Saturday, December 28, 2013

DOJ Charges "Knockout" Hate Crime

Gary Fouse

It was so predictable. After a wave of "knockout" incidents in East Coast cities by blacks  targeting whites and Jews, the Eric Holder Justice Department has charged a 27-year-old white thug for carrying out a similar crime against a 79 year-old-black man.

Let me be clear: I have no sympathy whatsoever for Conrad Barrett, the man charged with carrying out the crime. Depending on his previous record, I hope he gets a long term in prison to think about his deed.

Yet the obvious question must be asked: Why now? Why hasn't the Justice Department stepped in in all these previous cases which involved black on white "knockout" assaults? Aside from whites in general, Jews have been specifically targeted. Where was the Justice Department?

The conclusion that must be drawn is that this Justice Department does not consider black on white assaults to be hate crimes no matter how clear it is they were racially motivated. Thus, only certain "victim groups" are protected. That apparently does not include whites or Jews (the largest victim group among religiously-motivated hate crimes according to the last several years of FBI statistics). Can we add Asians to that mix? In recent years, there have been many complaints of Asian students being assaulted in Philadelphia schools by black students.

It is undeniably true that blacks were routinely victimized by violence at the hands of whites up until a few decades ago in the South. It was wrong then, and it is just as wrong now when blacks target whites for assault. Furthermore, as we become an increasingly diverse population, and whites are transitioning from being the majority to only a plurality among several groups of "people of color" (a fashionable term that is used to divide us), the rationale for only recognizing particular ethnic groups as perpetrators or victims becomes less justifiable. Hate is wrong and acting out on that hate is wrong.

If we are going to have hate crimes on the books, then they must be applied equally across the board. We can not expect that from Eric Holder and his Justice Department.

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