Sunday, July 29, 2012

DOJ's Thomas Perez on the Hot Seat

Gary Fouse

Hat tip MRC-TV and Vlad Tepes.

Thomas Perez
Asst. Attorney General

This week, Justice Department Asst. Attorney General Thomas Perez testified before a House Constitution Committee. Perez is one of Eric Holder's top henchmen in DOJ and is a driving force behind many of the Department's questionable activities. In this exchange, Trent Franks (R-AZ) asked him about whether DOJ would consider any legislation against speech critical of any religion. Vlad Tepes has posted Perez's lack of a response.

Of course, this exchange comes in light of efforts by the 56-member Organization of Islamic Cooperation, the largest voting bloc in the UN, to have a resolution passed that would call on all nations to criminalize speech that "defames" religion. Of course, the OIC really only cares about one religion since many, if not most, if not all of their own countries persecute religious minorities (which goes way beyond "defaming").

To our American ears, this would seem laughable given our First Amendment. Yet, with this current administration and Justice Department in office, Perez's previous endorsement of the OIC agenda (see link), as well as the fact that Hillary Clinton has already held two closed-door meetings with the OIC on this very issue, it seems that Rep. Franks' question is pertinent. I should add that Rep. Franks is one of the few in Washington who has spoken out on these dangers.

Perez, in typical Holder DOJ fashion, is evasive and cannot answer a simple yes or no question. He knows exactly what the issue is. I take his evasion as further proof that this administration and this Justice Department would love to find a way to silence their opposition.

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