Saturday, March 1, 2008

Let the Games Begin

"He scares all of you doesn't he? Good!"

Radarsite's rules of the game: If you post a comment here on Radarsite be prepared for a reply. If you respond to this reply with an intelligent argument, one which actually addresses the issues involved in the original articles Radarsite will be more than happy to post your responses. rg

Here is the first response to our anti-Obama campaign from a "Barack Fan":
"He scares all of you doesn't he? Good! This November will REALLY be frightening to all of you racists/anti-gay/anti-Americans. I can't wait! LOL "
March 1,2008 4:27

-- "all of you racists/anti-gay/anti-Americans..."
This, my friends, is how they hope to frame the debate -- if you are against Barack Hussein Obama for President this is what you are, racist, anti-gay, and (incredibly) anti-American. Notice, if you will, that our "Barack Fan" doesn't address a single issue brought up in any of the previous articles about the dangers inherent in an Obama presidency. This is, as we all know, typical liberal obfuscation; this is the way they are going to be playing the game.

Obama is -- a least partially -- black. So, it follows that if you are against Obama you are against blacks. Believe it or not, this blatant ruse actually works on some unfortunate people. Some people are so terrified of being labeled a racist that they will support a black candidate just to disprove this accusation. To those of us who oppose BHO, this type of subterfuge is so glaringly transparent that it's hardly worth the effort of argument. In our many articles here and elsewhere we have carefully innumerated all of the many reasons for our anti-Obama stance, and provided appropriate sources where nesessary; none of which have anything whatsoever to do with Barack's particular coloring; but all of which have everything to do with his deftly hidden agendas.

On the second point, I don't recall ever mentioning gays, or stating that I was anti-gay in any of my pieces, but don't let any of these little facts get in the way of your little self-righteous and uninformed rant.

Thirdly, on being anti-American if one is anti-Obama; this is so preposterous on the face of it that it is almost comical. The liberals in Congress and in our leftist media have done more to harm this country, and to render it more vulnerable to our enemies than any fifth-column muslims here could ever have done. To call us anti-American for opposing more of the same -- or worse -- is nothing less than ludicrous.

However, the truly worrisome thing here to me, is not in dealing with people like our commenter, whose mind is already made up and closed; no, the troubling thing now is finding a way to reach all of those people out there who, for whatever reasons, were totally unimpressed by 9/11, and who in their oblivious ignorance honestly believe that the trouble we are in in this world is all because of our inherent racism and intolerance. It has nothing to do with islamism, or jihadists, or the qur'an. Somehow, Osama bin Laden's clear and unequivocal Declaration of War against us carries no weight with them. They just ignore him and all of those other islamist threats. They ignore bin Laden's statements because they know better. They know that what this whole conflict is about is about our American imperialist bullying and our national racism and xenophobia and our fear of a foreign religion, a peaceful foreign religion that has been hijacked by a few radicals -- similar to how our Christianity has been hijacked by our KKK. They instinctively know that the cure for this disease is DIALOGUE (such as that which we experienced recently at Columbia University). Reaching out to our enemies and embracing them with the soft warm arms of reason. That's the answer.

Not offensive wars. Not defensive measures; but LOVE and UNDERSTANDING.

That's what they'll be voting for. They have been molded in our universities and in our media by those aging Children of the Sixties, and they are in love with LOVE. And Barack Hussein Obama is the incarnation of Love.

This, then, is our challenge. If we are to avoid the imminent destruction of our precious democracy and the steady erosion of our common values, these are the people we somehow have to reach; our self-important commenter above is unfortunately already lost.

Once again -- God help us in our efforts, or God help us all.


  1. Several points Roger.
    I don't see any "love and understanding" in the comment left by the Obama supporter.

    They are enamored by Obama because of his lofty speeches, but I don't see anything lofty about their comments.

    They do not want to debate, they simply drive by and leave a hate filled, untrue, statement. Not much of a representative for the next messiah of the United States.

    The negativity for those of us who simply want to truth about Obama, as well as all the Presidential candidates, is caustic. It even comes from Republicans, and even some conservatives.

    The Political Correctness has erupted like a nuclear bomb, spreading over the entire nation, affecting a large group of Americans.

