Monday, August 1, 2011

Alan Dershowitz on Norway

Gary Fouse

Last year, some young British twit named Ben White came to UC Irvine to speak against Israel. During the Q and A, I took him to task for having earlier written that the Palestinians had a long tradition of non-violent protest (as if the Palestinians had a long tradition of anything). As I sat down, White said something about my remarks being "right out of the Alan Dershowitz playbook".

Let me be clear; I am no fan of Alan Dershowitz. To me, he will always be one of the lawyers who got OJ Simpson off on a murder rap he was clearly guilty of. He also got some Danish aristocrat named Claus von Bulow off after he (von Bulow) poisoned his wife with an insulin injection putting her in a permanent coma. (She lived in a vegetative state until dying in 2008.)

I do side with Dershowitz on certain issues, however. Therefore, I am cross-posting his recent take on the Norway massacre in

I don't know why Israel doesn't kick the Norwegian ambassador out of the country and recall their own ambassador. Who needs friends like Norway? The Norwegians, like most of the rest of Scandinavia, are so politically-correct that they have blinded themselves as to good and evil.

Why does it take yet another pro-Israel commentator to point out that the work of Anders Breivik is abhorred by everyone? Why does it take someone like Dershowitz to explain to the Norwegians that terror and murder against innocents is evil no matter who does it? Why is it that so many in Europe are willing to turn a blind eye to anti-Semitic hatred after the historical lesson of the Holocaust, when so many European countries watched the Nazis round up their their Jewish citizens and pack them off to the death camps?

And while I'm on the subject, maybe we should reconsider our own involvement in NATO given their joke of a performance in Libya without us putting our own boots on the ground. Why do you think all these western European countries have been able to build up their massive welfare states? It's because they have had to spend next to nothing on their own defense with the US providing the umbrella protecting them from the Soviet Union. Let the Europeans provide for their own defense since they don't see the threat of radical Islam in their own back yards. If we are looking to cut spending and save money for ourselves, maybe we should concentrate on own defense and let others fend for themselves. For too long now we have allowed the Europeans to bite the hand that has saved them from Nazism, helped them rebuild their shattered nations and protected them from communism. Let them run NATO without us. If they really think that the US and Israel are the biggest problems and obstacles to blissful peace with the oil producing Arab states, then let them consummate their marriage with that hostile immigrant presence that spits in their face, harasses their remaining Jewish citizens, and demands that they change their very culture to accommodate them.

And to think the Norwegian ambassador to Israel has the gall to blame Israel for Palestinian terrorism.

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