Monday, March 10, 2008

From Other Sites on the Line: 10 Mar 08

Obama Must Disavow His Dangerous Pastor and Racist Church

But to what people?

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So Obama is the man who will unify all America? Don’t make bet on it! His continued support of his church and pastor makes a mockery of the word “unity.”“Like a member of his family” is the way Obama refers to his good friend, pastor, and mentor, Rev. Jeremiah Wright Jr. Wright is the man who gives awards to the high profile head of the Nation of Islam racist and anti-Semite, Louis Farrakhan. Wright is a man full of the same racist venom as Farrakhan. Obama tries to have it both ways saying that “there are things he(Wright) says with which Senator Obama deeply disagrees.” No there are not just a few “minor” racist “things” that Wright is saying – it’s the entire body of Wright’s constant message and that of his church. Now the church is being investigated for violation of tax laws – and this is right and good!!! Will the MSM call out Obama on this one? Will the pundits demand that Obama take a stand one way or another for once in his life??? Don’t make bet on it!

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  1. Thanks Roger for the reference to my latest blog post on Obama. I hope people will take the time to investigate the links to his church and see for themselves. This is an outrage!

  2. "Obama Must Disavow His Dangerous Pastor and Racist Church"

    Fat chance of that happening, with the left it seems the more hateful and racist you are (to America and whites that is), the better.

  3. Hi Faultline, thanks for sharing this with Radar Site. It is kinda scary to read - yet the closer the election draws nigh (or the convention) the more scrutiny will be applied.
    One of the unforseen things about equality, fairness, race relations and relavitism is that it cuts pretty evenly.
    And younger people who have grown up in this paradise called America will see it for what it is - so last year, so played and so inappropiate as to be seen in one of two rather uncool lights.

    Either the church leaders are really unaware of how awesome America is as it relentlessly marches towards egalitarianism for lottie dottie everybody or even worse - they are aware and are trying to deceive folks to maintain their stats as seperatists and misery merchants.

    And in the new millenium, where info is cheap, king and readily available - these positions will most not likely be given a pass.

    The interesting thing is that as the press begins to turn their battleship guns on anyone in the race - it is tough to think that they never considered it or even planned for it.

    Kinda like a 3pm phone call?