Friday, March 21, 2008

Swooning For Hate

"The pundits were clearly stunned."

"The pundits were clearly stunned. They knew they had witnessed something extraordinary, a moment when time seemed to stand still and a politician in the midst of a withering electoral storm did the unspeakable: he spoke the truth. The unspoken, unspeakable truth."

"Has any other major American politician ever made a speech on race that comes even close to this one? As far as I'm concerned, it is just plain flat out brilliant—rhetorically, but also in capturing a lot of nuance about race in America. It is so far above the standard we're used to from our pols..."

"Senator Obama delivered a historic oration at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia which has earned many well deserved accolades for rare qualities of leadership and candor which we have not seen in decades. It is fitting that this address was delivered in the City of Brotherly Love."

These are a just a few of the glowing revues that appeared all over our enraptured mainstream media in response to Senator Obama's now-famous Philadelphia damage control speech. We are to be convinced that this was one of the greatest speeches on race this country has ever heard. An historic, bold, and remarkable testament to human dignity and courage.

Are you sure we're all talking about the same speech here? This certainly wasn't the speech that I heard.

You can't really be serious, you just can't be. You just can't be that gullible and that blind. Are you and all those other supposedly professional political writers all somehow magically mesmerized by this twenty-first century Rasputin? I fear that something other than politics as usual is at play here-- something more mysterious, something more like mass hysteria, something more akin to those 1940's bobbysoxers swooning over that skinny young Frank Sinatra (actually, there's even a little similarity between our charismatic young Obama and our charismatic young crooner, something in the structure of their faces and in the way that they move).

But here we have supposedly politically-savvy grown men and women, not mindless hysterical teenyboppers, swooning over a speech, a desperate speech whose only reason for being is a frantic attempt to cover-up a terrible scandal -- no, much worse than a terrible scandal -- a grave national disgrace and a blatant betrayal of trust. A national disgrace because we have discovered that a viable presidential candidate and his wife have openly embraced some of the most inflammatory hate-filled racist rhetoric we've heard in this country since the days of the Black Panthers and Malcolm X. And betrayed because we have traditionally and unquestionable assumed that our presidential candidates and their prospective First Ladies, regardless of their particular political persuasions, would at the very least love America. And, conversely, at the very least, that the would certainly not hate America. And we have been proven wrong on both counts.

Yet, incredibly, still they swoon and fawn all over him and beg him for his autograph. He is, they rush to tell us breathlessly, the answer to all our problems. Elect Obama and the world will love us once again.

What we heard in Philadelphia was a slippery exercise in obfuscations and adroit evasions couched in obvious populist rhetoric. A desperate and transparent attempt to deflect the shocking facts that have fortunately emerged and have unquestionably betrayed their true cynical feelings about America, and their true cynical feelings about the White race and about the Jews. Quite simply, they hate this country, they hate what it stands for and they hate its history. They hate White people and they hate Jews. They admire our deadliest enemies, and they support their loathsome causes. And this, my friends, is a viable twenty-first century American presidential candidate.

I cannot believe this self-destructive delusional world that I am living in. I cannot believe this headlong race to national suicide that I am witnessing here around us today.

Once again -- Please God help us. God help us to see the light before it is extinguished forever.


  1. And to think he thought he would be the next President. I knew from the very beginning that he was a joke.

    Take a look, you might like what you see.

  2. There are some of his following that will stay with him no matter what he does. Yes it is the swooning factor.

    But the polls are telling something very interesting - Obama is losing support among all groups of voters. Maybe people are not as stupid as we sometimes give them credit for. Maybe. We can only pray this is the case.

    Debbie Hamilton
    Right Truth

  3. Don't overestimate the thinking process of the American Public, 'Americana'.
    There will be too many who will vote for Obama because they think they should. Many will think they have to scratch a guilt itch salved and healed long ago.
    Is it at all possible to have used Reverend Wright as a provocation to show how the Senator can rally; to precipitate a controversy that the Senator had control of from the beginning?

