Monday, December 23, 2013

Susan Rice Calls Benghazi "False Controversy"

Gary Fouse

National Security Adviser Susan Rice went on 60 minutes and told Lesley Stahl that Benghazi was a "false controversy", which she doesn't have time to think about.

Where does one begin? A US ambassador and three other embassy employees murdered by an attack on our consulate. Pleas for help denied during the attack. A false narrative about what the attack was all about. Subsequent revelations about previous requests for more security denied by the State Department. Survivors held incognito. Lies before Congress. A president and secretary of state who were missing in action.

And this woman has the gall to call this "a false controversy". How dare she? I want her to look the families of the four killed in that attack and tell them that this is a "false controversy."

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