Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Jubilation on the Ship of Fools

America, America, what have you done?
A confederacy of dunces and traitors has delivered us unto our enemies. They have dealt this great nation of ours a deadly blow from which we may never recover, and they rejoice over the enormity of the wound. Already the voices of reconciliation and compromise are being raised. We must all come together now so that we can move forward, they say. But move forward to what? To where? What unforeseen furies have you unwittingly unleashed? What cherished American principles and traditions have you willfully abandoned for this nebulous promise of change offered by this charismatic but shadowy charlatan? In one sweeping gesture you have managed to undermine the glorious uniquely American meritocracy and have validated the role of victimization. In one vote you have rewarded our enemies and marginalized our patriots.

To even begin to comprehend the damage you have done just consider for a moment who is pleased by the results of this election.

Abu Yahya al-Libi, Al Qaeda's chief theological enforcer and a top recruiter.

Moamar Kadafi

A new kind of patriot

Hugo Chavez

Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam

Jane Fonda

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

Rev. "God Damn America" Wright

Kim Jong Ill

Empowered youth

Empowered Kenyan relatives and heirs

The list of course could go on and on.

It is I think fitting that the first gloating leftist response Radarsite received this morning was from the infamous but woefully inconsequential Raoul, who again quite fittingly, is neither male nor American. Normally Raoul would be automatically deleted, but not today. Today I want her message to be read by all those who may still have doubts about the despicable nature of our enemies. As you can see it is addressed to both me and to my good friend and colleague Snooper personally. She believes, quite rightly, that we are her most determined enemies.

I'm sending this via email because it's obvious that most of you conduct your love chats here instead of out in the open where the light shines. The election is over (thank God!) and our citizens have spoken in volumes by the way they voted. Your time is now over - after 28 years or more if we count the destruction Reagan did to our middle class.

The god with a small 'g' that you pretend to follow doesn't exist. The real God never had any interest in politics or countries or bestowing special blessings to any one country as most of you, especially Roger, believe. John 3:16 begins by saying 'for God so loved the WORLD'. That's the entire world and not just the white anglo saxon part of it in America.

You people are an embodiment of pure evil. I know this probably shocks you just like the Nazis were surprised at the hatred expressed towards their deeds but I can't say it any other way. God, country, and flag have always been the ingredients of despots living in fear and hate. You feed off of hate. You require hate in order to justify your own pitiful lives. Your blogs speak for themselves along with everything you've written concerning President-Elect Obama, Muslims, victims of our torture techniques, the illegal invasion of Iraq, victims of the Katrina flood, et. al.

I grew up around evil so I believe I can speak on a little bit of authority regarding how true evil works. It hides behind religiousity, patriotism, individualism without any social programs, hatred of anyone who is different, and a host of other facades. Evil will always have a crusade or burning issue to raise in order to hide from reality and the real issues that face mankind. You people fit the definition of 'evil' perfectly.

Well, your time is over so I think it's only proper for you to slink back into your caves or wherever else you dwell. Rational Americans like me do, however, owe you a debt of thanks. You've taught us a very valuable lesson. The lesson is that right wing religionists will NEVER take over this country again! You've been exposed for what you really represent - a parasitic host. To put it more bluntly, you're a boil on the ass of history. And, the American electorate has lanced that boil!

I can now say unabashedly, God bless America! This country will NEVER be the same again and I say thank God! Now that the racial divide has been breached with Barack Obama's election, some day the gender divide or perhaps the sexual orientation divide or any other man made divide will finally be eliminated.

One last thing - concerning your blogs. I think it would be a good idea if you closed your blogs down since you'll have nothing to write about any more. If you decide to keep them active I have to tell you that I, and others, will be monitoring your blogs. Any threats or seditious comments will be turned over to the proper authorities. This shouldn't surprise you because you ought to know by now that when Mark Harvey threatened to 'slit the throat' of any war protestor he met in Washington during his trip there, I turned the comments along with the blog site over to the FBI who checked it out.

But, it's up to you. This will be my last direct comment to you. I have to admit that every time I've ever encountered anything you've written I've gotten the urge to take a scalding shower. You are the most vile group of people I've ever known. I think that deep down inside you 're aware of this sad fact. We, on the Left, have been vindicated. America will finally heed the real teachings of Christ who said we should feed the hungry and take care of the poor.

graciously yours,
But then the very next email I received was this one from Anonymous:

Today is a SAD SAD day. Birth of America: July 4, 1776....Death of America: November 4, 2008. Roger and to all his contributors and readers. I'm sure we're all sitting in disbelief, shock and concerned. Knowing none of use would imagine this day coming true. All our intentions were sincere and true, due to the fact that we believe in America and love her even more so.

