Saturday, August 28, 2010

Rauf "Off-Mic"

Gary Fouse

Hat tip to Atlas Shrugs

Atlas Shrugs has posted a fascinating audiotape of a conversation between Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf and radio host Mark Sommer in June 2006. The discussion was caught on tape on Sommer's radio show, "A World of Possibilities". It begins at the conclusion of the interview when both speakers assumed the mic was off.

It was not.

The tape runs about 13 minutes, but is well worth it. It gives an insight into Rauf's true agenda. Listen carefully to Rauf's analogies with football.

Let's cut beyond the soft-spoken style of Rauf's words and analyze them carefully. First of all, if this man is a "bridge-builder", whose mission in life is to foster peace and friendship between Islam and the non-Muslim world, then football is a strange analogy to use. What grand strategy is involved in a sincere effort in making friends? What "plays" are needed? Rauf talks about offense and defense. Everybody knows that offenses and defenses are constantly trying to outwit each other with their plays. Everybody knows that the objective in football is victory over the other side.

What possible analogy can be made between building bridges, making friendships and "plays"? What are some of the plays we see in football; the safety blitz, the reverse, double-reverse, statue of liberty, option play, hook and ladder, draw play, etc. All designed to fool the other side, right?

"But wait a minute, Fouse. How do you know that Rauf wasn't talking about soccer?"

Same thing. Soccer has plays and strategies even if we Americans don't understand them. Besides, if he was talking about soccer, what is the reference to sending in a particular player (like President Obama) for a particular play? No, Rauf is talking about American football.

You see, Rauf is talking about deception here. Football is among other things, a game of deception and strategy.

"Take what you can get."

What this tells me is that Mr Rauf is another deceiver, a man who poses as a moderate, a friend, but a man whose eventual goal is a world under Islam. He knows he won't live to see it, of course, but to men like Rauf, it is a long term project which can be accomplished in the long term without bloodshed.

"Give up on Israel."

Of course. In Rauf's vision, the US must abandon Israel eventually. He talks about an eventual accord between Israel and the Palestinians, but it is just another step in the process to the eventual disappearance of the Jewish state.

"Recognize Hamas." Yes, recognize a terrorist organization that categorically rejects any idea of negotiating with the Jewish state.

What Rauf is practicing is nothing more than deception with the West (Taqiyya), making the West think that reconciliation and friendship is the goal, when it is conquest-albeit in a peaceful manner, unlike the bin Ladens of the world. The goal is America as an Islamic state under shariah law, which Rauf has pretty much acknowledged in his comments about America becoming "shariah compliant".

And what is Madeline Albright's "useful idiot" role in all this, pray tell?

And to refer to the presidents of the US, UK and Malaysia as "players sent into a game for a particular play?" That kind of reminds me of when the Steelers had "Slash" Kordell Stewart, who would come in for a play or two and run a double-reverse, option pass or something like that.

Taqiyya or just a "useful idiot" option play?

Building bridges is not a strategy that involves deception and taking what you can get at the moment. It is a sincere, open attempt to live side by side in peace, respecting the other's right to exist as they are. It is not football or even soccer or chess. Football, on the other hand, is something entirely different. Who was it, Vince Lombardi, who said, "There is no substitute for victory"?

This man is no bridge builder.

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