    This is very bad news for all of us. Why is it wrong to want the truth, to print the truth? That Roger is the big question.

    Nice job.

  2. Oops, that was ME, Debbie of Right Truth

    Debbie Hamilton
    Right Truth

  3. I agree with Debbie--any attempt to ask legitimate questions about this man's hidden agenda brings the drive-bys around in droves. I'm just about ready to post a rather satirical piece titled (tongue planted firmly in cheek, of course) Yes, I am a racist, anti-gay, anti-islam hater and damn proud of it and my country!"

    That oughta bring the drive-bys out in the fruit loop brigades!

    Keep the pressure on Roger!

  4. Case in point: comments on Miss Beth's recent post

    The libturds spew pure venom, without relevant, verifiable facts. Venom is their standard stock in trade.

  5. Having been the subject of many of these hateful attacks, and having even written an article about them "The Outrage of Patriotism", I can only agree with these comments from my friends.
    However, as I mentioned, these cynical hardened liberals are not the people I am writing for -- who, I think, all of us are writing for. These hardened Libs are lost to us forever and will never change their positions, regardless of the quality or persistence of our arguments or the weight of our evidence.

    It is, I would suggest, to those people who honestly believe that it is WE who are the fanatics, and that THEY are the reasonable people -- those good-hearted but wrong-headed folks who want to "Give Peace a Chance", who want to end all violence and hatred in this world to whom we are talking.
    Yet, unfortunately, because they haven't done the research that some of us have done, they still don't understand what this deadly conflict is all about. And daily they are dangerously misled by everything they see and hear in our notoriously leftist MSM.

    These are the people who we still have a chance of reaching. They are my friends and yours.

    Maybe it will turn out that, because of their continuing stubborn refusal to believe in the reality of Evil, we will have lost these good people too. But we can still try. To me, that's what all of you are doing every day with your incredible resolve and endurance, and I admire you all more than I can say.

    Who knows, in the end, maybe we really will make a difference.

  6. The intolerance of the supposed "tolerant" knows no bounds.

    In all the pro-Obama rhetoric I have yet to see any supporter of his actualy list any real qualifications he has or what record he runs on.

    Given statements made by him and his wife, their getting in hte WHite House will surely throw America into turmoil. Not because of their ethnicity but because of their Philosophy and naivete' on world matters.

  7. Churchill's ParrotMarch 2, 2008 at 4:45 AM

    We would agree that Barack scares us. But even if we were racist it could not be because he is black as he is not "black" by contemporary African-American dogmatic criteria. Even if we were homophobes, it could not be because he is gay as, so far as we know, Mr. Obama does not have sex with men. And it could not be because we are anti-American because, unlike Mrs. Obama, most of us have been overtly pro-American through thick and thin whenever given the opportunity to express ourselves.

    We are scared of Mr. Obama because he is a socialist. This is not meant as a pejorative. It is a fact which his own words and voting record - what there is of one - confim. That the free world should be headed by a socialist at this juncture in history is a terrifying prospect for all Western Civilization. America IS the world's last best hope. But Mr. Obama's "hope" promises not betterment but doom.



  8. Thank you Lew. And well said as usual Charlie. Doom is what awaits us if he ever makes it all the way.

  9. Was there ever a justifyable comment from the Obama HQ about this position taken by our BOY?? Was it disrespect to OUR flag or was he searching for the missing components that qualify REAL men for CIC position?? I have often wondered....

  10. Redhawk -- lol. I don't have any idea. But I would love to know the story behind that photo. It's been all over the place.
    If anyone has any info on it please let us know.

  11. Sorry Obama Fan -- It is stated quite clearly on my sidebar that I will allow no anti-American tirades on Radarsite. You'll just have to peddle your garbage elsewhere.

  12. Churchill's ParrotMarch 3, 2008 at 11:05 AM

    Roger et al,

    It has come to our attention that the photo in question was taken, not during the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag, but rather during a singing of your National Anthem. To our knowledge, it is not required protocol to place one's hand over one's heart in such instances. If true, than it would appear Mr. Obama is innocent of the apparent offense.



  13. Thanks for that info Charlie. But I still think that he stands out like a sore thumb. Why did everyone else on that platform feel the obligation to perform that patriotic gesture but him? To me that picture is still "worth a thousand words".