This writer likes to see it as a huge draw back and we lost a battle. And sure many more battles will be lost. As we see the president elect make some awful decisions for our great nation. But, in the end, I sincerely believe we will win the war. There is no way Obama or a democrat will gain the seat of the presidency in 2012. Too many mistakes will be made between now and then. Mistakes I hope our country will be able to endure, is the big question. Later on down the road. People will realize that making Obama the president was a huge mistake. Just hope this error of judgement doesn't cost us too much.

Obama's acceptance speech he began to tone done his rhetoric in what he was going to attempt to accomplish while being the president. Since, Obama is aware that he can't possibly achieve these objectives within the first year, known the less the first 100 days of his office. The good behind this is people have short memories. And will begin to wonder why Obama isn't doing what he said he would do. And that this supposed "change" isn't coming or not for the enbetterment of the American people. And this my friends will be the beginning of the end for Obama and the democrats. When the next elections come along people will look to different candidates.

McCain, I believe could've won this election. If he just used the ammunition available to him. McCain should have reneged on receiving campaign funds from the public only...just like Obama did at the beginning of his campaign. So the playing field (of donations/money) would have been level. As well as, McCain should have discussed many topics he considered off the list. Or his advisers informed him not to use certain things.

I guess it's a should, could, would situation presented here. Nonetheless, there are times in an individuals life and a countries history that we must take a few steps backwards. In order to take huge leaps forward in the not too distant future. And that is what we're going to contend with hopeful. Best of luck to everyone. And I say we continue to monitor Obama's Administration and get the word out to people in what he's doing. We can never start too early for 2012.

Roger, thank you so much for informing the public. All I can say is you did a outstanding job. And it's a pleasure and honor to know your a true American. Who actually cares what's happening to America. We will all learn from this and wait patiently to fix this very wrong that occurred. God bless you Roger and everyone else. We will have our work cut out for ourselves over the next four years. As for me, I am not giving up and never will. I will just have to be patient and wait this horrific ordeal out.

So there you have it. The cons and the pros. But there is one last message I received this morning, perhaps the most surprising and heartening message of them all. This morning, November 5, 2008, the first morning of the Obama victory, the Chicago Sun Times decided to publish one of Radarsite's most recent anti-Obama articles, The Embarrassment of Victory, the 50th Radarsite article published there since we were officially launched in December 2007. This from the very heart of the beast, his own hometown, that delirious town which has not yet recovered from last night's wild victory celebrations. So it seems we still have an audience.

So I'm sorry Raoul, but we're not closing shop at Radarsite. And once again you will be happily and automatically deleted. Far from retreating, we have just begun to fight. - rg

Note: Hieronymus Bosch’s Ship of Fools [shown above] (1450 – 1516). Although it is all but invisible in this small reproduction, there is a Muslim crescent painted on the Ship of Fools' banner. You can view a larger image here. -rg

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  1. Wow. What a great piece. I linked to it on my blog. Hope you don't mind.

  2. I like to think the USA due this election outcome has lost the war on terror, but doesn't like to admit it, and has gone into damage control.

    In the end, it wasn't the leaders who weren't up to it, it was the majority of the populace. By this, McCain didn't play the Iraq card properly as Bush did in 2004 that had him re-elected. No one likes war, but fighting for freedom (even in oneself) is the heart of the battle.

  3. Speaking of meritocracy, John McCain would have deserved to be the President of the United States.

  4. Raoul: "...concerning your blogs... -snip- If you decide to keep them active I have to tell you that I, and others, will be monitoring your blogs. Any threats or seditious comments will be turned over to the proper authorities."

    Hey Baby, how is that for direct threats and intimidation?!?!?! Didn't take them long, did it? Even before they've had the chance to "return" the Fairness Doctrine to us!

    Wow! No grass growing under their feet, hu?



  5. To MN -- The reason I didn't make more of this threat is because of the source. Our pathetic little Raoul represents no one but her miserable little self.

    I am of course not diminishing the very real threats that will most assuredly materialize as a result of this fateful election.

