Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Wright Debate -- Yes, there actually is a debate.

The words:

The government gives them the drugs, builds bigger
prisons, passes three-strike laws and wants them to sing God Bless America.
“No! No No!
“God damn America … for killing innocent people.
“God damn America for treating citizens as less than humans.
“God damn America as long as she tries to act like she is God and supreme.”

“We bombed Hiroshima. We bombed Nagasaki. And we nuked far more than the thousands in New York and the Pentagon and we never batted an eye. We have supported state terrorism against the Palestinians and black South Africans, and now we are indignant because of stuff we have done overseas is now brought back into our own backyard. America is chickens coming home to roost.”

“The government lied about inventing the HIV virus as a means of genocide against people of color. The government lied.”

The debate:

-- Liberation theology is NOT born out of marxist thought, but out of the deeply democratic tradition born from the American experiment and the Enlighteenment [sic] ideal that all persons are equal. You shouldn't fear liberation theology. In fact, as a Christian you should recognize that Christ's message is for Here and Now as well as security in the afterlife. I understand your frustration, but as a current student at Brite, I encourage you to embrace our current endeavor to honor Dr. Wright. His ministry has served thousands. Furthermore, we should all remember that "all have fallen short of the Kingdom. "As Christian leaders, none of us are perfect. Thus, you may condemn the message, but do not condemn the messenger. Reactionary anger is what Dr. Wright is experiencing, and following your own pathos, asssaulting this man now is no more Christian than his perceived racism. But to end on a sidenote, he is NOT a racist.

-- Whoever wrote this article is clueless. "out-of-context video clips"...LOL!
Whoever wrote this article...please explain to me how in any context, his statements would be fine??? Defending this man just shows what a racist you can hide behind the liberal elitist thought process all you are a racist.

-- The context of 30 years' work is important. Wright's job is to bring souls to Christ and uplift a forlorn community, and he apparently has done that very well.

-- I disagree with your editorial. The writer ignores the hate speech of Wright and says that Brite is awarding him for growing a church with 87 members into one with8700. I don't think you would want to award a KKK leader for growing his hate-filled organization into larger numbers. The editorial asked, "Is it not the role of preachers to challenge?" No it isn't. A preacher's role is to relay God's word to his audience and urge them to read it for themselves and to follow it.

-- Kudos to the Telegram's editorial board for this piece. The unwillingness of the majority to seek the true character of Dr. Wright is horrendous. American society has stooped so low as to allow a five-second sound bite to demoralize a man's character and career of 40 years. Dr. Wright has done more to aleviate poverty, help those with HIV/AIDS, bridge the gap of reconciliation, and bring people to know Jesus Christ than nearly all of the misinformed population. Criticize the man's politics if you wish, I do, but do not be so hypocritical in your assaults on his character.

-- Controversial is one thing, anti-American,race baiter is another. Of course we found out through tv and web sites. You had no intention of covering this guy. My hometown paper? Wish I had a choice. Oh by the way, God damn America and accusing the gov't of creating aids to kill the black man is NOT OUT OF CONTEXT.

-- TCU should be ashamed of itself. For the sake of money and politics, they have added to the forces of ignorance by choosing to ignore decades of service and Christian teachings. I feel betrayed by my school's cowardice. The mission of the University to educate its students to be responsible and ethical has been overlooked so that the administration can fork in hundreds of millions of dollars in its upcoming "Campaign for TCU." To Brite: thank you for standing up for what is right even when it is inconvenient and trying. To readers: I encourage you to learn more of the real Dr. Wright. Not just the man who has made controversial.

-- It is disgusting that Wright is being rewarded considering the inflammatory racist, repulsive and anti-american comments he made from the pulpit. Rewarding and recognizing him discredits Brite's school and also discredits black churches. Call or write Brite and complain! Neither a white racist or a black racist should be rewarded by anyone. Wright has abused the church by his comments and abused his fellow black people by further creating a racial divide. A true Christian minister would pray and preach for peace, faith and love in Jesus name. We cannot condone this people, wake up and take action...complain to Brite and encourage them to reward those who have served for the greater good and for unity, not disgusting, arrogant,shameful people such as J. Wright.

-- hmmmm...
We need more censorship. Too much of that crazy free thinking going on in this country. It's bad for the norm.

From Radarsite:

The hate-filled, racist, anti-American rhetoric of Jeremiah Wright is dangerous, outrageous, and quite possibly seditious. But what is even more alarming is the fact that these traitorous words of his are actually considered debatable. His reprehensible positions are being vigorously defended and championed, not by some insignificant loony left-wing fringe, but apparently by mainstream students, professional school administrators, and by a large proportion of our national liberal media. Is this how far we have come? Is this how far left our lofty academic institutions have drifted?

This, on the heels of the despicable Columbia University Ahmadinejad travesty is enough to make one wonder if this great ship of state will ever be able to correct its course. These hapless students, driven by their multiculturalist ideological mentors, are the leaders of tomorrow, the future captains of that great ship.

There are great storms brewing in these perilous waters, and unknown dangers, and we are steaming confidently through the cold dark night at full-speed ahead. One cannot help but wonder, for all our rancorous political bickering, are we merely rearranging the deck chairs on a doomed voyage?

Comments transposted from Star-Telegram. Names withheld by radarsite.

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For more explosive info Radarsite highy recommends Velvet Hammer's latest blockbuster article on the Wright debacle:


  1. Magnificent post Roger! You have done a wonderful job of sifting through the arguments and have masterfully summarized the “great storms brewing.” I’m off to post about your post now!

