Monday, January 18, 2016

Parliament Debates Banning Trump From UK

Gary Fouse

Hat tip Gateway Pundit

The British Parliament is debating whether Donald Trump should be banned from the UK over his call for suspending Muslim immigration to the US. (It is up to the Home Secretary to take such action.)  It's the silly season in Britain.

Then we have MP Tulip Siddiq, who talks about increasing tensions between "vulnerable communities". Gateway Pundit has a video clip of Ms Siddiq's words about Trump.

I have news for Ms Tulip. The entire British community is vulnerable. That was shown on July 7, 2005 when Muslim terrorists, British subjects all, set off bombs in London killing 52 and wounding 700. Britain is vulnerable because it has a dangerous Muslim community that has been largely radicalized in the mosques, a community that has contributed several hundred ISIS terrorists in Iraq and Syria including the infamous head-chopper, Jihadi John. When you have scum like Anjem Choudary leading mobs screaming about burning down Buckingham Palace and beheading those who criticize Islam, you have a vulnerable country. A vulnerable community was Rotherham, where young girls were being sexually groomed for prostitution and forced sex by gangs of Pakistani Muslims.

And here they are debating whether to allow Donald Trump into their collapsing country? I can think of a lot of Brits that should be banned from the US. Choudary is first on the list. Another would be that clown in the red spandex suit, George Galloway, a former MP who is running for mayor of London. (That would be the worst calamity to hit London since Jack the Ripper.)

If Trump does become president, what happens if Britain suffers another 7-7-05? Maybe it will be much worse. Maybe they will call President Trump for help.

Maybe President Trump will hang up on them.

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