  6. Roger,

    Excellent post here.

    I've noticed some of the concessions and rallying cries from conservatives that we must "come together, work together now"...but what they have followed that up with is something to the extent of "for the good of the country"...and I see a huge flaw in that. The problem is that we cannot unite with Obama's horde because THERE IS NO COMMON GOAL!

    Obama's dream for America is a direct assault on the values this Country was founded on. If you "work with" Obama and his legion, you are simply following him into his ultimate plan to destroy the Constitution of the Unites States of America.

    Sooner or later the anger and sadness will subside in me. But at this point, I can only say that this may represent how a forest fire, in all its rage and fury and destruction, actually revitalizes a stagnant and dying forest. Perhaps the American people needed yet one more lesson in the failed ideology of the Left, albeit a hugely painful lesson this time, for this conglomeration of marxists, progressives, socialists and jihadists to finally be vetted from America.

  7. Thanks all.
    A special thanks to Holger, whose comments are once again
    important and profound. As tough as it is, I like your forest fire analogy.

  8. I would say that Raoul should examine his own hatreds, which are very clear in his message.

    Raoul also does not seem to think much of freedom of speech, does he? This is why we must continue to speak out on the issues of the day. Conservatism may have lost a battle last night, but it is still a valid philosophy.

    Raoul may think that the racial divide is now crossed. God how I wish that were true, but it is not. Barack Obama cannot reduce crime in black communities. He cannot reduce the illigitimate birth rate in black America. He cannot snap his fingers and make all black people middle-upper class ecomonically-much as he may want to and much as he may try to.

    The problems still exist.

    President Obama will still be confronted by a fanatical enemy that wants to destroy us.

    So dream on Raoul, but those of us who see things differently will continue to speak out when the new adminisitration makes mistakes. When Obama does the right thing, I will support him-especially if he defends us from Islamic terrorism.

    But speak out we will.

    gary fouse

  9. This nation will and can survive 4 years of liberalism. Obama did win, but he doesn't control the Congress fully. There are many who will not allow our freedoms to be destroyed.

    And remember this historical fact:

    After 4 years of Dhimmi Carter, we did have 8 years of Ronald Reagan.

    We are heading for very rocky economic times, times Obama is unprepared for and unequiped to handle.

  10. Hey everyone, the next election is only 2 years away, Nov 2010. Campaigning starts in a year or less. I believe 2010 is the year that the Dems will have alot of extra Senate seats to defend.

    There are a variety of factions within the Democratic Party. After a suitable period of mourning, (12-18 hours), I am remembering that democracy is wonderful!

    Not to diminish the damage of yesterday, (I could only sleep for 1-2 hours last night over it) but don't forget that the only way the Dems won the House in 2006 was by running conservative or moderate Democrats.

    I haven't had time to check what kind of new Dems won yesterday, but chances are they aren't the far left kind.

    Perhaps the new Democratic delegation would consider replacing ultra far left Democrat Speaker Pelosi with a traditional Democrat and friend of the Kennedy family. Steny Hoyer is currently the #2 guy, and Pelosi tried to prevent him from taking the Majority Leader position in 2006. She wanted her friend Jack Murtha (corrupt rep from PA) to be the #2 Dem in the House.

    Perhaps there are newly elected Dems from 2006 or 2008 who could be persuaded to replace Pelosi as Speaker. Given her raw power politics tactics with House members it might be possible. The NY Times lists the battleground states and close races in the House in a chart on their website.

    I believe the negociations are secret so Pelosi could step down without and say it was her own initiative without losing face?

    Cindy Sheehan who ran yesterday as an independent candidate against House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for California’s 8th District seat was endorsed by Sean Penn, Sheen, and Rosanne Barr of Hollywood fame.

  11. The Bible warns of those being deceived by leaders such as Obama. I'm not saying obama is the anti-Christ (I'm not saying he isn't either). I am saying there are those who are weak of mind and weak of spirit who put worldy pleasures and economic interests over spiritualness. Obama's disregard for human life at conception was enough to disqualify him for anyone who values the soul.

  12. 1) Hurrah! Obama was elected and now we’re liked!

    2) “Medvedev announces in a speech the deployment of rockets in Kaliningrad” (formerly Konigsberg, the little enclave in Germany at the Baltic Sea) - Drudge Rep., Wed, 5th. 12:45 PST.

