Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Arizona Passes Illegal Alien Law

Gary Fouse

Presently, the state of Arizona is the hotbed of illegal alien border crossings from Mexico into the US. The focus shifted east when fences were constructed by the Federal government in California along much of its border with Mexico. In addition, Arizona has been hit with a recent murder of a ranch owner whose property was near the border by an illegal alien. Now the Arizona House-free from the governorship of Janet Napolitano, now head of Homeland Security, which is a joke-has just passed a law that makes it a state violation to be an illegal alien. It still needs to be signed by the governor.

State Senator Russell Pearce (R-Mesa) was interviewed today on KFI's John and Ken Show (Los Angeles). He explained how the law works. This law now obligates law enforcement to take action when they determine that someone they have stopped or arrested is in the country illegally. They are now required to detain the individual and must notify ICE. They will now be allowed to develop probable cause that the person may be in the country illegally when engaged with a suspect.

Of course, Arizona has several Democrat-controlled cities that are so-called "sanctuary cities". They are cities like Phoenix, Flagstaff, Tucson, and Chandler. Here is the interesting part; Should local authorities fail to follow the law, they are now subject to lawsuits by private citizens, which is written into the law. The supporters of this law have brought together attorneys who are prepared to file lawsuits for non-compliance. Public support is overwhelming including 60% of the state's Hispanic population.

Most of law enforcement has enthusiastically endorsed the law including 9 of the 15county sheriffs. Certain city police chiefs, who are beholden to Democrat-controlled city leadership have not signed on-as might be respected.

What a novel idea! Do you think all four southern border states will adopt similar measures? Well, that all depends which party is in control.


  1. I believe that is the worst law ever to be passed. Now cops will be able to harrass every hispanic citizen out there. It is a shame people have dies because of ignorant illegals but why punish all.

  2. I too believe that this law is the worst. Unless this means that the sheriffs and police officers will be detaining anybody that looks like a serb, slav, iranian, pakistanian, german, italian or anyone else here illegally.