Friday, February 5, 2010

The Utter Hypocrisy of American Feminists

Gary Fouse

The recent speaking appearance of Ayaan Hirsi Ali at the University of Wisconsin has highlighted the hypocrisy of American feminists. Ali is a courageous woman who all feminists should unite behind. Instead, what Ali gets in America is largely silence.

Here is a statement issued by email from the UW Gender and Woman's Studies Department on the eve of Ali's appearance this week in Madison:

“Her approach is so virulently hostile to Islam as a religion (she calls Islam “the new fascism”) that anything she says about women gets lost in this sweeping assault.”

In addition, I am currently involved in a blog discussion on another site which began as a discussion on gay marriage. Somehow, it morphed into the treatment of gays and women in Islam. The only reaction I have received is that what goes on in Islamic countries is not relevant to the US.

Au contraire. While we cannot change things in the Middle East, we should not have to tolerate "honor killings" in the US, which we have witnessed in the US in such places as Arizona, St Louis, Buffalo and other places. We have the case of Rifqa Bari, the teenage convert to Islam who ran away from home fearing for her life. And where are the feminists? Where is that liberal activist group, the National Organization of Women (NOW)? They are out complaining about a pro-life Superbowl commercial featuring Tim Tebow. They are fighting the war to protect abortion. They are calling people like Rush Limbaugh "sexist". And they are fighting for other leftists causes because that is their true agenda. They don't care a whit about the Rifqa Baris and Ayaan Hirsi Alis, people who are right here in America. Here are the results of a search I did on NOW's website:

So how is it that someone from the Gender and Women's Studies Dept. issued a statement dismissing Ali, a woman who has been subjected to female genital circumcision, a forced marriage and countless death threats to the point she has to live under constant security-even in America. I'll answer that question. It is because to criticize Islam would go against the politically-correct agenda of the feminists.

Ali tells us about young Somali girls in the West who are sent back home to be married to men they don't even know. She has already told the Dutch about young girls being forcibly circumcised on kitchen tables in Holland. The Dutch witnessed the horrific slaughter of Theo van Gogh on an Amsterdam street for making a movie about Islam's treatment of women. Do the Dutch listen? No. They drive her out of the Dutch parliament and out of Holland as they prosecute Geert Wilders for "Defamation" and slide steadily into a new Dark Age.

And like the Dutch, American feminists ignore Ali. She is divisive, they say. They are blind to the fact that right here in America, a woman who has experienced almost every horror that can befall a female has to speak in front of an audience that passes through metal detectors for fear that she may be assassinated.

Right here in America.

Where is the UW Gender and Woman's Studies Department? Where are all the other feminists who run women's studies departments in universities all over the country?Where is NOW?

They are hiding under their desks, that's where.

How uncomfortable Ayaan Hirsi Ali must make them feel. That is because she shows us how cowardly and hypocritical the professional feminists are. They complain about abortion rights, sexist comments, and most of all, liberal politics. Honor killings, female genital circumcision, and forced marriages?

Can't be bothered.


  1. I've been to so many posts today that I'm just about 'commented' out, but I do want to let you that know I was here...
    kinda like Obama voting 'present'


  2. Excellent article, Gary, and EXCELLENT POINTS MADE.

    It never ceases to amaze me, the utter hypocrisy of organizations like NOW (and many, many others).