Friday, September 2, 2011

Operation Fast and Furious-An Open Letter to Sen. Grassley and Rep. Issa

Gary Fouse

The below letter was sent to the addressees this morning.

September 2, 2011

Dear Senator Grassley
Dear Representative Issa

Re: Operation Fast and Furious

I am writing to you as a retired Drug Enforcement Agent. For 25 years, I served as a US Customs agent and DEA agent from 1970-1995. I was and still am very proud to be associated with both agencies. During my career, I also had opportunities to work with the ATF, an agency I had great respect for. Yet, I am very disturbed over the allegations set forth in regards to Operation Fast and Furious. I feel that this scandal has brought disgrace to federal law enforcement. Though I have no personal knowledge of the matter, as a retired federal agent, I would like to share my perceptions with you both as you strive to do your job.

First of all, were DEA to conduct an operation that involved monitoring the purchase and shipment of large quantities of drugs into the traffic without intercepting those drugs and making arrests, such an operation would never have originated at the field level. It would surely have originated and been approved at the highest levels in Washington and most likely within the US Justice Department. Common sense tells me that the inspiration for this operation came at the highest political levels of the Justice Department.

For what insane reason would such an operation be carried out involving enforcement agents performing what was essentially an intelligence operation? Keep in mind, I am no NRA member or Second Amendment fanatic. I no longer even possess a firearm. Yet, common sense once again tells me that this had to do with a political intent of corroborating the claim that 80% of guns involved in Mexican shootings originated in the US and reining in guns in general. That buttresses my belief that this goes all the way to the Attorney General and even the White House, but I’ll leave it at that. You have already uncovered White House knowledge of Fast and Furious.

As a retired agent, I can tell you that when a DEA agent is killed in the line of duty, the entire DEA family comes together from the Administrator on down. The agent’s family and their wishes are taken care of. That is why I find the reactions of DHS Director Janet Napolitano and Border Patrol head Alan Bersin so hard to fathom. Where is their outrage that two of their agents have been killed with weapons connected to Fast and Furious? Why are they not pounding on the Attorney General’s desk and President Obama’s desk demanding answers? Where is their outrage that the US Attorney’s Office in Phoenix, which was clearly connected to the operation, refused to grant victim status to Agent Terry’s family? Why have they not come to the family’s aid in this matter? Why are they not publicly speaking out and protesting about this entire mess?

In addition, I served two tours of duty with DEA overseas (Thailand and Italy). I can tell you that this case represents a major diplomatic incident between two countries. In this case, Mexico is clearly the aggrieved party. How many of their own people and agents have been killed with these weapons? For that reason, I question why our Secretary of State isn’t making any statements and demanding answers. If any of these people had any honor, they would resign in protest and go public demanding answers. Indeed, it appears that several government agencies had their hands in this operation including, regrettably, my own DEA.

It is for that reason that I am writing to express support for your efforts to uncover the truth and not allow this matter to die. No less than the honor of our federal law enforcement agencies is at stake. The ATF agents who have come forth must be saluted and protected, for they represent the true face of federal law enforcement.

I am writing this letter to you both as an open letter, which I am posting on my blog (Fousesquawk-, on which I have been following developments in this case. I thank you for your attention and congratulate you on pressing on with this investigation.


Gary Fouse
(DEA Retired)

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