Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Planned Parenthood Official: "I Want a Lamborghini"

Gary Fouse

The Center for Medical Progress, a pro-life group, has just released a second undercover video with another top Planned Parenthood official. In this video, Dr. Mary Gatter discusses the sale of fetal tissue. This tape is just as shocking as the first released by CMP. It also contradicts a statement just issued by PP president Cecile Richards that PP does not profit in any way from fetal tissue.


Regardless of where you stand on the abortion issue, these tapes have to make you sick. Where have we come as a society where we have this organization, which receives millions of dollars from the government, can show such crass indifference to the babies they are aborting? These people can sit there over lunch and discuss what parts of a baby to crush and how much certain organs or tissue will cost. This is Nazi-like thinking.

Exaggerating am I? Contrast this with images of Joseph Mengele at Auschwitz taking twins off of box-cars to conduct experiments on them at Auschwitz. Contrast this with the Nazi euthanasia of the mentally disabled and forced abortions on the disabled, feeble-minded, Jews and Gypsies.

And you know what? The main reason the Nazis built the gas chambers at places like Auschwitz was that the psychological stress was becoming too much on the ordinary German soldiers, who were herding Jews en masse into ditches and shooting them by the hundreds. People like Heinrich Himmler recognized that they were producing soldiers who were being destroyed psychologically and turned into alcoholics to drown their guilt. That was also why they used prisoners to do the dirty work of herding the Jews into the gas chambers, cremating the bodies and disposing of the ashes.

Dr Gatter should have asked for a Mercedes Benz instead of a Lamborghini.

This is a classic example of how this nation began to lose its soul when Roe vs Wade was passed. Now we have doctors stuffing their faces with salad and asking for refills of their wine as they casually describe how they "did" a "17-weeker" that very morning.

If you want to argue that abortion is a right and a necessity, be my guest. Then explain to me why Planned Parenthood is deserving of government (tax-payer) funding.

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