    Hey - wait a second! Rockets in Kaliningrad? (Konigsberg, the Russian eclave in Germany). Bush’s gone and the Russians are back at it? So are the Iranians? And all others? 55 millions American knew that if we elect Obama, we're out of this, we'll receive candies from Putin, free oil from Chavez, Ahmadinejad will dance with lambs, etc. etc.!
    What's going on, I am confused, I thought that Bush caused all these bad things! We are not liked again? THAT fast?
    Confused in California - misanthropicus.

  13. As a Democrat, I find that it is quite apropos that today is the 5th of November:

    “Remember, remember the fifth of November,
    The gunpowder, treason and plot,
    I know of no reason
    Why the gunpowder treason
    Should ever be forgot.”

    Republicans and concerned Nobama Democrats have found a common threat against which we must stand.

  14. Raoul's e-mail was written how a true atheist would write.....she embraces a world void of constraints, but votes in a candidate whose primary goal is to constrain every fibre of her being, just like she intends to constrain others.

    John 3:16 "God loved the world so much that he gave his only Son, that everyone who has faith in him may not die but have eternal life."

    It seems Raoul missed the second half of that quote quite conveniently - I wonder if she believes she falls into the category of the faithful. I somehow doubt it.

    "The real God never had any interest in politics or countries or bestowing special blessings to any one country as most of you, especially Roger, believe." by Raoul

    "The Bible was written to Israel, for Israel, by Israel, and no people but Israel has been its custodians." From Thy Kingdom Come

    The only time anyone or peoples or places are mentioned in the Bible is when they had contact with Israel - no other time.

    The 12 Tribes of Israel - the two tribes of Judah and the ten tribes of Israel, who will be reunited in the end are God's Servant people who have continued to this day to preach the gospel to all those whose hearts are open to receive it.

    I find it strange that someone who has decided what the 'real' God's purposes are, doesn't base them on any 'real' biblical teachings.

    People like Raoul believe that if you do not agree with them and put the truth up for all to see, that you are somehow filled with hate. "How mean of you to put the truth into the light for everyone to see."

    "America will finally heed the real teachings of Christ who said we should feed the hungry and take care of the poor." by Raoul

    God asks for a tithing of 10% to go to the Lord, he doesn't ask for 50% and counting to go to the government. It isn't the purpose of the government to take monies from the people to feed the poor. It is for the individual Christian or others to tithe 10% and give it to the Lord's house to distribute to the poor. I for one would have thought you would be all for separation of Church and State.

    No one denies their tax dollars going to help those in need, but after their taxes are taken, they don’t want to find themselves in need too.

    "America will finally heed the real teachings of Christ who said we should feed the hungry and take care of the poor." by Raoul

    Yah, and only have sex in marriage, no homosexuality, no killing of the unborn, missed just a few of many of Christ's teachings.

    Raoul is not a Christian - she is a socialist who wants to take money from the rich and give it to the poor....period.

  15. Barack will get along famously with his long-lost brothers in the middle east, he will bring peace: Muslim style.

  16. Let's wait until all the Senate and House counts are over and until our President gets to his presidential seat.
    After that we can pack our things and move Canada for 8 long years. He got 58 seats on the senate already. So, he will get 4 lefty justices on the supreme court during his first term, because the congress will just do anything he wants.
    Well, we lost. Nothing we can do about. And we are going to lose all other elections from now on. Black and Latino folks are becoming the Country majority, and they really hate us, whites, and our white Republican party.
    But, anyway, Canada is conservative, and just a couple of miles away, and there is where I am going...

  17. «Taisez-vous, Philippe Vardon !
    2008-09-24 11:50:57
    Communiqué du 23 septembre 2008

    La cour d’appel d’Aix-en-Provence a rendu son verdict dans les procès opposant Philippe Vardon à SOS-Racisme, au MRAP et - surtout -au procureur de Nice, Eric de Montgolfier.

    Pour un tract distribué à l’entrée d’un lycée niçois et intitulé ” Ni Voilée - Ni violée ” et considéré comme ” islamophobe ” :

    5 000 euros d’amende pour Philippe Vardon et 4 mois de prison avec sursis, coupable d’avoir rédigé le tract

    3 000 euros d’amende pour un lycéen, coupable d’avoir distribué le tract

    3 000 euros d’amende pour un adulte, coupable d’avoir distribué le tract.

