews contrary to the "2830"manifesto, and that the manifesto was tailored specifically to damage the 'counter-jihad' movement.

I do not believe he wrote the manifesto and whoever did write the manifesto knew how to write it from an inside view in an attempt to cause the most damage.  Wolves in sheeps clothing.

Thank God Breivik was not shot dead that day in July 2011 because the truth may never (have) come to light.

It is a major development in the on-going case if this turns out to be true and there are other blogs out there stating this is now fact.

I'll reserve comment until confirmed to be true by the media.

Norway interview 2011 - Paul Ray


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