Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Another Al Gore Whopper

Cross-posted by Gary Fouse

Al Gore- whoppers and greenhouse gas

Copenhagen-"Let the show go on!"

Well, good ol' Al Gore never lets us down, does he? Big Al Al finally made his grand appearance in Copenhagen, and here below is what he told the 20,000 in the peanut gallery:


That's right! The Arctic will be ice-free in about 5 years! Hey, who needs Hawaii when we have the Arctic? I can see it all now; sunny beaches, hot babes in bikinis, and Carona beer to cool us off. And most of all...

the friendly people. You can't make this stuff up-or can you?

Only trouble is the scientist who Gore quotes says he's full of greenhouse gas. It didn't take him long to disassociate himself from the inventor of the Internet. I mean what rational person wants to be associated with Al Gore and his insane statements?

So add this one onto the purloined e-mails and what we have is (as Marsha Clark used to say)a mountain of evidence accumulating that all this global warming, global change or whatever you want to call it is a giant man-made hoax. Only trouble is, there are about 20,000 OJ jurors in Copenhagen who are in a rush to judgement.

The Arctic-Who knew?

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