Saturday, October 1, 2011

Who is "Getting Soft", Mr President?

Gary Fouse

So President Obama thinks we are getting soft, does he?

And perhaps a bit of malaise too?

If we are getting soft, it is because many Americans have bought into Obama's ideal of a socialistic society with bailouts and extended unemployment benefits, union give-a-aways and such designed to increase the dependence of people on Big Government.

In Obama's world view, everyone would be dependent on central government to provide the basic necessities of life and more. Those who have succeeded through their own talents and hard work are excoriated as being rich and selfish people who need to pay more taxes so wealth can be evenly distributed to others.

We have already seen this in Europe, haven't we? In Western Europe, ever since the end of the Second World War, Europeans have built a socialist society built around vacations every August and protected by American military might. Meanwhile, Eastern Europeans lived under the thumb of big central governments, while said governments lived under the thumb of Moscow. Both experiments failed miserably as the Western Europeans are just learning.

A few years ago, a German friend told me that the old, stereotyped fleissige Deutscher (industrious, diligent German) was a thing of the past. That is what socialism has accomplished.

That is also what Obama's ideal world view is doing to America. Do you see what is happening to American can-do and initiative? That is what Obama is working to make a thing of the past. What's the point of being industrious, diligent or having initiative if government is going to provide you with everything and take away any "excess" money you make?

Aside from the obvious example of our military, what is the biggest force that is not getting soft? That would be the much excoriated Tea Party that the Obamanites love to condemn.

Obama's latest statement is another example of how he refuses to accept any blame for his actions. He blames others. He blames the opposition.

He blames us.

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