  4. Your comparison of Obama to Sinatra is remarkable in that you don't understand the promise that Obama offers to citizens who are tired of the prevailing dark and secretive spirit that is the legacy of eight years of half-assed incompetence (which you profit from) by the Bush administration with its vague, endless "war on terror" (which you profit from).

    When you assert that anyone who votes for Obama is somehow under the spell of a twenty-first century Rasputin, you immediately insult the majority of Americans who will put him in the White House. That explains why people like you are willing to relinquish the rights of most Americans in return for a right-wing extremist promise of security. It is an undeniable fact that you are willing to do anything to avoid death, you are willing to sell out the Constitutional rights of the American family because you are afraid of death. This is what President Bush has done to you. He has made fear of death your motivator. Some of us prefer to keep our dignity--and our rights as Americans--in the face of death. You are too far gone to know it.

  5. "This is what President Bush has done to you. He has made fear of death your motivator."

    Well said "Hal" (you're not that recalcitrant computer, are you?)You're damn right! Fear of death is a terrific motivator.

    I was wondering how long it would take for an indignant Obama fan to show up to champion their hero.

    It's interesting to me that your denigration of our natural fear of death almost perfectly mirrors the Jihadist's contempt for Western values. They are constantly bragging about this, about how they have no fear of death but actually rush to embrace it.

    To me, this is really not so much about our fear of death as it is about our love of life.

    You have said nothing new or remarkable. Same old liberal talking points. You attempt, disingenuously, to equate simple patriotism with "right-wing extremism".

    You are typical, misguided, and most likely beyond repair. And, yes, you will vote for Obama. And nothing we will say here will ever dissuade you from your self-destructive course.

    Also -- isn't it interesting that, almost without exception, none of these people who leave negative comments leave a return address?

  6. Interesting, Hal, that you write, "When you assert that anyone who votes for Obama is somehow under the spell of a twenty-first century Rasputin, you immediately insult the majority of Americans who will put him in the White House."
    ...those people who, (I refer to as 'Amemricana'..
    "..who are tired of the prevailing dark and secretive spirit that is the legacy of eight years of half-assed incompetence (which you profit from) by the Bush administration with its vague, endless "war on terror" (which you profit from)."
    Then, Hal, answer, regarding multiple embassy bombing, The Cole attack (or was that just an incident) two World Trade Center attacks (93 & 9/11/01) - Cui bono?
    Military and Intelligence functions must be constantly maintained - one was four eight years pprevioiusly neglected as the military was relegated to tertiary level citizens and the latter was made a political-hack-haven of which only a Massachusetts politician would be jealous.
    You can't put reality..'" vague, endless "war on terror"' with a self-indulging snooze-button (unless 'endlessly' 'vague' is a condition that suits you).

  7. Helena HandbasketMarch 22, 2008 at 4:46 PM

    I must have watched and listened to a different BHObama that day as my impressions are quite different to the ... well, we will call them reviews. I found the race speech soft, pandering, and a clear look at the character of the man. White granny tossed to the wolves while reverse racist reverend is coddled. Speaks volumes ladies and gentlemen.

    The most disturbing comparison ever made outside of the ridiculous comparisons to dead people -- is that of aligning him with a messiah. A saviour. I'm waiting for the media to refer to him as a prophet. But -- for whom?

    Good show Roger. Always a pleasure.

  8. how articulate is this!..brilliant my friend..truly.

  9. Thanks everyone for all your thoughtful comments.
    To Daniels -- I did take a look and I did like what I saw and left a comment.
    Hi Debbie -- Yes, that is good news. Thanks for reminding us that there actually is some good news out there.
    To Shawmut -- I'm getting so that I look forward to your always intelligent and interesting comments. Thanks for taking the time to send them.
    I've already responded to Hal.
    And finally, thank you to both Helena and Angel for those encouraging words.

  10. "You can't fool all of the people all of the time." Can he fool enough to get elected? I hope not!!!

    The GOP should have nominated someone intelligent & articulate, able and willing to effectively promote Conservative principals.

  11. PS: Could they have managed to get any more American flags up on that stage around him? "Methinks the lady doth protest too much..."