  2. Blessed right, Roger. The thing speaks for itself.

  3. Churchill's ParrotMarch 21, 2008 at 3:02 AM


    That any mental energy at all is expended on this racist looney's behalf borders on the incomprehensible. But when virtually half of The Great Republic has decided to check out and invest in a fairy tale for President, it would seem such matters are now fodder for "serious debate."



  4. Acropolis Review, Charles Murray and Drew Westen summarize some of the important points:

  5. "The pundits were clearly stunned. They knew they had witnessed something extraordinary, a moment when time seemed to stand still and a politician in the midst of a withering electoral storm did the unspeakable: he spoke the truth. The unspoken, unspeakable truth."

    THIS is what Michelle wants me/us to read from the Huffington Post.
    Are you serious Michelle? You can't be. You just can't be that gullible and blind. Are you and these other writers all somehow mesmerized by this Twenty-First Century Rasputin?

    I fear that something other than politics is going on here-- something more ephemeral, some more like hysteria, more akin to those 1940's bobbysoxers swooning over that young Frank Sinatra (actually, there's even a little similarity between our empty but charismatic Obama and young crooner).

    But here we have supposedly grown men and women, not mindless teenyboppers, swooning over a speech, a desperate speech whose only reason for being was to attempt to cover-up a scandal -- worse than a scandal -- a national betrayal, a slippery exercise in obfuscations and evasions couched in populist rhetoric.

    I cannot believe the delusional world I am living in. I cannot believe the race to national suicide I am witnessing here today.

    Once again --
    God help us all.

  6. "I cannot believe the delusional world I am living in. I cannot believe the race to national suicide I am witnessing here today.

    Once again --
    God help us all."

    Same goes for me too, Roger. I fear for the future for the first time in my life.

  7. I suppose I must thank you Michelle after all. My response to your comment has inspired a whole new article. lol
    Thanks to you KG, my friend.

  8. Pastor Jeremiah Wright's infamous 9/11 sermon has been grossly distorted.

    The sermon is built around this question:"... I asked the Lord, what our response should be in light of such an unthinkable act [9/11]?" to which his answer is " God showed me that this was a time for me to examine my relationship with God. My own relationship with God-- personal relationship with God"

    The over-played sound-byte is part of what Wright calls a "faith footnote", literally parenthetical to the sermon. It is the faith footnote that is controversial, in tone, accuracy of facts, and imputed attitude. Of the faith footnote Wright asks people only to "think about" it.

    As background to the sermon question, Wright, a former Marine, says that the US will respond .. "as they do what they gotta do -- paybacks", and, using Psalm 137 verse 9, " “Happy shall they be who take your little ones and dash them against the rocks,” warns against “the insanity of the cycle of violence and the cycle of hatred” when seeking revenge. He says retaliating, "is a dangerous place to be." because there is the danger of moving from the "hatred of armed enemies" to the "hatred of unarmed innocents", a distinction made throughout the sermon.

    Wright’s “faith footnote” diverges into a historical list of US killing of unarmed citizens within the context of statements alleged to be made by Ambassador Peck on Fox News immediately after 9/11. The culmination of the faith footnote is not the famous sound byte, "America's chickens have come home, to roost", but the very next line, "Violence begets violence, hatred begets hatred, terrorism begets terrorism."

    As ye show, sow shall ye reap.

    After the faith footnote Wright resumes the sermon, in a very calm tone, encouraging self-introspection into one’s personal relationship with God.

    Nor is he "gleeful" about 9/11 as Neocons like Krauthammer suggest, he is horrified by 9/11, describes his shock at the scenes, and repeatedly refers to it as an unthinkable act.

    If the rest of Jeremiah’s sermons are portrayed as badly and inaccurately this one has been portrayed, this man has been judged unfairly.

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  12. Anonymous -- One long rebuttal comment is sufficient, two in a row is pressing your luck, three in a row is ridiculous, and four in a row is deletable.
    I'm leaving your original rebuttal up because it is such a perfect example of the delusional liberal mindset that we are fighting here against.

  13. What a stand-up guy, that Obama kid. He didn't throw his longtime freind and pastor under the bus.
    Instead, he threw his grandmother ...and wants the country to flagellate itself with her shreds.

  14. Hitler sowed; Germany reaped. Hirohito sowed; Japan reaped.
    Islam has been attacking for 1385 years and it won't stop until we usher it into Hell.

    Moe said that Jihad would continue until Resurrection Day. Moe said fight them until only Allah is worshiped. Moe said fight people of the book until they are subjugated and pay extortion willingly.

    Moe said that he was ordered to fight the people until they submit to Islam. He said that submitting to Islam made our blood and treasure sacred to Muslims; that's how we protect ourselves from them.

    If G.W. Bush was a statesman instead of a conman, Afghanistan & Pakistan would be smoking heaps of cinders as would Iraq, and several thousand good men and women would be alive and hole. Death & damnation be upon Islam!

    We saw and heard the traitor say our chickens were come home to roost. That follows the left wing pattern of blaming the victim.

    His cursing of America is beyond outrageous; beneath contempt. Obama knew of his attitude, and agrees with it. Obama was drawn to Wright by common political ideology and racial identity. Birds of a feather. Buzzards.

  15. Roger, would you believe that posting a link to this on Crusader Rabbit caused someone to call me a racistbr/>Mind you, the person concerned has something of a history of looneytoons comments...
    I suggested she depart, in language somewhat more..err..robust than you might employ..;-)