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From Lionheart: Britain - Now the No.1 threat to the Western World

The New Scary Reality - Britain - Now the No.1 threat to the Western World

The CIA have told the new American administration that Great Britain is now the No.1 threat to the national security of the American homeland. They have stated that the next Al Qaeda inspired terror attack to hit their shores, will most likely have its origins in the Islamic community, living in Britain, and that because of the seriousness of the threat, they now have 4 out of 10 of their spies working upon British shores, protecting their domestic national security interests.
Any British readers of this post please take a step back and think about the gravity of what this claim by the CIA means to the present national security within our own mainland borders. What it means to the future life of our nation, the place where the lives of our children, grandchildren and future generations born, or yet to be born, reside, and what the wider world must think of Great Britain when looking on from afar, now that we have been classed as the No.1 Islamic terror threat to the American homeland.

Think about it; Great Britain, 'us – you and me' the closest ally of the American people, and nation which is the Earth's only super power, now being the most serious, credible, and imminent threat to the their domestic national security from amongst all other nations on Earth.

OUR Nation, the nation our forefathers fought and died for on the battlefields of the World, to hand to us, their descendents, is now the greatest threat to our greatest friend, in OUR generation!!!

As an heir of the British Isles, and someone whose forefathers fought and died for Queen and country, how does that make you feel about what your Nation has become? About those Moslem guests, now living amongst us who have pushed us into this position, in our own ancestral homeland, and destroyed OUR nation's standing in the World?

The Liberals in society can deny all of this and proclaim 'Islam means peace' and that moderate Moslems are not our enemies, because this reality is not in their daily reality. But war is war whichever way you want to look at it, or dress it up as something it is not, and it is upon our shores now. War against the infidel is a fundamental truth at the core of the Islamic religion that all religious Moslems must follow if they are good Moslems. Although our present leaders would like to pretend it is not war, that it is just criminality and has nothing to do with Islam. Mohamed, his conduct, his teachings and his lifestyle are every Moslems highest example to follow in this life. All you have to do is a little research based upon the truth about Mohamed to find out that he was a bloodthirsty warmonger, and this is the one they follow.

Osama Bin Laden, this generation's leader of the military Jihad, who is now sitting in his cave in Afghanistan; has conquered Britain by proxy, with an army of trained radical Moslems and ideological supporters on the ground, spread throughout the land, pushing his modern Jihad forward upon our shores on every level of life, which is the Cultural and Social Revolution that is happening in British society now. They are recruiting and radicalising their Moslem brothers and sisters to the greatest Jihad in the history of their religion, "The Global Jihad" with Moslems aligned to Al Qaeda now infiltrated into the heart of the nation, and threatening, not only our national security, but that of the American people too.

Hard to conceive but true. Many prefer to live in denial, even though; this is a statement coming from the CIA to the new President of the United States.

You couldn't make this stuff up, and because this doesn't affect the majority of people who sit glued to their TV screens, being entertained by celebrities, who are out of touch with every day reality, they have no concept of what this truly means to our national preservation and the preservation of our allies. What do you think the CIA, MI5 or MI6, not excluding all other international intelligence agencies like Mossad etc, know about the state of affairs on the ground here in Britain in relation to Al Qaeda and all other militant Islamic groups that are in our midst, and their agenda to destroy our Civilisation from within and without, that we, as ignorant peasants, do not?

"The Unseen War"

Must be more than pretty serious don't you think? There is, and has never been, something as serious as this, emanating from these shores, ever, in our recent history. For the CIA to go on record, stating that Britain is now the biggest threat to the national security of their country, with 4 out of 10 operatives working in the field here.

The question has to be; what has our Government and the national security infrastructure they preside over, been doing to allow such an irreversible state of affairs to occur on the ground within mainland Britain? A state of affairs, that is now beyond human political management? Chucking millions of tax payer's money at the problem is not going to change it. It is just feeding it financially as it grows upon our soil, at the detriment of all other communities. It is like throwing petrol onto the fire rather than water.

A 21st Century urban guerilla 'Civil War' is the only predictable outcome now, unless the British people, at some point in the future, hand their country over to the Islamic religion and become Dhimmis and live as second class citizens under Sharia law. The Islamic State might not be here tomorrow morning but it is definitely arising in our midst now, and if present conditions are allowed to fester and grow, then it is only a matter of time until it arrives, a time in the future where your future descendents reside.

What must our Christian Queen and heirs to the throne, on which she sits, think, when they look out of their castle windows, thinking that their country, and the people they presently rule over, are now the most serious threat to the 'peace and stability' of the Western World, and posing a direct threat to the American homeland?
Shame on their ancestor's memory that is embedded upon the history of that throne on which they sit I should think. A shame which motivates the future heirs to action in 'Defence of their Realm' from those who want to remove them. Those who throw their loyalty to that ancient Crown and all that is enshrined in it, (to which we all in Britain belong) in their faces with contempt and disdain, threatening to murder and remove them as they seek to take the country over.