    5 000 euros d’amende et 4 mois de prison avec sursis pour un adulte, coupable d’avoir distribué le tract, et d’avoir refusé de se faire arracher les tracts des mains et tabasser par des “jeunes”.

    Au total, pour ce tract, 16 000 euros d’amende !

    Devant ce même tribunal, les Jeunesses Identitaires étaient poursuivies pour le délirant motif de ” reconstitution de ligue dissoute “, considérées par le Parquet comme étant une résurgence d’un groupement dissous il y a plus de six ans. La cour d’appel a fait droit à cette poursuite lancée par le procureur de la République de Nice, le MRAP et SOS-Racisme.

    La condamnation est la suivante :

    30 000 euros d’amende pour les Jeunesses Identitaires dont 10 000 pour Philippe Vardon au titre d’ancien président, plus 1 100 euros pour le MRAP et SOS-Racisme. Pour faire bonne mesure et être sûre de n’avoir rien oublié, la cour d’appel a ajouté 2 ans de privation de droits civiques et (à nouveau) 4 mois de prison avec sursis pour Philippe Vardon. Pour la route, comme on dit!

    Au total, ce sont donc prés de 50 000 euros d’amende que la cour d’appel d’Aix vient d’infliger à Philippe Vardon et aux Jeunesses Identitaires. Paradoxalement, les Jeunesses Identitaires qui ne sont nullement dissoutes ne peuvent continuer à s’exprimer, au risque de se voir condamnées à chaque tract, chaque affiche, chaque autocollant.

    Lors du procès, le Procureur de la République avait dit dans son réquisitoire : ” Ne jouez pas aux victimes ! Nous ne voulons pas vous empêcher de faire de la politique “. Ouf ! C’est sans doute la raison pour laquelle ce magistrat n’a pas demandé la déportation de Philippe Vardon à Cayenne !

    Cette condamnation est un acte de franchise du Système : 50 000 euros d’amende, une privation de droits civiques, de la prison avec sursis pour un responsable politique de premier plan. Aucun mouvement politique de gauche ou de droite n’a subi de telles condamnations depuis fort longtemps. Il s’agit ici de frapper au portefeuille le mouvement identitaire. Il s’agit clairement d’empêcher Philippe Vardon de mener une liste identitaire aux Régionales de 2010 en région PACA et d’être candidat aux élections partielles qui auront lieu dans les mois qui viennent à Nice. Il s’agit de réduire au silence un mouvement de résistance à l’Islamisation de la France et de l’Europe.

    “Nous ne voulons pas vous empêcher de faire de la politique” disait le Procureur. Simplement vous assécher financièrement, vous empêcher de participer aux élections, vous menacer d’un emprisonnement si vous osez encore dire la vérité dans un tract ou un discours…»

  18. here raoul monitor THIS blog too while you are at it.

    and trust me, you can report all your little pathetic heart may desire.

    When you and your kind come to a realization that your Messiah isn't going to deliver as promised, you will be the first in line to bitch, moan, complain, and call for his expulsion. When the economy actually DOES finally tank, and your "goodies" are no longer viable, you will be the first looking for someone to actually LEAD with action and ideas rather than offer rhetoric and bumperstickers for solutions.

    Sorry, dude, CONSERVATIVES will be back as SOME "republicans" who are not conservatives won't.

    Liberalism/Socialism cloaked in words isn't going to stand in this nation as there are way too many who DO understand and see the difference. Nazi Germany was taken over EXACTLY the same way with nothing but empty words of platitudes with the only idea being total dictatorial control. History will NOT repeat itself in this nation as long as we have FREEDOM and LIBERTY preserved by Conservatives.

    Eventially, your dhimwit light bulb will either turn on or get broken. I suspect it has a few cracks already, raoul.

