Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Day Two at UC Irvine Hate Week-Amir Abdel Malik Ali

Gary Fouse

On Tuesday, May 8, Amir Abdel Malik Ali once again was brought back to the UC Irvine campus by the Muslim Student Association to spew his message of hate and radicalism. On his previous visit in 2010, he acknowledged that he was a supporter of Hamas, Hezbollah and Islamic Jihad. He then closed by telling the Jewish audience members, “You Jews. Y’all the new Nazis!”
This day, Ali gave his typical rambling speech filled with invective. One must understand that while Ali is a dynamic and fiery speaker, he has no introduction, body or conclusion. He also buys into countless conspiracies. Today, he tried to cover every ill of the world in one 40 minute speech. Early in the speech he referred to Mark Yudof (University of California president) as a “Zionist Jew”, as he railed against Yudof for a recent letter he sent out on a series of racially-religiously tainted incidents on UC campuses. Yudof’’s sin was that he didn’t mention any Islamophobic incidents. (Here’s a secret; there weren’t any.)

Of course, Ali railed against Israel and all the “oppression” committed against the Palestinians. (Oppression is one of Ali’s favorite words.) He also railed against his own country, the US, with mocking references to Uncle Sam. In one of his many newly-discovered conspiracies, Ali talked about how the next military battlefield is going to be Africa. He mentioned Libya, Sudan and Uganda then made this incredible statement: According to Ali, President Obama is already “in” as far as re-election is concerned. Why? Because there is no way America would start bombing Africa with a white man as president.

The fix is in, folks.

Of course, there were fleeting references to other issues of the day like Trayvon Martin (it’s all connected, you see) and the always obligatory Irvine 11, who “did the right thing” (by disrupting the speech of the Israeli ambassador to the US at UCI in 2010. And there was this:

Latinos are native Americans too and California is Mexico del Norte.

The US ended Prohibition because the government wanted Americans drunk so they would not rise up during the Depression.

Somewhere after the halfway point, Ali indicated he was into his conclusion. I learned years ago that means nothing. Ali then proceeded to wander into other new information until the moderator brought him the “hook” note that he was running out of time.

In my question to Ali (Q and A), I noted how ironic it was that the MSU always began their events with preamble in which they disclaim any racial or religious bias-specifically against members of the Jewish faith-then they bring in a speaker like Ali who has a long history of inflammatory statements on the UCI campus. I noted that in previous years, he had referred to Rahm “Israel”Emanuel, David Axelrod and Rupert Murdoch as “Zionist Jews” “Rupert Murdoch-straight up Zionist Jew” (His words, I noted.) Now he calls Mark Yudof a “Zionist Jew”. I told Ali that he had done nothing to bring Christians, Jews and Muslims together nor blacks and whites. I told him that he was an anti-Semite who hated his own country. Directing my words to the MSU in the audience I told them that they “owned” Ali when they sponsored him as a speaker. “He is your speaker” and asked (when pressed to ask a question) how they can disclaim anti-Semitism when they bring Ali to campus. (I am paraphrasing from memory, but I will be able to post a complete video of this event in the next few days.)

Ali’s response was predictable. He always made a distinction between Jews and Zionist Jews. “Not all Jews are Zionists and not all Zionists are Jews”. (he obviously forgot his closing comment at the 2010 event);

"You Jews. Y'all the new Nazis!"

So much for the moderation of the UCI-MSU, and so much for the hollow assurances of the misguidedOlive Tree Initiative crowd that the OTI has made the campus situation better.

Here is the YouTube video (hat tip to Joe).

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