Thursday, July 16, 2009

Israeli strike on Iran realistic “within the year” ?

Israeli warships in Eliat

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From The Times July 16, 2009

Israeli navy in Suez Canal prepares for potential attack on Iran

Two Israeli missile class warships have sailed through the Suez Canal ten days after a submarine capable of launching a nuclear missile strike, in preparation for a possible attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities.

The deployment into the Red Sea, confirmed by Israeli officials, was a clear signal that Israel was able to put its strike force within range of Iran at short notice. It came before long-range exercises by the Israeli air force in America later this month and the test of a missile defence shield at a US missile range in the Pacific Ocean.

Israel has strengthened ties with Arab nations who also fear a nuclear-armed Iran. In particular, relations with Egypt have grown increasingly strong this year over the “shared mutual distrust of Iran”, according to one Israeli diplomat. Israeli naval vessels would likely pass through the Suez Canal for an Iranian strike.

“This is preparation that should be taken seriously. Israel is investing time in preparing itself for the complexity of an attack on Iran. These manoeuvres are a message to Iran that Israel will follow up on its threats,” an Israeli defence official said.
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It is believed that Israel’s missile-equipped submarines, and its fleet of advanced aircraft, could be used to strike at in excess of a dozen nuclear-related targets more than 800 miles from Israel.

Ahmed Aboul Gheit, the Egyptian Foreign Minister, said that his Government explicitly allowed passage of Israeli vessels, and an Israeli admiral said that the drills were “run regularly with the full co-operation of the Egyptians.”

Two Israeli Saar class missile boats and a Dolphin class submarine have passed through Suez. Israel has six Dolphin-class submarines, three of which are widely believed to carry nuclear missiles.

Israel will also soon test an Arrow interceptor missile on a US missile range in the Pacific Ocean. The system is designed to defend Israel from ballistic missile attacks by Iran and Syria. Lieutenant-General Patrick O’Reilly, the director of the Pentagon’s Missile Defence Agency, said that Israel would test against a target with a range of more than 630 miles (1,000km) — too long for previous Arrow test sites in the eastern Mediterranean.

The Israeli air force, meanwhile, will send F16C fighter jets to participate in exercises at Nellis Air Force base in Nevada this month. Israeli C130 Hercules transport aircraft will also compete in the Rodeo 2009 competition at McChord Air Force base in Washington.

“It is not by chance that Israel is drilling long-range manoeuvres in a public way. This is not a secret operation. This is something that has been published and which will showcase Israel’s abilities,” said an Israeli defence official.

He added that in the past, Israel had run a number of covert long-range drills. A year ago, Israeli jets flew over Greece in one such drill, while in May, reports surfaced that Israeli air force aircraft were staging exercises over Gibraltar. An Israeli attack on a weapons convoy in Sudan bound for militants in the Gaza Strip earlier this year was also seen as a rehearsal for hitting moving convoys.

The exercises come at a time when Western diplomats are offering support for an Israeli strike on Iran in return for Israeli concessions on the formation of a Palestinian state.

If agreed it would make an Israeli strike on Iran realistic “within the year” said one British official.

Diplomats said that Israel had offered concessions on settlement policy, Palestinian land claims and issues with neighboring Arab states, to facilitate a possible strike on Iran.

“Israel has chosen to place the Iranian threat over its settlements,” said a senior European diplomat.


  1. The Israelis will hit Iran, it is just a matter of time. The Iron Dome System tested perfectly (giving a shield around Israel) and the Arrow will test the same.

    The report of Israelis using human shields in Gaza is phony. None of the soldiers interviewed were in combat or even near Gaza at the time. This is being used to deflect the truth that Hamas hides behind civilians as a fighting method.

    Israel also sent 2 subs through the Suez Canal. The Egyptians not only knew of this, but have been aiding Israel (they fear the Fundamentalist too).

    Israel will not wait for approval from the US or EU before she strikes. Neither would give it.

    You can expect condemnation of Israel to follow such an attack, lead by Obama in the hopes of currying favor with the Muslims.

    Excellent report Roger.

  2. I just saw this:

    Israel develops a cure for Radiation Sickness.

    This will change the balance of power really fast!

  3. Thank you Findalis. But I think that it is your excellent commentary that deserves praise. This was one of those articles that I merely cut and pasted without comment. I did this because I felt it was very important news.

  4. Diplomats said that Israel had offered concessions on settlement policy, Palestinian land claims and issues with neighboring Arab states, to facilitate a possible strike on Iran.

    I wonder what this means? I know Peres and Netanyahu sent a communique to Assad. This after George Mitchell talked to Assad, reportedly about demarcating their borders in the hope that Mount Dov could be said to go to Lebanon. I guess the thinking is that Israel will give up the whole Shebaa Farms area. I don't think so but...I wonder if the statement above has anything to do with "neutralizing" Israel.

    It is encouraging to see that Israel is taking every singl step they can take to let Iran know that the end for their nuclear facility is drawing near. No one else will do it!

    I agree with Findalis. Israel will not care what anyone has to say about this. What a nightmare this will be for Obama. He can admonish all he wants but the free world knows this must be done.

    Very interesting information, Roger.

  5. Bibi lacks the SISU required to attack Iran. If he had it, he would first tell Obama to FOAD.

    Bibi, like Olmert, is making fatal concessions which will cost lives both short and long term.