  19. I just found this Blog today and all I can say is "GREAT BLOG" and wish I had come across it sooner. While I am not an American German) I can only shake my head in disbelief as to what happened in the USA on November 4th. To elect this man on his "Time for Change" and "Yes we can" (actually he should become a rock singer with and a song called "Yes we can") ticket without really knowing what his policies are, is pure suicide. In the UK and Germany about 11 years ago the people elected two young men full of charisma and media appeal on similar election tickets/promises and these politicians almost ruined our countries economically and socially.
    To quote W. Durant "A Great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself from within!" I can only hope that common sense will prevail in 4 years time and Obama will be removed from the Whitehouse like Carter was, otherwise this quote will bear more thruth than just words!.
    One final observation - if Obama wanted to change the way American Politics works, why then did he spend almost $600 million in donations from capitivated but blind/starey eyed people on his election campaign. Surely a change would have been to donate this money to charities where it would have been put to good use for the really poor and needy of your society, and use the Public funding as McCain did for his campaign.
    Americans who love their country (and I am a great supporter of the American way of life and what it stands for) beware - members of so called "Democratic" parties throughout the world, speak one thing but mean another and are not too ashamed to break their word and backtrack on their promises. We are experiencing this in Germany at present where our Social Democratic Party(SPD) vowed never to form a coalition goverment with the Ultra Left Wing Party, but when power looms they simply forget their promises to their voters and all other people in general!!

  20. You know Roger that this "letter" from roberta was directed at all those who confronted her at the old and those of us who have confronted her since then.

    Interesting read though dripping with the hateful venom of a delusional vindictive lunatic. The rest of the article is brilliant my friend.

    I had thought of cross posting this at DTRT, however, I just cannot bring myself to allow this letter from a maniacal neurotic to see the light of day at another blog.

    My hat is off to you for taking the high road and having the courage to allow others a peek into roberta's insanity.

    It would be interesting to have a forensic psychologist analyze the letter.

    She is truly pitiful and I pray she seeks professional help before she commits an act she will regret in what remains of her pathetic existence.

  21. To Dean -- good point Dean. And I should have been more clear about that. Almost every one of my fellow conservative bloggers have experienced the nutty wrath of this nincompoop. However in that particular email she referred specifically to Snooper and myself. Thanks for the kind words.

    And thank you all for your great comments, and welcome to that last Anonymous from Germany.

    And to all those indignant Obama supporters who were deleted I would suggest that you read Radarsite's Mission Statement, which can be found at the top of our sidebar by clicking the little Radarsite icon. -rg

  22. Here is the initial translation for that French Comment on the Philippe Vardon case. If anyone can provide a more coherent translation please send it in a comment and I will post it immediately.

    You Taisez-vous, Philippe Vardon! 2008-09-24 11:50:57 Communicated of September 23 2008

    The court of appeals d’Aix-en-Provence returned his verdict in the processes opposing Philippe Vardon to sos-racisme, to the MRAP and - especially -to the prosecutor of Nice, Eric of Montgolfier.

    For a distributed leaflet to the entry of a from Nice and entitled high school" done Or Veil - done Or violate" and considered as" islamophobe" :

    5 000 Euros of fine for Philippe Vardon and 4 months of prison with suspended sentence, guilty to have composed the leaflet

    3 000 Euros of fine for a secondary school student, guilty to have distributed the leaflet

    3 000 Euros of fine for an adult, guilty to have distributed the leaflet.

    5 000 Euros of fine and 4 months of prison with suspended sentence for an adult, guilty to have distributed the leaflet, and to have refused to let itself the leaflets of the hands pull out and give a beating by "young".

    Altogether, for this leaflet, 16 000 Euros of fine!

    In front of this same court, the Identity Youths were sued for the delirium motive of" reconstruction of dissolved league ", considered by the Floor as being a resurgence of a dissolved grouping more than six years ago. The court of appeals did straight to this pursuit launched by the prosecutor of the Republic of Nice, the MRAP and sos-racisme.

    The condemnation is the following one:

    30 000 Euros of fine for the Identity Youths of which 10 000 for Philippe Vardon to the title of former president, more 1 100 Euros for the MRAP and sos-racisme. To do good measure and be sure of anything to have forgotten, the court of appeals added 2 years of deprivation of civic rights and (again) 4 months of prison with suspended sentence for Philippe Vardon. For the road, as one says!

    Altogether, this are therefore meadows of 50 000 Euros of fine that the court of appeals of Aix has just inflicted to Philippe Vardon and to the Identity Youths. Paradoxically, the Identity Youths that not at are all dissolved cannot continue to express itself, to the risk to see itself condemned to every leaflet, every poster, self-adhesive every.

    At the time of the process, the Prosecutor of the Republic had said in his indictment:" Do not play victims not! We do not want to prevent yourself to do the political one ". Ouf! This is doubtless the reason this magistrate did not ask the deportation of Philippe Vardon to Cayenne!