The Queen's kingdom has almost been conquered because Islam has been born upon our shores. It has been allowed to grow of its own accord, given its own autonomy with the land, with the newly introduced Islamic legal system of Sharia Law under the guise of multiculturalism, with it now taking over the control and functioning of society through the power of the 'race card' and the 'power industry' that has been created to protect those who control that card in society.

It is only a matter of time now, before the whole land becomes Islamic at this rate, because it is quite clear, that the presiding Government have absolutely no control over the military wing of the religion in Britain and would rather give in to them and their political, religious, and cultural demands than stand up to them and defend the British 'Way of Life'. That is of course, unless the indigenous people of these isles rise up and revolt against their neighbours from the so called 'religion of peace' and defeat those from amongst them whose aim is one of religious war and conquest against our entire Judeo/Christian civilisations, (That is the Civil War that is predictable). It is those Moslems who are motivated by the core military teachings of their religion and the example of religious conquest against the infidels and their lands that their false, warmongering prophet Mohammed set for them in the 7th Century.

Knowing the reality of what our nation now faces at the hands of the Islamists waging Jihad against the West, is it any wonder that the British homeland is flooded with spies from many different nations? I should expect many are here just sitting back watching and learning about their future fate at the hands of the Islamic religion in their midst. Some actually aiding and abetting the enemy for geo-political purposes as things unfold on the ground. While these spies watch the 'unseen war' against the British State unfold, those hostile intelligence agencies that are here, are robbing the loot that is left unattended and unsecured because of the over-stretched domestic security services, for their own national interest.

Once the dust settles after this War that has been declared against the Western civilisations by Osama Bin Laden, there will be a New World Order and all Governments know this, just like after the Cold War. There can only be one winner at the end. That is a basic fundamental truth to war. And Osama Bin Laden has declared war on us. It is them or us, no middle ground now, only one side will arise victorious at the end, and because of our present Liberal Left Wing leaders who deny reality, we are LOSING the war, so no wonder other nations are robbing the loot while they can, for their own national interests as the country and its society implodes, at the hands of the Jihad (Holy War).

Sad state of affairs considering it is my/our homeland, but a true state of affairs.

Britain is ripe for the picking and everyone is heading our way now. It's a free for all, with the weak, gullible British people sitting back, allowing it to happen and allowing their children and grandchildren's futures to be destroyed through their cowardice and inaction. They are unwilling to believe that Islam is not a 'religion of peace', but that it is a 'religion of war', and all religious Moslems, moderate (non violent), or extreme (violent), each have the mandate of their religion at the core of their being which is the conversion of the infidels and their lands to submission to Allah, which is the driving force of the Islamic religion just like the conversion of non-Christians to Christians is the driving force of Christianity.

Stealing our military and business secrets is nothing less than war booty, looted from the conquered nation. The Liberals in society who defend the 'multicultural dream' through their own weakness and guilt are just not able or willing to see the reality of what is unfolding so as to change their stance in society and defend their national interests for the sake of the future. Instead they rubbish and condemn people like me, who are speaking about this threat, as racists and fear mongers. A threat that is based upon information being released into the public domain by those who are fighting this 'Unseen War'. A war, that the majority in society, cannot yet see, unless the violent actions of Moslems in our midst, is on the news. Apart from that, life goes on and there are millions of Moslems living their daily lives upon our streets and in our society, who are carrying out the Jihad contained within their religion, against us.

Imagine what those military analysts in think tanks like RUSI think when they sit back contemplating about the future national interest of the British homeland, from a military perspective, based upon all of the present intelligence facts they possess.

Ask yourself if Al Qaeda is here amongst the British Islamic community? If the answer is yes; then ask yourself what that means?

If things are as bad as the CIA believe, based upon their intelligence, I wonder how long it will be before the Generals of the British armed forces take over the running of State behind the scenes, so as to force their will upon the national political process for the sake of national security, international security and the future life of the nation on behalf of our Queen, who they serve?

War is war, even if it is dressed up as peace.

I wonder what it would take for the Queen to dissolve Parliament because it is no longer fit for purpose. What it will take for 'reality' to be too much to deny anymore? When dire action has to be taken for the sake of the future life of the nation because 'inaction' is no longer an option? Just like Queen Elizabeth when she knew the Spanish Armada was off the English coast. The thing being now though is that the enemy is not soon to arrive upon our shores. It is already here. Those within the Trojan horse have disembarked, they have built their base camps up and down the country, established their infrastructure and networks linking them all and are now carrying out 21st Century warfare.

