Sunday, March 1, 2020

Bernie's Funding Dreams

Gary Fouse

Up until recently I have not been watching the Democrat debates. Then, last week, I watched the last hour or so of the debate in Nevada. It was then I realized that this was fun! So I made a point to sit dumbfounded through the South Carolina debate a few days ago. Now this is entertainment.

There were so many high points I can't remember them all. There was Joe Biden pounding his chest and telling everybody that 150 million people (in the US) had died by guns since 2007 and how he and Barack (Obama) stopped the Ebola virus dead in its tracks. To someone out there he pointed his finger and stated, "I'm coming for ya". And there was the classic claim (later refuted) that he had been arrested in Soweto, South Africa attempting to see Nelson Mandela in prison at Robbins Island).Tom Speyer announced that on Day One (of his presidency) he would declare a national emergency (on the Corona virus). There was Elizabeth Warren  saying she would "work with our allies and use every tool in our toolbox". Translation? She has no idea what she would do.Virtually everybody on stage devoted time to pandering to the largely African-American voting block in South Carolina.

That brings me to Bernie Sanders.

Aside from defending his proposed budgets and quibbling about how many hundreds of trillions of dollars it would cost, he also-out of the blue-announced that he was going to "provide funding for African-Americans, Hispanic-Americans, and Native Americans to open legal marijuana dispensaries and keep them out of the hands of the big corporations."


Now Bernie Sanders is a lot of things (including being a Marxist), but I don't think he is racist. But my questions to Mr Sanders are these: How and why did you make the connection between the above three groups and selling legal marijuana? Is that all you think of their abilities? Is that your key to revitalizing the inner cities- by flooding them with marijuana?  Maybe I am missing something, but isn't this akin to Planned Parenthood having so many of its facilities in the inner cities? I'm not saying that the current directors of PP are consciously trying to reduce the black population-even though that was definitely the intent of Margaret Sanger, the founder of PP's predecessor agency.

But I digress. Back to Sanders.

Bernie Sanders may be a joke, but he is the most dangerous man on the stage. His ideas are befuddled and the opposite of what is good for this country. When you consider all his past statements about socialism, Cuba, Nicaragua, etc, you really have to wonder what's going on in that mind of his. This is a man who has defended the Castro regime in Cuba. This is a man who took his honeymoon in the former Soviet Union. This is a man who has seen the bread lines and actually defended them!
And this is the man who now promises to provide tax payer funding to minorities to open marijuana clinics (whether they want to or not I am guessing).

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