    This condemnation is an act of frankness of the System: 50 000 Euros of fine, a deprivation of civic rights, prison with suspended sentence for a person in charge politics of first plan. No movement politics of left or right underwent of such condemnations since fort a long time. It is a matter here to hit to the wallet the identity movement. It is a matter clearly to prevent Philippe Vardon to take an identity list to the Regional ones of 2010 in region PACA and to be candidate to the partial elections that will take place in the months that come to Nice. It is a matter to reduce to the silence a movement of resistance to the Islamisation of France and of Europe.

    "We do not want to prevent yourself to do the political one" said the Prosecutor. Simply you financially to drain, you to prevent to participate in the elections, you to threaten of an imprisonment if you dare again to say the truth in a leaflet or a speech…"

    Publish this how.

    Reject this how.

    Moderate how for this blog.

    Posted by Anonymous à RADARSITE at November 5, 2008 8:50 PM

  23. Yes she did specifically state you and Snooper as priciples in her vile letter. She did, however, make a point to send a copy to each of us at our gmail group.
    No matter.

    For people who are not familiar with'raoul(a)'they would have to have been part of the demented attacks leveled by her or at the least read some of them and what initiated her responses.

    The veiled threats, the dripping spew of hatred is typical of her style even though she chooses many different online personnas and hides her IP through a random IP generator. Those of us exposed to the insanity have a honed BS detector and can smell her foul stench from afar.

  24. raoul concerned citizen, if you know of women and children who are battered or abused, report it to the police, if you know of women and children who had their genitals mutilated (FGM), report it to the police, if you know of women who are forced to wear a burka, report it to the police, if you know of women who inherited half of what men did, report it to the police, if you know of children forced to marry, report it to the police, if you know of people forced to slavery, report it to the police... if you see the hadiths, report it to the police since it is there that those barbarities and more barbarities are prescribed.

  25. To the person who indicated that he or she would be moving to Canada for the duration:) it's my understanding there is a waiting list seven-years long. Further, after your initial three-month Visa expires, you need to be gainfully employed there on a fulltime basis.

    Given the above, how about sticking around here in the States and continuing to fight with the rest of us?

  26. Roger, a summary:

    A political group of young people, Jeunesses Identitaires, was prosecuted because they made a planfet and distributed copies at the entrance of a high school in Nice. The message of the panflet was «neither veiled, neither raped».

    The sentences were:
    -Philippe Vardon was fined 5000 Euros, and was setenced to spend 4 months in prison (suspended).
    - A school student was fined 3 000 Euros.
    - An adult was fined 3 000 Euros.
    - An adult was fined 5 000 Euros, and was sentenced to spend 4 months in prison (suspended).

    The total sum was 16 000 Euros.

    They were also charged for the very strange crime called reconstitution of a dissolved team.
    The sentences were:
    The group was fined 30 000 Euros of which Philippe Vardon was fined 10 000 Euros just because he was the former President of the group. 1 100 Euros went to the pockets of MRAP and SOS-racisme. Philippe Vardon was also deprived of his civil rights for 2 years, and was sentenced to spend more 4 months in prison (suspended).

    The group which is not dissolved can not continue to express ideas at the risk of being prosecuted again for every panflet...

    They were told by the prosecutor: «Don´t play victims! We don´t want to prevent you from doing politics.»

    Jeunesses Identitaires think this was a move to empty their wallets, to silence the resistance against the islamisation of France and Europe and to stop them from participating in coming elections.

  27. I'm aghast. I wonder now, is this is the turning point for the West? Damn, if America won't stand up who will?

  28. Tough times ahead Roger, but we'll keep fighting, we have to.

    Delete those morons, they already control the mass media, the education system and just about everything else. They can't even stand that they can't control the internet and talk radio. Screw those bastards, give them no quarter i say.

  29. Thanks all. And a special thanks to the last Anonymous for that excellent translation. It makes more sense now, and it is a very important issue.

  30. Roger, prosecution or persecution of people who stand for European values looks like a trend now.

  31. Thanks for sharing this link, but unfortunately it seems to be offline... Does anybody have a mirror or another source? Please answer to my post if you do!

    I would appreciate if a staff member here at could post it.


  32. Thanks for sharing this link, but argg it seems to be offline... Does anybody have a mirror or another source? Please answer to my post if you do!

    I would appreciate if someone here at could post it.