This isn't about racism, as the Liberals and their defenders of the doomed 'multicultural society' scream, so as to silence all who oppose the growth of Islam in Britain. This is about harsh reality, just like the harsh realities our forefathers were forced into before and during the Second World War against Hitler and the Nazis. Thankfully our forefathers came through that one to the other side, victorious, for the sake of us, their descendents. Let us hope and pray that we, as a people, come through this modern war, for the sake of our future descendents, that place in the future we cannot see but are walking towards on a daily basis.

I should think that Left and Right Wing party politics must take a back seat when the life of the nation is on the line. We are all one, after all, aren't we? This is our ancestral homeland, and we, whose forefathers have lived here for hundreds of years, have no place to return to if the British Isles is conquered by this insidious religious force that is at war from within and without, seeking to force the land and people to submit to the Islamic religion.

Sink or swim, this is our land, and it is not an Islamic State and never will be, no matter what travails we pass through upon these shores. There are 55+ million of us and 3 – 6 million of them, with much history engraved on our psychological DNA, and some big people who are defenders of the homeland out there in society. The question is though; what are we going to have to go through as a people?

The present cabal of Left Wing politicians of NU Labour with their ideology of 'multiculturalism', those who control the functioning of State obviously have absolutely no clue as to what they are doing with the nation they are in control over as this present dire, (and at one time unthinkable) situation with America, our closest friend and ally proves. Instead, they would prefer to cover up this reality on the ground across our nation, by ignoring the truth, by not addressing the reality of the threat Islam poses, manipulating peoples perceptions, by lying about the threat, creating laws to protect those who would destroy us, and silencing the truth about them from being told by arresting and trying to prosecute and imprison people like me, who are speaking about this reality under the guise of 'hate crimes'.

If there was no threat from Moslems, and they were not making our nation a threat to the peace and stability of the Western World then we would not be speaking about them and their conduct amongst us, for others to read and learn about, like, for example, Sikhs and Hindus, and then being arrested for 'hate crimes'. These hate crime laws are laws that have been brought in to protect Moslems from the criticism of wider society, making them and their conduct untouchable in our midst (the protected species in modern British life), as an analogy, it is just like protecting the Nazis if they had of invaded our shores during the Second World War. It is no wonder we are now the biggest threat to the Western World, and it is our present leaders who have led us into this position.

Sir Winston Churchill: Islam is like rabies.

Another weapon to silence truth and reality from being told by Islam and all their Left Wing 'multicultural defenders.' is to call anyone who speaks about Moslems by raising questions about them and their conduct, 'racist, Islamaphobic Right Wing bigots'. This silences all debate because nobody who is on a guilt trip over the racism issue in the modern 'multicultural society,' wants to talk to people who are labeled such things because they know the venom unleashed against those people, so its better to stay away than agree with them and feel the fury.

The thing is, is that those on the TV might not want to talk about these issues for wider society to learn about this aspect of reality because of how detrimental it is to their large salaried careers and standing within their social order. But ordinary people in society, in the streets of the land, are listening and learning the truth about what is unfolding around them because they cannot escape reality, unlike the those highly paid 'tax paid' Establishment pawns on our TV screens, who know to toe the line and spew their own hatred against those on the right of this political issue.

It is a national folly, enforced upon us, by the architects of the 'multicultural society'. Those who are the ones that control the functioning of State and how that influences society and peoples perceptions, that we cannot challenge Islam or Moslems in Britain without fear, especially when they place US and our nation in the position of being the No.1 threat to America and her people, those who are our closest friends and Allies on Earth – Family

It is not the British people who have a belief in a non-violent religion or no religion who place us in this position. It's the Islamic community, living upon our shores, whose lives revolve around the Koran, those second and third generation children of Moslem guests who arrived here from their own ancestral homelands over the past 50 years who now believe the British Isles to be their land, and now also those from the Islamic World who have descended on what has become the Worlds Asylum centre with its free bank (social security) social housing for all, and weak society in which to conduct Jihad. (If you don't live near and know what goes on around an Al Qaeda enclave, then you cannot pass an opinion on this matter). It is these who are now actively engaged in taking our Country over from within and threatening the international community.

Britain is the greatest active field for Jihad in the Western World thanks to the likes of Abu Hamza, Omar Bakri and Amjem Choudry. It is a stepping stone, and launch pad, into America, the greatest battlefield of the 21st Century. The place the entire Islamic World has its sights set on, to bring down, because if America falls at the hands of Islam and Moslems, then the whole world will fall into line, under Islamic supremacy through fear.

Using terror as a weapon in any form is a fundamental sanctioned tactic of warfare in Jihad.

