Monday, November 17, 2014

US - UK hostage strategy in the spotlight

I know some of the background information to the David Bolam case which includes corrupt Foreign Office 'officials' profiteering from the sale of his hostage video to British newspapers, all hushed up with a news blackout.

My contact 'ripped off' by multiple British newspapers for all the hard-work he put into the case to help Bolam's release. A research fee is the least the corrupt 'official' profiteers should pay when 3rd parties oblige their time, energy and resources to work towards helping those who the Government of the day have officially sold out.

A section of the public school boys in MI6 and associated civil servant departments have not done so well with their hostage strategy with ISIS and Jihadi John. All dead captives bar 1 and all the families criticising their handling of the cases of their loved ones who have all been murdered by public beheading.

Who is going to be held to account over the Governments complete and utter failings in this hostage crisis?

I would hope that the families of the dead all now want answers from their Government over their handling of the cases of their loved ones, and no longer act like subservient people.  Look how that ended up.  The facts speak for themselves.

There is an evidence trail to the scandalous profiteering over the plight of David Bolam.

You would not even know who David Bolam is if I had not broken the mainstream media blackout of his case and then his subsequent release.  Thankfully he has now been freed contrary to the Governments 'official' strategy.  All ISIS hostages had a media blackout on their cases for over 2 years and Bolam would have been no different and would now most probably be still be sitting in a British Government sanctioned black-hole.

No one even had the courtesy to buy me a coffee for my involvement which is gratitude for you.

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