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Are the "Peace Movements" in trouble?

The ever shrinking Peace Movement

Cross posted from Snooper at A NEWT ONE at 3/23/2008

The vast majority of Americans know beyond a shadow of a doubt that the alleged "peace movement" is nothing of the sort. They are, however, a group of SDS socialist sycophants and primarily made up of ignorant chronic malcontents that can not allow themselves to accept responsibility for their own stupidity...they always blame someone or something else. Perhaps this is why the news media gives them so much attention - maybe.In a recent article in the NY Slimes, the bastion of BDS and state secret tellers, they had a headline which read; A War Protest Falls Short in Manhattan. Not only are the gatherings of cowards and socialists shrinking, they are getting more and more is getting more physical. One of our own was accosted at a rally in recent days.Why are their numbers on a continual downward spiral? There are several reasons and causes but some of the bloviating moppets touched on the facts before them. The Problem is, they don't see it:
[...] Mr. Negroni said the volunteer Army had removed a goad to war protests. "If there were a draft, there would be probably 150,000 people for every protester like you and me," he said to Ms. Frost. Farther down the human chain, Eileen Scareshefsky, a school office worker from Manhattan, said she had been to scores of protests since her first, in 1967. "This could be my 100th protest," she said. 'Her friend Sheila Zukowsky, 57, of Washington Heights, said, "We're both children of the '60s." She was puzzled by the lack of college students protesting. She said, half joking, "Maybe they weren't on the right e-mail list?" [...]First off, there isn't a draft and this seems to disappoint them. The military is all voluntary and the vast majority signed the dotted line and swore The Oath on their own accord and, as Chris Hill of the GOE so accurately states, "They joined to put a bullet in the ass of our enemy.". Also, as I have often stated, the children of the '60s are no longer significant and no matter the email lists to "put out the word", the vast majority of Americans regard these fools as, well, fools.I could very well place approximately 200 articles and pieces of studies and other ponderings and polls in regards to how the vast majority of Americans support the war effort and the magnificent progress being wrought not only by our troops but by the Iraqi people and their new found democratic type government. However, I won't place them all here. Why? Because I don't feel like it and the list is very long. I will, however, offer a link to the collections I have amassed and the list keeps growing. The collection is called, "Surge" via Snooper. Have fun reading well over 200 links. Also in that massive collection are articles by Leftinistra drones and their collective whining...too funny at times and sadly so.In another collection called, "Saddam Regime of Terror" via Snooper, there is a wealth of data therein to accompany the readers' inquisitive mind that supports the previously mentioned collection. No matter the spin by the lame Leftinistra, the vast majority of Americans have awakened from their complacent slumber of ignorance. We are on to the pathetic slime of the lowly and slothful Leftinistra. They are to derided for what they are...cowards and losers.Naturally, we cannot fail to take into consideration, "BDS" via Snooper or "Howard Zinn" via Snooper. The BDS crowds are revisionist socialists, are they not?Although I don't necessarily agree with Paul Berman on a regular basis, he is another that is no longer a brain dead liberal. In his book, Terror and Liberalism, he presents a case from his side of the fence that I have been touting for years now...there is very little difference between the American Liberal Movement and the tenets of terrorism...Fear Mongering Extreme.As lawhawk has so succinctly stated:
[...] Other reasons for the failure of the anti-war demonstrations includes the fact that in most cases, the anti-war types are simply Vietnam era retreads trying to recapture their earlier significance. It's simply not happening. [END]No doubt. One look at Medea Benjamin and one can clearly see this fact...insignificance. Medea and her brand of anti-Americanists routinely fit the "Liberal Pathology" via Snooper. Along those lines and that particular train of thought, please do not forget to neglect the studies in the "List of 45" via Snooper.What America and the world is witnessing is a Republican Revolution. The Reagan Era Conservatives, both Republican and Democrat alike, sprinkled with a growing number of Independents and Moderates, are awakening albeit ever slowly. In today's piece in the New York Slimes, Frank Rich touches on the topic in a way only a liberal can a whining manner. The piece is well written but the content is so wrong on so many levels that you will have to read the piece yourself to catch my meaning. The very reasons within the piece are the very reasons the Leftinistra are, without knowing it, running their own ship aground in the Abyss of Obscurity. He calls it the Republican Resurrection (ironic seeing that this is Easter Sunday). I call it the Conservative Tsunami.The Conservative Tsunami is cresting and ever cannot be stopped.

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