Thursday, January 9, 2014

Genocide is Returning-and We Are Silent

Gary Fouse

Hat tip Act for America and Debra

The below article is from Act for America. It is written by Guy Bechor and describes what is happening to the dwindling Christian communities in Muslim lands.

Genocide: The Vanishing Christian Communities of the Middle East

By Dr. Guy Bechor
(Translation from Hebrew: Avishai Zonnenberg, Arik Klein)

The numbers are truly staggering: In Iraq of 2003, until the fall of Sadam Hussein, there were 1.5 million Christians, but today there are only 250,000, that means that 1.25 million have migrated, killed or been forced to become Muslims. In Syria of just three years ago there were 1.75 million Christians, out of whom 450,000 have already left, and the rate of the ethnic cleansing is only growing.

This means that by the end of this decade there will be no more Christian Arabs in the Levant meaning the northern east of the Middle East. In the space that is becoming “Salafi” and violent, there is no place for the Christian Arabs, and they are being forcedly exiled.

This phenomenon is happening in full force at the Palestinian Authority, and if in Bethlehem there where once 90% Christians, today it is already 65% Muslims. The tradition is that the mayor is Christian despite the Muslim majority, but the female mayor is facing harsh persecution, including by the “Fatah” movement.

The day in which there will be no more Christian Arabs in the Palestinian authority is getting close, and according to estimates there are only a few tens of thousands left. In the day to day of the Hamas, Salafis and the Jihad, they have no existence, and they migrate, many to South America, where they already have large communities.

In Hamas's Gaza, out of 2,500 Christians there are only few hundreds left, the rest have escaped or have been forced to become Muslims. If one day there will be an independent “Palestinian” territory, the Christians will be the first to pay the price, especially after the Salafis will start to take over the control there, and it is only a matter of time, as it is in the entire Middle East.

The Christian were promoted at the National Arab Movement, they were the leaders of the Pan-Arab movement; with the Hamas they were tolerated, but the Salafis are brutally exterminating them. In the Shari'a ruled state, the Christians have no place.

In Egypt nearly nine million are Coptic Christians (one tenth), and the estimate is that a quarter of a million have already migrated since the fall of Mubarak, and the rest are suffering persecutions, murders, violence, robbery and looting. They are in grave condition, and the reality is that there are no consequences for hurting them.

In Lebanon there are still about one million Christians (according to a survey published this year), but they are in deep despair, some of them are under the protection of the Shiite Hezbollah state. Do they really have any hope?

Oddly, in a year when the Pope is elected “Man of the Year,” there is no cry about the amazing ethnic cleansing being done to his flock, as well as nothing from the west. United State has murmured something, and that was it.

As for Israel this silence has few conclusions: while the new anti-Semites are busy condemning Israel, proposing resolutions and banning Israel, they are saying nothing about the real massacre and the forced exile taking place here, there is no limit for the hypocrisy. Where are the human rights movements, in the face of this Christians free Middle East being created here?

The second conclusion is for us in Israel: this silence is a warning that if G-d forbids Israel will one day be weakened, the extremists will do us much worse, and no one in the world would really help. In the violent and Salafi Middle East, there is no place for Christians, which did not know how to prepare on time, or the Jews.

Luckily for the latter in the Jewish state they are strong and deterring, now it is clear how important it is to have a Jewish state, as the only place in the Middle East left, that is not Muslim.

Now a word for the Christian communities around the world: if one day the sovereignty over the holy places in Jerusalem will be held solely by the Palestinian Authority, in a short time the religious war that is taking place in the entire Arab world will erupt here as well, and neither Jews nor Christians will be allowed access anymore to their holly sites, as it is happening in Syria, in the places sacred for the Christians.

Only under Jewish sovereignty the freedom of religion will be kept, and the proof is – only in one place in the entire Middle East do the Christian Arabs get freedom of religion as well as equality, and that is in Israel, and so for the first time, we see young Christian Arab citizens, wanting to join in alliance with the Jewish State. They already know that no one will be waiting for them out there, in the cold Christian winter. 


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Fousesquawk comment: As we speak President Obama's Middle East policy is in shambles. Yet we have a secretary of State, John Kerry, running around the Middle East trying desperately to accomplish three things:

1 Get Iran to stop its nuclear weapons program. (His recent "agreement" indicates he is not succeeding.)

2 Get the Israelis and Palestinians to sign a peace treaty. (Not likely)

3. Get the various factions in Syria to stop fighting. (No end in sight).

Yet, one thing Kerry is not doing is trying to ameliorate the desperate situation for Arab Christians. I should concede that perhaps, behind the scenes, he is raising the issue with Arab leaders. If that is the case, it is not good enough. 

For this is not an issue to discuss behind closed doors. Obama, Kerry, and our UN ambassador should be screaming to high heavens about this issue, as should the UN,  EU, the Pope, and everybody else. Instead, we have silence. Not only that, we have Christian leadership, such as the Presbyterian Church USA aligning itself with the Palestinians against Israel. This is beyond shameful.

I have said over and over that for Jews in Europe, it is the 1930s all over again. What shall we say about Christians in virtually iany Islamic land on the planet? If you want to make a corollary, let us take Nazi Germany once again. In  November 1938, the Nazi leaders unleashed their goons (the SA) upon the Jews of Germany in what we called Kristallnacht. From then on, it was open season on the Jews. How many years before the Nazis began murdering Jews? Less than 7 years after Kristallnacht, it was all over. Six million Jews dead.

In Egypt, over 80 churches have been burned since Mohammed Morsi was overthrown. It has been done in retaliation by the followers of the Muslim Brotherhood, the very people our administration wants returned to power. In Syria, the rebels whom we support, are attacking Christians when they are not fighting Assad's troops. It is happening in Libya, Sudan, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, Nigeria, and on and on.

We are facing the prospect of a genocide of Christians in the Middle East and other Muslim countries, and we say nothing because we don't want to offend the Muslim world and be called, "Islamophobic"? Meanwhile, here at home, we allow ourselves to be intimidated by the likes of CAIR as they cry about "Islamophobia". They should be thankful that they live in a civilized country where we don't persecute religious minorities as their brethren do back in the old countries. CAIR and all the other so-called mainstream organizations should start speaking out as Americans against the horrors that are happening in the Middle  East, Pakistan, Iran etc.

But I digress. It has to start with our political and religious leaders, and it must be done publicly, loud and clear.

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