Thursday, March 27, 2008

FITNA: My First Reaction

I'm overcome with emotion. How can I possibly put it all into words? All this outrage and anger and pent-up hatred -- and yes, it is hatred, hatred of Islam -- that's been building up in me over these past months and years? How can I possibly write some thoughtful analysis of this devastating blood-soaked film? I shouldn't even be writing about it now; I'm still too close to the fire. But I must write about it. We all must write about it and talk about it and vote about it.

A heroic man has put himself in lifelong jeopardy in order to bring us this small precious gift of white-hot fire. And now it's up to us. We can do nothing -- as we've been doing all these shameful years -- and this precious flame will slowly fade away and die. Or we can use it to ignite a cataclysmic firestorm of rebellion. This, then, is his gift to us, what he sacrificed himself to bring us, the one thing we've been unable to discover within our over civilized souls, yet the one thing that's absolutely essential to our survival. The fire, the passion --the WILL TO SURVIVE.

Absent this essential element we are rendered impotent. All of our vast wealth, all of that accumulated knowledge and scientific experience, that cutting-edge weaponry, all that goes into making us a superior civilization is utterly useless to us now without this one crucial ingredient: the WILL TO SURVIVE.

The WILL TO SURVIVE must now take absolute precedence over all other considerations and rationalizations and legalistic abstractions. It's too late for all that now. The WILL TO SURVIVE must now be predominant and constant and unassailable. The only alternative for us now is death. Death.

This, then, has been our Achilles Heel, our congenital flaw. The raw unquestioned power of the Will is determinate. And the enemy knows this; they've found our weakness and have exploited it mercilessly. And we, God help us, have let them -- are still letting them.

Geert Wilders has had the courage to unmask the face of the enemy. Now, do we have the WILL TO SURVIVE?


  1. Excellent sentiments, excellently expressed. But there are blanks to be filled in: --- ---- -----. Can you fill in the blanks? Will you?

    It took an hour to watch that 15 minute presentation, but it was well worth it. My initial post at Freedom Ain't Free has received 23 hits so far. 14 searched for fitna and two searched for Geert Wilders.

    I have now posted documentation for the movie, listing the ayat cited by Wilders to the Parliament and providing the text of the violent ayat included among them. It is up at RCP, to which I now return to vote for this post.

  2. Roger, in order to summon the will to fight people first need to be informed.
    And right there we have at least two major problems--most people are too apathetic to become informed and the media is deliberately downplaying the threat.
    When arguing with dozy optimists about islam the one thing that strikes me most is their state of almost complete ignorance about the threat we face.
    The media has been assiduously beating up the threat of "climate change" so millions of Westerners are dutifully going along with the hysteria and babbling about sustainability.
    Proof positive that facts aren't what drives public sentiment--propaganda disseminated on a wide front is the driver.
    And the islamists are winning the propaganda war.
    Unless and until the mass media join this fight we will continue losing it.
    But then, you know that already.

  3. Thank you Ben and KG.
    Ben -- see my new post.
    KG -- I agree completely -- unfortunately. Love that "dozy optimists"!