The American homeland is where the real battle between Islam and our Western World lays. If America can be destroyed on her own shores, then who will ever want to fight the military wing of the Islamic religion that is led by this generations Anti-Christ Osama Bin Laden? They will have conquered the Judeo/Christian civilisation, with everyone forced back through fear, as the Caliphate is established on the ground from one end of the Earth to the other, and linked from nation to nation. You, reading this, may not be able to perceive what I am saying here, but that doesn't mean it is not real, it is just that you have no concept of this truth and the end time goal of Islam. There are those who will agree with me though, and that includes the whole of the Islamic religion who behind closed doors, believe it is their (false) religious destiny. Al Qaeda and the Taliban defeated the Russian Super Power in Afghanistan 20+ years ago, so in the religious minds of Moslems, based upon their holy books, why can they not achieve the same again in modern times against America, who the Islamic world believes to be the Great Satan that is the ultimate opposition to their religion?

Same war (Holy War,) just different warfare and tactics, with those of us living in the West, being the ones who are now on the receiving end of it, surrounded by millions of Moslems who carry the reality of their religion at the core of who they are, that you don't know because you do not think like them because you are not one of them.

Just because religious Moslems smile at you does not mean they carry a benign attitude towards you, which is played out on different levels. To Islam, you are the dirty kuffar after all, no matter which way you look at it.

Christianity motivates people to act differently in society based upon the teachings of Christ, compared to non-Christians, and the same goes for Moslems based upon the teachings of Mohamed.

Chalk and cheese.

Britain is a short plane journey across the water, and then your there, landed in the greatest battlefield for the Jihad on Earth 'America' (The Great Satan.) In Britain the Government is handing out passports like sweets, to Moslem immigrants and asylum seekers who have arrived upon our shores. Enabling those militant Moslems from amongst them to land upon American soil, under the radar, because of the Queens Crown stamped on their passports. The Crown that was, at one time, a sign of 'solidarity and friendship' with the American people, which has now become the most serious threat from amongst the family of Nations.

The 21st Century reality of the World we in Britain and America are now living in.

Osama Bin Laden and the Islamic Worlds War against America and the West being fought by-proxy by our own nations and those living within them.

Wake up!

Decide whether you are standing yet, where you stand, and who you stand with, because we are all walking towards the future reality and all that it contains.

Those of us, Christian and non-Christian alike, never started this. You can blame it on the Moslem extremists who are willing to carry out the violent commands of Mohamed, to enforce their religious will on others, which is submission to Islamic supremacy at all costs. It is the Koran that religiously sanctions this violence against non-Moslems, as part of its mandate, so moderate Islam and violent Islam is one and the same thing because Mohamed and the Koran are both at the root of their religion, which cannot be changed or altered. They just have different approaches.

Not everyone in life is violent. They haven't got it in them to be. It's not a part of their make up. But they will sit back, allow and support those who are, because their religious agenda is the same. They know in their hearts and in their minds, that they work together, because they are both different aspects of the Ummah. It's only the Liberals who know nothing about the religion Islam that don't know this and deny it, as they defend their Moslem masters like the good Dhimmis that they have become.

The clock ticks on the next Islamic terror attack to hit British or America shores, the questions are; when, where and how big?

The CIA has a very good idea and they have briefed their Commandeering Chief.

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  1. It is necessary to cause the general public to become informed; to see, hear, comprehend and accept the reality of the true nature of Islam.

    We must expose the accursed lies which have been spewed and repeated by our elected mis-leaders.

    Islam is not a religion, it is a war machine dressed in clerical garb to conceal its true nature.

    Islam is not peaceful, it is aggressively violent.

    Aggression is the rule, not the exception. It is mandated by 2:216, commanded by clear, unlimited and enduring imperatives in 8:39, 8:60, 9:29, 9:123 & 47:4.

    Those imperatives are confirmed by numerous ahadith and their execution is exemplified by the numerous battles which Moe fought or ordered.

    Those imperatives motivated the conquest of Arabia, Syria, Egypt, Persia, Yemen, India, Southern & Eastern Europe.

    Between 1778 and 1815, those imperatives motivated the Barbary Pirates to attack our merchant vessels.

    In 2001, those imperatives motivated the magnificent 19 to hijack four passenger aircraft to fly into occupied buildings.

    For Chrissake, read the Qur'an! Read the hadith. You can read them on line. You can download them from href="http://www.geocities.com/crusadersarmory/#Expanded_Library

    If you lack the time and patience to read the whole thing, the most important parts are contained in EgregiousAyat.chm, which you can download from the same source.

    For those wanting the short course, read this blog post and all the links therein contained.

    What Lionheart writes is true, even understated.

    Ignorance is not bliss, it is death. If we do not wake up, wise up and rise up, we shall surely be subjected to great torment, extensive death & destruction and probable defeat.