Sunday, December 6, 2015

Obama's Address to the Nation: Nothing New

Gary Fouse

It was fitting that President Obama said something to the nation after the San Bernardino attacks. This was the worst Islamic attack since 9-11  in terms of deaths. After virtually years of disengagement, he had to come out and say something. The problem is he said nothing new.

Obama told us of all the things we are doing in concert with the mysterious coalition of 65 countries. The problem is that what he is doing has proved ineffectual. He talked about taking out ISIS oil tankers. The fact of the matter is that we have refrained from attacking oil wells and trucks controlled by ISIS due to-get this- environmental concerns. After all, if we blow up an oil well, it might contribute to (gasp) Climate Change.

Obama also mentioned getting the Turks to close their border with Syria. Really? The Turkish-Syrian border is wide open because Turkey wants to buy oil controlled by ISIS, and of course, Western fighters heading to Iraq or Syria to join ISIS transit through Turkey-a country that is supposed to be a NATO ally.

So what it all comes down to is business as usual. We are conducting air strikes-except that most of our bombers return to base without dropping their bombs due to the Commander in Chief's insistence that there be no civilian casualties.

Of course, the President wants to crack down on gun sales so that the next victims will be unarmed when terror strikes in an American city. He asked why should people on a no-fly list be allowed to buy guns. Fair enough except I would ask why people on a no-fly list are walking around our country to begin with, and what about those reports that DHS actually has a couple of dozen employees who are on the no-fly list?

Go figure.

Finally, it was right and proper that the President warned Americans not to react against innocent American Muslims, but it should be noted that since 9-11, the American people have shown remarkable restraint with a few minor exceptions. We know how not to blame innocent people for the crimes of others.

That notwithstanding, the President needs to understand that there are threats roaming around in our country, and those threats will increase dramatically if he goes through with his plans to admit refugees from the Syrian war. We simply do not know who these people are. Though Tashfeen Malik was not a refugee, her admittance into the US shows that our immigration system is not functioning.

All in all, it was a disappointing speech by the President, but it was totally expected. He is driven by a radical leftist ideology that is hurting this country greatly.

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